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Welcome to day number whatever it is of the lockdown or “house arrest”, we also welcome our friends and family in the UK who have now joined us in the lockdown, it’s not that bad, as our old friend Fletcher said in Porridge “stir, it’s a state of mind!” As we know, there is very little news emanating from the courts and even the number of emails being received by Inside Timeshare on the “fakes” has slowed down, the Timeshare Consumer Association yesterday published a very good piece on Club La Costa.

The title of the TCA article is “More woes for Club La Costa World”, it began with the news that due to the current COVID19 outbreak, CLC has begun the process of releasing the majority of their staff and are closing their sales decks in Mijas Costa.

Under the regulations in Spain, these staff will be temporarily placed on ERTE. This is a system which allows companies to suspend jobs until “normality” returns. Under this suspension of jobs, employees will be paid by the government 70% of their monthly salary. This now relieves CLC of the liability.

CLC Bosses?

The article then goes on to highlight some of the other “woes” CLC are going through, they begin with the headlines of the drowning of a guest at one of their resorts. This was a tragic event for the family as it happened on Christmas Eve last year, they recently won the right to “extend the investigation”. (full story on the link to TCA website).

They also highlight the BBC TV program Rip Off Britain, this episode focused on the “bullying” tactics used to coerce (force) consumers to purchase while attending a “presentation”. Well, for all you timeshare owners out there, you know those tactics only too well!

It should be pointed out that two of the presenters have been “ambassadors” to CLC.

On this occasion, Inside Timeshare will leave you the reader to see the full article on the TCA website, just follow the link below. What I can say on a personal note, it is a well-written piece and it certainly follows the old TCA we once knew.

That is all for today, once again we welcome the UK to the club “house arrest”, get the old Vera Lynn records out and think of “blighty”!

Stay safe.

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