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On Monday 23 January we published “And So It Begins”, it was about freedom of speech and the press. This was in response to Irene Parker being banned from the Diamond Resorts Members Facebook Page, which is a members page for Diamond owners. Irene is a long standing Diamond owner. She campaigns for greater clarity in the sales process and for the secondary market, also for those who wish to surrender their ownership. In this she has engaged with Diamond in meaningful dialogue and has achieved some results.

Irene did managed to sneak in one Diamond owner’s testimony before she was banned from her Diamond Members Facebook page.


Irene caused an escalation in negative comments so was banned from the Diamond Members Facebook page, although the charge was because she posted our Inside Timeshare article about Attorneys General in the US working for timeshare owners, compared to Attorneys General who seem to be on the side of the timeshare developers. She was told she had been warned. When she posted her previous article on this topic, the article had been removed, but protest resulted in the article being re-posted. Irene erroneously  interpreted this as an approval of free speech.

The article banned and reposted was about timeshare dividing down party lines with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman halting sales at The Manhattan Club for a “bait and switch” scheme, compared to Attorney General Pam Bondi seeming to be on the side of the timeshare developers.

President Trump has a golf resort in Belmedie in Scotland with plans for around 900 timeshare apartments, which is set to double under new plans. In America this was reported to be only a golf course, they had no idea of the plans for timeshare to be built along with a 450 room hotel and 500 homes. Not to forget a second 18 hole course. We will of course be closely following developments in Belmedie and President Trump’s new golf and  timeshare resort.

Irene was accused of being political. Most timeshare owners don’t know that their voluntary $7 donation to ARDA ROC goes toward the timeshare developer’s lobby efforts. Lobby efforts in 2015 resulted in a law being passed making it more difficult for timeshare owners to be released from contracts due to “immaterial errors” as reported by the Orlando Sentinel. Is this not “political”? We reported on this in the October article “More News from Across the Pond”.


For today, free speech still exists in Spain, Europe and in America. Free speech will always exist at Inside Timeshare or we will die trying. Without it you a will not know what is happening.

Today Irene´s article is about “Advocacy”, even Diamond agree this is needed and they have created a “Consumer Advocacy Department” to resolve consumer problems.

How Timeshare Advocacy Works

Update on Arizona Attorney General’s “Assurance of Discontinuance”.

 Retired Canadian Army Family’s Diamond Resorts Advocacy Experience.

By Irene Parker January 24, 2017


For years timeshare owners and prospective owners have been clogging the complaint sites, complaining about what the Arizona Attorney General’sAssurance of Discontinuance” or AOD describes as Diamond Resorts:

Deception, deceptive or unfair acts or practices, fraud, false pretenses, false promises, misrepresentations or concealment, suppression or omission or material facts violating the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has issued Diamond Resorts an Assurance of Discontinuance and announced an $800,000 settlement.


Diamond Resorts, while not admitting wrongdoing, despite hundreds of complaints filed, takes owners concerns seriously. The company has announced a new Clarity program. Next week we will publish an article on Clarity offering owner feedback as to how they feel about the new program. At least it’s a step in the right direction.

Diamond has also created a Consumer Advocacy Department. It is my belief that owners need an advocate not employed by Diamond, interacting with Diamond’s Advocate until the owner’s concern is resolved or the decision is made to seek legal recourse.

In today’s article we examine one family’s advocacy experience. Terry and Roxanne Hurley were prepared to sign their Diamond relinquishment papers until they got to the part about not being able to say anything negative about Diamond.

“We put everything we had for our retirement into this, and we are gutted to know our many years in the Canadian Military (Army), planning and saving for our retirement over 40 years, is most likely lost,” said Roxanne.

Not knowing where to turn, the Hurleys contacted me and asked if there was any way they could recover any of their life savings. Most people would have contacted an attorney, but we contacted Diamond’s Advocacy Department. The reason they invested all their savings was because the Diamond sales agent (Vacation Counselor) said buying Diamond vacation points was like buying a second home. He neglected to tell the family it was like buying a second home without a secondary market.

The Hurleys chief complaint was availability. “Ash painted a beautiful picture of Diamond and even gave us a beautiful book and said these were all the places we could go. He said we would have access to over 2500 resorts through Interval International,” Roxanne explained. “We were getting ready to retire from the Canadian Army and we thought what a wonderful way to spend our retirement! He showed us a beautiful suite we would be able to get if we wanted to stay at Mystic Dunes.”

Terry and Roxanne Hurley recently retired from the Canadian army.


