What is a Flybuy?

Have you had a call offering a cheap holiday at a quality resort?

Did it sound tempting?

Did you think it was too good to be true?

Was it one you found on the internet?

The chances are it was a promotional holiday run by lead generating companies. These are what are known as “Flybuys”. The whole point is to provide another company such as a holiday club or timeshare with potential customers.


In order to qualify for this amazing offer you have to meet certain criteria, be between certain ages, have full time employment, have a certain income and also be either married at least 3 years or been a couple for this time.


The terms and conditions which if you actually read them are rather interesting. I have read three from different sites and they are worded almost the same, as if it is the same person writing them. As many of these companies are linked this may be true. Failure to comply with any of these terms and condition could result in the loss of the accommodation or incur severe charges.


Another condition is that you must attend a some kind of meeting. Obviously a “Sales Presentation”. Kate Palmer of the Telegraph did a piece about this in March 2015. (see link below).




These holiday offers are nothing new, Timelinx used this offer with calls to owners of timeshare, offering Bonus Weeks. Once the offer had been taken the unsuspecting owners were then pitched for the DWVC Club, with them taking the timeshare off their hands and issued with the Cashback Certificate. We all know what happened next. The cashback certificate was worthless, you then found out a few years later on receiving a maintenance bill that the timeshare was never transferred. those  great deals you were shown were never there as the small print said “Subject to availability”.


The other company using this idea was Club Class, they used the same tactics of Cashback  great discounts and being rid of your Timeshare.

These are the three companies I have looked at with the relevant section of the T & C´s:


Premier Resorts & Services

As a couple, you will be required by the resort to attend a morning presentation, to explain to you the benefits of the leisure and entertainment system.

However, you are under no obligation to buy. An appointment will be made for you during your stay at your chosen resort.  If you fail to attend this presentation, without valid reason, you shall be liable to pay the full rental cost for your accommodation for the duration of your holiday.


Dial a Break

As a couple (if applicable) you must be travelling together and will be required to attend a products and services update.

You will be met by your VIP Concierge who may collect and return you to your resort once they have explained all the VIP benefits you are entitled to.

Please note you will be under no obligation to purchase anything on offer.

No couples can be travelling the week prior to or after their holiday unless previously agreed in writing with the reservations team.

This holiday must not be used in conjunction with any other discounted, bonus or promotional weeks.


Sponsored breaks (Subject of Kate Palmers article)

As a couple, you will be required by the resort, hotelier or marketer to attend an exhibition showcasing ways for you to improve your future holidays and lifestyle.

The exhibition appointment will made with you upon arrival and will be on a morning or afternoon convenient to all parties.

Please be aware you are under no obligation to buy or enter into any contract but must attend the exhibition.

Failure to do so without good reason will result in you paying the full rental cost for the accommodation.


As you can see from these conditions, refusing to attend will cost you a fortune, I have even known people who have been marched off the resort and left with nowhere to stay.


So as the saying goes “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is not”.
So if you get one of these calls or come across a great offer while surfing the net, do your due diligence and research the company. If you require any information about any of these companies or do not know how to find out for yourself contact Inside Timeshare, we will be pleased to help.

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