The Litigious Abogados Family Strike Again

One thing is for certain, our friends from Tenerife who we have dubbed The Litigious Abogados Family have done it again. Within weeks of our warnings about the use of genuine law firms to give credibility to their fraud, they have once again used the name of a genuine law firm, this time their “pitch” has changed and now blames “BREXIT” for the problems of paying out the clients.

The name of the firm they have used this time is Logra Grupo Empresarial a firm that is based in Madrid, compared to the previous ones this does not look like a large prestigious firm with an impressive legal CV.

Their website is:

The contact details they show are:

Paseo de la Castellana nº 119 1ºIzq 28046 Madrid

Telephone 900 373 004

Mail: [email protected]

Notice the email address, compared to the one that is being used on the letter, the genuine email address is linked to their website

[email protected] is a regular feature from this lot, along with, even the telephone numbers are different, using:

0800 802 1867 & 0207 183 0260 are both UK numbers, which also do not show on the genuine website.

As usual, the letter states the client has won his case and has 13,234€ of compensation waiting to be paid out to him, unfortunately, “BREXIT” has thrown up some obstacles, well to any Brit, mention a problem that is caused by BREXIT and they will tend to believe it.

Obviously, that is what this lot are hoping for.

According to their letter, the number of regulations and laws governing the transfer of money, along with the necessary licences has “now triggered an unreasonably burdensome situation”. Those are their words.

Never mind, I’ll bet you already know what is coming?

Yes, they are “pleased to confirm” they have now received the “official Brexit form” all the way from the Santa Cruz First Instance Court Number 9, to “facilitate” the release of the money. The best part is they had literally just received the “form” that afternoon, how about that for timing!

Payment once again is made to a named individual, David De La Cruz Oval, using the address  Calle Calibar 18, Edif. Caltina, 388B, Santa Cruz De Tenerife. Which when searched on Google Maps, doesn’t exist. It is also interesting to note, there is no letterhead or any other contact details, it doesn’t even state if it is their Procurador which is normal for them.

Again all this is backed up with fake documents from the court, which along with any search of the named law firm would definitely give them credibility, duping you the “victim” into paying up not just once but over and over. There is always some “TAX” or “BREXIT” thing they can come up with to extract even more from you.

Considering how long this fraud has been running under one name or another, they must be extracting thousands from many unsuspecting people, after all, the ones we hear about are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. While there are still those out there who will fall for this scam, these people will try their luck and unfortunately, they will succeed.

Unless you have personally instructed a law firm with all the legal procedures required to proceed with a legal case in the courts, then you have no case. No law firm, lawyer, court official or any other person can instigate any case in court without your knowledge or express permission. Courts do not “farm out” personal information to private firms or individuals to contact “victims” of fraud or mis-selling.

Payments should never be made to named individuals, especially if the accompanying letter states it is a “tax payment to a court” or something similar. These payments are usually made using bank transfer, something for which you are unlikely to be protected in the event of fraud, it is also interesting to note that all payments to this group of fraudsters are very low. They seem to always be for amounts under 1000€, usually small amounts such as the one above, this is a very important point for the “victim”. Banks do tend to contact clients when they make international transfers of large amounts, once the client confirms they are going ahead, if it turns out they have been scammed, then the bank has no legal obligation to investigate. 

Have you received any calls or emails with the great news that you have won a substantial amount of “compensation”, have you been told you have a valid claim, not sure if they are genuine or a scam, then use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you?



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