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Inside Timeshare, today brings you the story of one Norwegian families “Nightmare on Timeshare Street”, with photographs of the “Penthouse” in a “5 Star” hotel they purchased around 20 years ago. As usual, all the promises they were given when they purchased around 20 years ago never came to fruition.

This family were on holiday in Gran Canaria with their 2 young sons and the hotel they were staying at in Playa del Ingles was not up to scratch, in their words “it was of a very poor standard”.

While they were out at one of the local shopping centres they were approached by the usual “OPC’s” or commonly known as “timeshare touts”. The usual “pitch was given along with the ubiquitous “scratch cards”, you guessed it, they won the “star prize”.

They went by taxi to attend the presentation and receive their “gifts” ending up at The Airtours Beach Club, now known as Blue Bay in San Augustin on the outskirts of Maspalomas. This area is very popular with the Scandinavian community and is actually a rather nice area.

On arriving at reception they were duly impressed especially seeing the many plaques showing “5 Star” status. The usual “tour” ensued and they were shown several apartments. After the sales presentation, they purchased a week in the “Penthouse”.

This year they used their timeshare in the “Penthouse” and had a very big shock, the place was falling to pieces and was definitely not “5 Star” standard. Since the year 2000, they have paid well over 20,000€ in maintenance fees and for this year 2019, the cost was over 1,300€. As you will see from the small sample of photographs provided it is looking decidedly shabby and is certainly not a “5 Star Penthouse Suit” more like “Cockroach City”. On top of this, they had to pay for the use of “pool towels at 20€ and the television is old with a pay to view box!

These are just some of the images received by Inside Timeshare

We do know that Airtours Beach Club/Blue Bay has had some very severe problems over the past few years, most of which have been due to financial mismanagement of the resort by previous management companies. Several years ago it was placed in embargo and was due to be auctioned by the court, but it turns out there was interest or bidders, probably due to the financial debt that was attached to the property.

This is not an isolated case, Inside Timeshare has received many complaints over the years about falling standards at timeshare resorts, but this is by far the worst. To be fair, many of the timeshare resorts are of a good standard and well maintained, but for those that are not, it is a serious blight on the industry.

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