The Tuesday Slot: Embargoes Proving Successful for Clients

Over the past few months Inside Timeshare has been highlighting several stories regarding legal moves to embargo accounts and property from various timeshare resorts. These have been a result of the timeshare companies using tactics to avoid paying clients back the money awarded by the courts. The tactics used have been constant and frivolous appeals to the High Courts after the sentence of the Courts of First Instance have been issued, this has given the timeshare companies the time to move funds from the accounts of the named companies on the indictments.


These tactics have also been highlighted on Spanish National Television News TVE 1 and also in several major Spanish newspapers. These stories have also been published on Inside Timeshare and can be found at the links below.

The main culprits of these delaying tactics are Anfi and Silverpoint, which as you will see from the articles have also come to the attention of the State Prosecutors Office in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. One of the main focus points of the investigation is the “Obstructing of Justice and Frustration of Execution of Sentences”, due to the fact that funds are being moved from one account to another, so when an embargo is placed on an account there are insufficient funds to payout. The Prosecutors Office sees this as a flagrant criminal move by the timeshare companies.

Hollywood Mirage (Silverpoint)

But, moves have already been made to thwart this and the liquidation of the companies such as Silverpoint by extending the embargoes to the properties at the resorts. Already many properties have had an embargo put into place to secure the client’s money and ensure they get paid.

The law firm behind this is none other than Canarian Legal Alliance, who have made their own investigations into the relationships between all the companies involved in the moving of the funds. They are also working very closely with the Prosecutors Office and furnishing them with the evidence.

This morning CLA released information on another happy client finally receiving his payment into his own account. The UK client has now received over 25,000€ including plus the return of all legal fees and legal interest.

The client’s contracts with Hollywood Mirage and Club Paradiso have also been declared null and void leaving the client timeshare free.

The latest payout ordered by the court.

All this is due to all funds being blocked by CLA’s enforcement team using the court-ordered embargoes. This should leave clients in no doubt that the lawyers at CLA are working to ensure that they get the justice handed down by the courts.

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