Uncovered: Anfi Attempts to Avoid Embargoed Accounts

Over the past couple of years Inside Timeshare has been reporting on the attempts by Anfi to delay or avoid paying court-ordered payments to clients who have won their cases against Anfi for various illegalities of contracts. We have also reported on the investigation by the State Prosecutors Office regarding this movement of assets to avoid paying, this may just result in criminal charges. This has also been the subject of a piece on the Spanish news from TVE 1, which also featured an interview with the CLA lawyer Eva Gutiérrez who explained her finding while investigating and tracing assets for enforcement of sentences.

Anfi & IFA 50% partners, Cazorla has the Golden Share. Is IFA aware of these moves?

It now appears from information received that Anfi has taken this one stage further, from the documentation that Inside Timeshare has received, Anfi is making payments by clients from sales into various foreign bank accounts. The beneficiary is still Anfi Sales SL but we have been given the following bank accounts:

For a German client:

HypoVereinsbank Arabellastr. 12 D-81925 München Deutschland 

Bankleitzahl: Konto Numiner : Kontoinhaber: 

700 202 70 665700780 Anfi Sales, S.L. 

Bic Code: IBAN-Nr.: 

HYVEDEMMXXX (nur für Überweisungen aus dem Ausland) DE96 7002 0270 0665 7007 80 (nur für Überweisungen aus dem Ausland) 

UK Client

Bank Address: ABN AMRO Bank N.V., 250 BishopsGate London EC2M 4AA United Kingdom 

Sort Code: 40 50 30 

Swift Code: ABNAGB2L 

Account Number: 40130274 

Account Holder: Anfi Sales S.L. 

Danish Client 

Bank: Nordea Group Denmark, Strandgade 3, 0900 Copenhagen, Denmark

Account number: 5368110649

IBAN: DK6020005368110649

Account Holder: Anfi Sales SL

Documents showing bank details

IFA Hotel Dominican Republic, IFA are known for quality.

As well as the money for the sales going to accounts with foreign banks it also appears that maintenance fee payments are being diverted to other companies within the Anfi Group who are not at present being legally challenged in the courts. The company collecting the maintenance is Anfi Tauro Resorts Management SL.

As you will see from the links to previous articles, the El Diario publication and not to forget the TVE1 news item, it is clear that Anfi is doing all it can to avoid having to pay the huge sums involved. We also know from various reports that Anfi has been moving funds from one account to another leaving the accounts at risk of embargo virtually empty. Again this was the subject of the interview with Eva Gutiérrez, she explains the amounts that have “disappeared” over the past few years from various accounts, if this was a novel most would say that it was a pure work of fiction and could not happen, well sorry to disappoint, it is happening.

Anfi in its heyday

So is Anfi above the law, well they obviously think they are, all we can say is the State Prosecutors Office and those clients who are owed the money don’t think you are. We wait now with bated breath for the news that criminal charges will be forthcoming.


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  • Ann Williams

    July 2, 2020

    Have you been able to get over the jurisdiction argument when the timeshare is in Spain, but we signed our contract in the UK without seeing it? Scottish law is being claimed & our timeshare has been taken out of the club by MRL & points issued. We signed a 2 year interest free loan agreement on the same day as the sales contract. MRL introduced the bank & dealt with the application- I read that that was illegal too.

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