Years End & Not A Good One For Anfi

Welcome to the last article for 2020, what a year it has been, lockdowns, restrictions on travel and families kept apart. Even while all this was going on timeshare owners have had to put up with a barrage of “fake” law firms and “legal services” attempting to cash in on the situation. They realised there was a huge market out there of owners desperate to get rid of their timeshares. Inside Timeshare has tried to keep you informed on these as they appeared, the most notable of these were the Litigious Abogados Family, and their use of photographs of very prominent people as their “lawyers” and founder.

Usually, at the end of the year, we would publish a review, today we bring you a news story which was published by El Diario, a Spanish newspaper on 28 December, it once again involves our friends at Anfi.

According to the report, Anfi is not only being investigated criminally for the alleged crimes of punishable insolvency, seizure of assets and frustration in the execution of the hundreds of civil proceedings in which Anfi has been convicted. The investigation is now including the use of funds procured by Anfi by way of the annual maintenance fees.

This investigation does not look good for Anfi, rather than layout the story for you, all the details can be read in the links to El Diario below.

Moving on to last week’s breaking news on Club la Costa, in that article Inside Timeshare warned that this news will more than likely be used by some of the more unscrupulous. Well, considering we have only just finished Christmas, our warning appears to have been correct.

The calls have already started along with emails from companies our readers refused to do business with in the past.

The advice of Inside Timeshare remains the same, if you have a case against Club la Costa or are about to instigate proceedings, please contact the lawyer or law firm who is acting on your behalf. They will tell you if you are affected.

All it leaves us to do now is to wish you all the very best for the New Year, let us hope that 2021 will see us all meeting up again.


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