Terry and Roxanne twice bought Diamond vacation points from DRI sales agent Ash Hanting at Mystic Dunes in Orlando. They bought points a second time when they discovered they did not have enough points to book the following year after their first purchase. The Hurleys have spent 50,000 Canadian for 15,000 points.

Armed with 15,000 points, they tried to book Myrtle Beach but it was not available so they had to book through Expedia. Booking one year out they were able to book Arizona.

 Terry and Roxanne approached Ash on a third visit to Mystic Dunes asking how they would go about selling their points because the vacation plan they bought was not turning out to be what they had been promised. Ash told them they would need to get a broker.

Unfortunately, not one member of the 64 member Licensed Timeshare Resale Broker Association will market Diamond points because they feel Diamond points are worthless on the resale market due to restrictions Diamond places on points purchased resale. LTRBA members will buy and sell any major timeshare except Diamond Resorts; although I’m told only one of the members will market Westgate.


The Hurleys told Ash the level of quality of their current accommodation was nowhere near the standard of what they were showed when they were sold their initial points. Their complaints were ignored. Roxanne wrote to Founder Stephen Cloobeck and Victor McElroy about what they felt were deceptive business practices, but no one responded.

The Hurleys are coping with Roxanne’s mother who is very ill and who lives about 2000 miles from them in Ontario. “It is very difficult to scrimp up the money to get to her. And my husband is dealing with medical issues as well,” Roxanne added.

I contacted Maya Pogoda, Diamond’s Public Relations Representative helping to launch Diamond Advocacy and Clarity. While the Hurley’s concerns about availability and the burden of rising maintenance fees, exacerbated by the Canadian exchange rate, have not been resolved; Diamond’s Advocate was able to offer the Hurleys a little “time out” in the midst of the family’s medical crisis in order to allow the family some time to weigh their options. I had suggested someone from Diamond contact the Hurleys to see if someone could help them find better availability. That is not the role of the Vacation Counselor, so Mr. Hanting cannot be of help.

Timeshare Needs a CASA,  


Court Appointed Special Advocates, (CASA) is a national association in the United States that supports and promotes court-appointed advocates for abused or neglected children in order to provide children with a safe and healthy environment in permanent homes.[1]

The CASA is a volunteer who need not be an attorney, whose role is to gather information and make recommendations to the judge.[3]

Judge Soukup in 1977 formulated the idea that volunteers could be dedicated to a case and speak for children’s best interests.[5]

Fifty volunteers responded to his idea, which started a movement.[7]

A Proposal for our Attorneys General

Appointed Special Advocate for Timeshare Owners (™)

Here to help

CASA provides a voice for the voiceless. The Hurleys are not alone. I have talked to dozens of owners who don’t know where to turn or who to talk to.

Other advocates pictured above include Sylvia Saldana. The Saldana family is left with a $33,000 home equity loan and no vacation points.


Kathie Olds and her husband were told to buy more points because Apollo would be coming up with a new program that would allow them to “cash in” points at $.50 a point to pay for maintenance fees. Points sell for about $2 to $4 a point.


BL, Our Devil’s Advocate saying positive things about Diamond having signed a non-disclosure statement.

Roxanne Hurley

Irina Allen (featured in last week’s article)


As a former CASA supervisor, I wrote court reports and attended hearings and trials on behalf of foster children and teens aging out. Victimized timeshare owners need a voice for the voiceless. Just like foster care, there is a need for advocates who understand the system. The Arizona Attorney General’s “Assurance of Discontinuance” is 37 pages long. It’s a lot for me to plow through.

Here is one reason why the Arizona AOD has encouraged DRI agents to stick to the script rather than make oral representations offering benefits not in existence. DRI Sales agent Wajdi’s promise below wandered far afield:

We (C and P) purchased an additional 60,000 points from Wajdi at Cancun Resort on July 25, 2016 based on our ability to sell half of our points back to DRI to pay maintenance fees. We have contacted Wajdi a few times, but still do not know how to pay our MF with points.

Through advocacy, C & P’s concerns were resolved. They will remain Diamond Platinum members because of their positive outcome. They ceased legal action.  

A lot is happening in Timeshare.


This is what freedom of speech really means, without it nothing will change, Inside Timeshare will report what it finds, whether it is good, bad or ugly. We will continue to publish Irene´s articles on what is going on in the timeshare world in America. We also hope to start publishing news from timeshare owners in Australia in the very near future. The problems facing timeshare are not confined to Europe or America, they are worldwide.

Inside Timeshare welcomes those with news and views on timeshare worldwide, we will endeavour to publish and keep all informed on events and news which affect you the owners.



