US Timeshare Owners Targeted by Fake Law Firm

Before we begin today’s article, Inside Timeshare and all our readers would like to offer our sympathies and condolences to the people of Beirut following the tragic explosion on Tuesday.

As our title suggests US timeshare owners are being targeted in a legal scam by a “FAKE” law firm. Inside Timeshare is issuing this warning to timeshare owners in the US, it is following the same Modus Operandi which we have been highlighting and warning timeshare owners about in Europe for several years.

In this case, the “FAKE” law firm is supposedly operating from Mexico and is called Ferrer Abogados y Asociados

Address: Av. Ricardo Margain Zozaya 444 San Pedro NL 66267 México.

Telephone: 814.770.3299


The website is registered using privacy protection offered by Privacy Protect LLC based in Burlington MA. It was registered on 20 September 2018 and is set to expire on 20 September 2020, only a month away.

Our reader who contacted Inside Timeshare for information as to whether this was genuine or not was called by this “fake” law firm regarding a timeshare purchased in Mexico. According to the person who called there was a Federal (Mexican) investigation into the fraud of timeshare/vacation sales and personal data which is on-going.

In the follow-up letter signed by Karen Guerra Benitez received by our reader stated:

“Ferrer Abogados y Asociados is a law firm, appointed by the F.G.R. to filter and conduct an investigation on all private information seized on Mexican territory. There is an open federal case for many counts of fraud, money laundering, amongst other major crimes. F.G.R has seized assets along with catalogs and data bases from “Boiler Rooms” involved in fraudulent transactions, with connection to timeshare.”

They go to explain how Article 68 of Mexico’s L.F.P.D.P.P.P. (Ley Federal de Proteccion de Datos Personales en Posesion de los Particulares), translates to Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data, as well as under Article 56 of the Consumers Protection Law, your information is protected, and both of the consumers right laws have been violated. (Our readers own words)

Copy of the letter

Initially taken in by the call and the follow-up letter, our reader agreed to sign an “Authorization and Complaint Form”, they remained in contact with updates.

About ten days ago our reader was informed that the case had been to court, was won and that she had been “awarded restitution”. The money awarded is apparently in a “Custodial account at the Bank of Mexico. She also received copies of the “Judgement” and the “Custodial account”. The sentence is signed by the Judge Dr Alvaro Augusto Perez Juarez. (Is this a genuine name?)

Copy of the judgement in English

Now they say she has to travel to Mexico City to deal with the SAT, get a “Tax Code ID” before they can send the money. The other alternative is for Banco de Mexico to do it all on her behalf, as we have seen with these scams in Europe a payment now needs to be made. This requires payment by “wire transfer” of $1200 which will be added to the “settlement”.

Another email was then received supposedly from the “Banco de Mexico” with the “Account Statement”. The email address which this originated from is actually not the genuine email address for the Bank of Mexico, it is whereas the genuine email address a subtle difference which could easily be overlooked. But it didn’t fool our reader, she also discovered that it carried a different IP. It would seem that after her initial contact with Inside Timeshare her own investigative skills began to kick in!

Copy of the Account Statement

It now turns out that one of her friends who purchased at the same resort has also been contacted and the same “FAKE” law firm is handling both cases.

Again this is a very stark reminder of how easy it is to be taken in by these very clever fraudsters, the use of “FAKE” court documents, official bodies such as National Banks and the use of email addresses which are very similar are all designed to catch you out.

Have you been contacted by Ferrer Abogados y Asociados, if so please use our contact page and let us know?


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