Termination Scam?

Inside Timeshare has consistently published warnings on timeshare termination “scams”, how they work and what you can expect. Today we bring you further information received from our readers, along with the threats of legal action.

At this point, we are unable to publish the name of the company as there are legal proceedings being prepared in counter to their own threats.

As we have come to expect, it all began with a cold call, our readers were promised a “relinquishment” or termination of their contract with their respective timeshare resorts. Along with this would be a claim for “compensation”.

The “clients” duly signed up and paid their initial fees, they were informed that if they received any communication from their timeshare resort or demands for unpaid maintenance fees, to just ignore them and send them to the “company”. Well, they were told to stop paying anything and that they would deal with it.

Eventually, they received a letter from the said company which basically said “In our opinion, your timeshare contract has been terminated”. Apparently, As they had not received any reply from the timeshare resort, (if they wrote to them in the first place), that was the end of the matter.

It also needs to be noted that our readers had never received any notice of their “membership” being terminated. In fact, they continued to receive their maintenance demands. OK, we do know that quite often demands are sent out to cancelled members, but this is usually because they are automated and the system may have not been updated.

To cut a long story short, our readers did eventually contact their timeshare, yes, you have guessed it, they are still responsible for the maintenance, their contracts have not been cancelled. The timeshare company categorically denies that they ever received “Notice of Termination” from this company.

In most cases, the timeshare company will not deal with any termination/claims company, only direct with the owner/member.

Now, these readers are receiving demands for the balance for the “termination” to be paid, or they will instigate legal proceedings for non-payment of debt.

Obviously, they believe this will “scare” the “client” into paying, in most cases it would probably work. But we know that they have now formed up and are going to fight this all the way. After all, the work has not been done, the proof has come from the timeshare company themselves and THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN TERMINATE THE CONTRACT.

This once again shows how careful you must be when dealing with anything regarding timeshare, these companies invest a lot of time and effort into presenting themselves as legal and above board. They research the laws and will twist them to suit their needs in convincing the client they are “professional”. After all, are you likely to know about all the various laws they spout?

We hope to be able to publish the company name and associates in due course.

If you have had an experience such as this or are worried that you may be a victim of the “Termination Scam”, then please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

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