  • Steve Lloyd

    January 25, 2017

    Once again, a powerful and well-put argument to help resolve our timeshare woes. It’s great that owners in North America have this advocacy facility – we desperately need something like that in the UK (and the rest of Europe, to be honest). I have just posted the surrender papers to Diamond, together with a detailed statement of how we believe our fractional ownership was mis-sold. As ‘belt and braces’ (suspenders to you colonials!), I sent the original to Owner services, and copies to the CEO (Europe) and to the fractional ownership manager, Also, since we took the offered finance with Shawbrook, and we don’t believe the due diligence was carried out correctly for that, I wrote to the new CEO of Shawbrook Bank with a copy of the statement. I understand that there is a pot of money set aside to compensate for this, but I am not privy to the exact criteria that we have to meet. The total sum for the fractional ownership was £6k – far less than the eye-watering amounts referred to in the article, but enough to produce a sharp pain in the wallet. Thanks to Charles and Irene and their support and encouragement, we have got this far and are hoping for a positive conclusion. They are the only source of support for us in the UK, however, and at times I feel completely stranded – frustrated and angry at being turned over and downright bullied by certain of the DRI Europe sales staff. There are two whose faces I will never forget! If I were 15 years younger, I would certainly volunteer as an advocate, but that time is now past. I hope that someone can come up with a suitable scheme…

    • Timeshare Insider

      January 25, 2017

      Irene and myself thank you for your comment. We both wish you all the best with your Diamond surrender and with Shawbrook Bank, Inside Timeshare will be on hand if you need help and advice with the Financial Ombusdman.

    • Irene Parker

      January 25, 2017

      Steve, Advocates need support from owners like you. I was banned from the 7200 member Diamond Facebook without a word and one of the administrators unfriended me. I thought he was my real friend. I got so tired of comments like “ha ha can you believe that guy tried to sell me 60,000 points for $2 to $4 so I could cash them in for $.50 to pay dramatically rising maintenance fees.” In 2010 PVC and Sunterra raised the annual max cap on MF increases to 25% plus inflation or 25% up from 10%. For every ha ha there is someone uninformed signing a contract. By crying out like Charlie Brown’s Lucy a few of us were able to get people to act which resulted in the Arizona AG $800000 settlement and “Assurance of Discontinuance”.

      • Steve Lloyd

        January 25, 2017

        Well done Irene, and that is what is needed in the UK too. Having said that, our actual exit was easy – just a doctor’s letter explaining medical reasons for travel restrictions. The ‘straight’ exit however, is expensive and financial painful for Diamond owners and it should not be like that. It seems as though our timeshare legislation has no teeth and nobody in the regulatory or government departments seems to give a hoot about the blatant misrepresentation and daylight robbery that is going on in the timeshare business. We don’t have the luxury of Attorneys General; as you know, our government is less devolved than that in the US. We depend on government ministers and centralised regulatory bodies (Financial Services Authority and Trading Standards), and neither seems too interested.
        By the way, was that person really a friend? I think probably not; real friendship is bigger than that… Don’t despair, Irene, you are still doing good and without people like you where would we be?

  • Nan

    February 5, 2017

    I have just started reading up on all of this today. I am impressed with Irene and Timeshare Advocacy and bringing attention to this. I agree with Steve’s comments where would we be without people like you. I joined that Diamond Ownership Facebook page from Irene’s recommendation from earlier articles I read today. People need to start advocating for each other and working together as the greed has gone way to far. I own with Hilton Grand as well as Diamond. My Diamond started with Embassy, which was affiliated with Hilton at the time. I am troubled with a recent experience I had with highly aggressive and disrespectful sales at DRI in Kona Hawaii and I subsequently cancelled a contract before leaving and I am glad I did. I am already Platinum with Diamond and the maintenance fess are to much and from what I read today unjustified and without accountability. We need our Attorney Generals getting involved to protect our citizens that is their job. It is funny how things don’t seem to get gone without a news camera getting shoved in someone’s face these days. I work in a highly regulated financial industry and we clearly need regulation and accountability applied in the timeshare industry as well. Far overdue!!!!

    • Irene Parker

      February 15, 2017

      Nan Thank you for your comments. There is a new Facebook page launched just for people with issues. Here is the mission and the link:


      We seek to provide Diamond Resort members a way to proactively address membership concerns; to advocate for timeshare reform; to obtain greater disclosure from the company; to advocate for a viable secondary market; and to educate prospective buyers.

  • Carolyn Flanders

    August 3, 2018

    I wished I had know about this lawsuit in October of 2016 when I tried to resend my purchase. We ended up going into foreclosure. Now we have a 1099C for $61+ to pay capitol-gains on our personal taxes. I tell everyone I know never, never buy a timeshare.


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