Timeshare Sales: Is This Familiar?

Inside Timeshare has for a long time published articles on the underhand tactics used by sales agents during “Sales Presentations”. For most people it begins on the streets with the “ticket touts” offering “free gifts” and of course the ubiquitous “Star Prize”, the start of many untruths and misinformation has begun. But what happens on these timeshare presentations, and how are you pressurised into the purchase?

It is rather difficult to explain to those who have never had the misfortune of attending a presentation what actually goes on, it is fast-moving with what can only be described as “information overload”. It appears that the “sales agent” is running on “Duracells”, they never stop talking, skipping from one benefit to the other, and as we now know most of it is total BS!

Before you even start, the sales agent is preparing for what is known as “breaking the pact”, which is a very important part of his sales arsenal. You, as a couple will more than likely have agreed that you will not do anything today and most definitely not purchase, a very strong obstacle for the sales agent to penetrate.

Using his experience, he will identify the weakest link, targeting the “great benefits” of purchasing to that person. It is well known that targeting the wife with all the luxury the apartments can offer is one of the main keys to gaining a sale.

For a little fun, there is a wonderful scene in the British Comedy, OH Marbella, released in 2003, in this scene, Rik Mayall, plays a timeshare sales rep, Greg Dubois. Unfortunately, the unsuspecting couple who have been transported from Torremolinos to Marbella by a “ticket tout”, will have the “Dubious” Greg Dubois give them the “grand tour”.

Although the scene is short and rushed, it does give you the sense of “urgency” placed on getting you to purchase, and “today and today” only.

You will also notice how the “wife” is targeted, the use of the words “your dream” being used for the bedroom, television etc. She is “sold” especially when they go into the “dream kitchen”, watch her as she notices the “dishwasher”. Well, she doesn’t have one at home!

Enjoy the scene on this link.

All we can say is thank goodness that Rik Mayall became an actor and not a timeshare sales rep!

All joking aside, this scene does show in a very short time how you are sold, we know of no other industry that has to use these tactics to get a “sale”, in a way, it does show that what you are actually purchasing is worth nothing.

In the US, timeshare sales practices are highlighted on a regular basis on consumer programs and news items, in Europe and especially in the UK, these are largely ignored. Not enough scandal we suppose, not newsworthy or the audience is not large enough to warrant a program.

Below are just two items found on Youtube reporting on timeshare sales and tactics, it really should not come as any surprise that it is newsworthy in the US, after all, from the reports and articles Inside Timeshare has published over the years, it is certainly a very big problem.


We are seeing in Europe a real downturn in the sales of timeshare with many of the sales companies going into liquidation, for some, it is down to the legal actions in the courts, for others it is the lack of sales. This has been greatly exasperated during the travel restrictions of the pandemic, but in the end, the writing was already on the wall.

The question is now, will timeshare ever recover?

The answer to that is in the future, but unless they completely revamp their product and sales techniques to be consumer-orientated, then the answer my friends, is a resounding no.

Did you purchase a timeshare in Spain after January 1999, if so and you would like to know if your contract is illegal and what your legal rights and options are, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you?

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  • Sue

    October 13, 2021

    That’s funny Charles, but so right
    Regards Sue

    • Timeshare Insider

      October 14, 2021

      Thank you Sue, I must admit I did have a laugh working on the article, but as you say it gets to the point.

  • Terry Clark

    October 13, 2021

    We have been caught several times over the years by the salesman splitting my Wife and I in our resolve leaving me to be the one who is denying us this wonderful opportunity! Your article is the FIRST time i have seen the tactic acknowledged and highlighted in any commentary or report.

    • Timeshare Insider

      October 14, 2021

      Hello Terry, it is a well-known tactic in timeshare circles, it is the first thing new sales staff are taught, or rather it is drummed into them. Break the pact and you will get the sale.


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