Update: Eze Group Scam coming from Greece

Back in January this year Inside Timeshare published the article “Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Latest Eze Group Scam”, this came as a great surprise considering that the court case against Eze Group was held at Birmingham Crown Court and not a Greek court. It just makes us wonder how the Greek Government and the National Bank of Greece would be involved?

Since the publication of the article further information has been received by Inside Timeshare from our readers, this gives us more names and telephone numbers along with who these “people are working for”.

One of our readers has been speaking with the following, Maria Papadopoulos, Stavropol Mpotsari, Panagiotis Chatzitheofanos, (who are also mentioned in the original article) and a Jennifer Matoff who apparently works for the National Bank of Greece. She has recently been using the following telephone number: 0030 1 086 579 894 (Athens No) before this number was withheld.

In the calls, our reader has spoken with Jenniffer Matoff who is demanding the payment of £2000 to release the funds set aside for “victims”. The thing is our reader works in the banking industry and stated to Inside Timeshare that this is certainly not the usual protocol. Our reader also told us that Jennifer was very pushy and basically demanded the payment or they would lose the money held by the banks and courts.

The names, departments and telephone numbers are as follows:

Stephanie (no surname given)

Supreme Civil & Criminal Courts Greece (Hellenic Republik), Courts telephone: 0030 694 642 2163 direct number: 0030 694 185 4151.

Efthalia Anagnon

Criminal Courts, Telephone: 0030 694 637 1124

Isobel Fonakakis Courts Solicitor

Courts Of Cassation Greece, Telephone: 0030 694 637 1124 or 0030 694 642 2163

Anna Latsi Administrative

Courts Athens, Telephone: 0030 1 018 232 054 (Athens number)

Maria Papadopoulis Courts Solicitor

Courts of Cassation Greece, Telephone: 0030 694 642 2163 she has also used the following number 0044 203 807 5623

You will also notice that the 694 numbers are for Greek mobile phones which are also used by others on this list, a numbers for Athens and one which is a UK London code.

Other names which have been used on emails are:

Spiros Karageorgiou, Stavros Mpotsari and Panagiotis Chatzitheofanos using the email [email protected]

Our readers have also informed us that they have also received via email a letter from the National Bank of Greece, but in this letter, they refer to Messrs Piraeus Bank SA which is a rather large Greek bank. We just wonder if they are aware that they are being used in this scam.

This “scam” is very cleverly designed with the use of official-looking documents from the courts, Government Ministries and banks, just like the Litigious Abogados Family “scam” operating out of Tenerife, they are counting on people not knowing what the originals look like and being taken in by all this “official-looking documentation”!

Once again this really goes to enforce the message that you should not take what you are told at face value, do your checks before you pay for any service or pay for “taxes” to release any money held by these bogus courts and banks.

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