The Friday Roundup

Well, it is now the end of another week and also the start of a new month, today in Spain would normally be a fiesta day, but with the lockdown, it actually makes no difference as nothing is open anyway. During the past week, the main theme of our articles has been the actions of MacDonald Hotels and Resorts, these articles have been receiving a great response from regular readers and are also attracting new readers. One thing is common to all those responding, that is the attitude of MacDonalds towards members who no longer require the timeshare due to illness or financial reasons, just keep paying.

On Monday, Inside Timeshare reported on the successes of Canarian Legal Alliance and the embargoes being placed on timeshare resorts to ensure payment to their clients.

Out of the seven sentences issued by the courts, 6 of these were against Anfi, which has one of the worst reputations for delaying and attempting to avoid payments ordered by the courts. This has resulted in the lawyers at CLA to develop their “Enforcement of Sentence” team. This team has been working for some time in identifying all accounts and then applying to the courts to have these embargoed.

This has been proving very successful, yet Anfi and others are still attempting to avoid these payments, the one timeshare company which is doing the right thing is Marriott. They are voluntarily paying into the court’s accounts the sums ordered, thus saving themselves increased payments in the way of fines and legal interest.

It must be pointed out that Marriott did publicly acknowledge they were losing in the Spanish courts and did set aside a large amount to cover these legal costs.

Inside Timeshare then published the continuing saga of Mrs B and her fight against MacDonald Hotels and Resorts, this prompted an influx of comments from other members in the same boat. One reader even asked a very important question, if these timeshares are based in Spain and the purchase was made in Spain, how can MacDonalds take these cases for arrears to the UK County Courts and demand they be paid?

Not a simple question to answer, but in a nutshell, the county court is only looking at the contract which has been signed by the member with the clause that they will pay the annual maintenance fee. As far as they are concerned (the county court) the member is in breach of contract and there is a debt which they do enforce.

It is also a fact that most “members” in this position will end up paying before any court case is instigated, the stigma of receiving a CCJ with the loss of any credit rating is enough to force payment. We call that “calculated bullying”.

This morning we received yet another insight into MacDonalds by a regular reader Jimmy Justice and the senior management’s complicity in this disgusting practice. His email is published below as well as on the comments section of the article.

The antics of this organisation especially at this time of suffering are nothing short of deplorable. The people concerned are obviously in great distress and it is hoped that they have support in their lives.

 Whilst I have spoken about Michael Stott he is not alone in this victimisation and from all of the information provided to me, there are 2 other perpetrators of this misery.

The first is “rangers bob”.

Robert Scott is the Finance Director at MacDonald Resorts Ltd, a position he has held for 15 years. He is the driving force behind the misery that has been inflicted on the Former Fixed Week Owners now Points Owners. Not age or ill health stands in the way of his and their relentless pursuit of anyone who stands up to this organisation. He attends all of the major court cases representing this despicable organisation.

All other court appearances are covered by Melissa Wilson Smith aka Melissa Smith of Members Services (see “I am a key driver of Company goal attainment, an excellent multi-tasker and problem solver with the tenacity to provide the customer with the best possible service”. I suppose by her actions she will feel that she is a key driver of Company goal attainment by getting the poor unfortunates who cannot pay for one reason or another to court——–is this the best possible customer service — I think not.

Jimmy Justice

Thank you, Jimmy, for that insight and your own thoughts on those behind the misery being inflicted on many MacDonalds members. It just makes you wonder how these people can sleep at night, my guess is their “GREED”, after all without those who purchased timeshare and continue to be bullied into paying the extortionate maintenance fees they would not have a job!

Once again Inside Timeshare calls on all members of MacDonald Hotels and Resorts who are in similar positions as those highlighted to use our contact page and tell us your story. The more we publish the more chance we have of defeating this company, it is your voice, use it.

Have a good weekend and join us again next week.

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