Who Are Eurocan A.S.I.F.F.S.L.?

Each day brings new information from readers who want to know if companies who have “cold called” are genuine, today is no exception. We have received further information from yet another reader on a company that has been sitting on the desk for a couple of weeks while further research was being done. Today we reveal this “new” claims and termination company Eurocan A.S.I.F.F.S.L. and to be honest it does not look good.

Eurocan A.S.I.F.F.S.L  with the Company Registration CIF B38575957 and the registered address:

Calle Mendez Nuñez, ED Santa Ana, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 38003 , Tenerife.

With the address given on their website as:

Edf. Europa, Calle La Marina, 38002, Santa Cruz De Tenerife

Telephone: 0207 183 0478

Email: [email protected]

The website:


Was only registered on 3 July 2020 and is set to expire on 3 July 2021, so registered 2 months ago and for only one year. Doesn’t inspire any confidence so far.

The registrant, as usual, is hidden under “Privacy Protection”, so there is no indication who the actual owner is.

According to company records Eurocan was registered as a company back in 2000, with the sole director being Alberto Garcia Santos.

The records also show three Spanish telephone numbers: 922220081, 922899804, 922243976, which are all Tenerife numbers.

One strange fact which comes from the entries in the records are the “Objeto Social”:

La Explotación comercial de restaurantes, cafeterias, bares, tascas, pubs, salones recreativos y de juegos discotecas panaderias, dulcerias o confiterias,establecimientos de alimentacion y vinotecas librerías papelerías.

In English:

The commercial exploitation of restaurants, cafeterias, bars, tascas, pubs, recreation and gaming rooms, nightclubs, bakery.sweets or confectionaries, food and wine stores, libraries and stationary.

Not one entry in the social object of the company which pertains to anything to do with timeshare termination or claims. So the question is what are they exactly?

Well, I think we can dismiss the entries in the records, according to their website they are “experts” in the field of timeshare termination and claims. It is obvious that they will offer “claims” under Section 75 of the Credit Consumer Act 1974 but they also have a heading called “Spanish Litigation”, which infers that they will use the Spanish courts and lawyers, yet they show no links to any lawyers.

Now, we do know they claim to have cases in court as can be seen by the two letters to different clients, yet they are word for word including the “minimum” amount that Eurocan claims are being awarded and that is set at a “conservative” 22,135€. Apparently this figure has been set on previous claims.

It then goes on to say that the average amount that has been settled is over 40,000€ and that “previous claims have been granted in excess of 120,000€”. Well, if that does not get you to sign up I’m not sure what will!

It is also very strange that these “clients” have not pursued any legal action or have ever filed a claim with any court, yet both of these letters show dates for “provisional hearings” at the “First Instance Assembly”. This paragraph also states that the “clients case has been included”, if the client doesn’t contact them to “opt-out”. Surely it should be “opt-in”?

Both the letters are also signed by Maria González, yet they show no company information such as CIF or VAT numbers, just the address and the 0207 number.

But to add credibility and an air of authenticity they do include the Spanish and Canary Islands coats of arms, which we have seen on many fake court documents. It should also be noted that both clients have totally different timeshares so again how was the figure calculated for it to be the same?

Just on the information we have uncovered so far, it is pretty obvious that this is not a genuine “termination or claims” company, it has all the hallmarks of being just another scam against timeshare owners who may be desperate to get out.

Once again we have to remind all timeshare owners of the risk when not doing your research before taking on the services of any company that contacts you. Especially when they claim that you have been awarded such huge amounts.

Have you been contacted by Eurocan A.S.I.F.F.S.L. or any other company and would like to know if they are genuine, if so please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.


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