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Orebandel Arm & O. SA: The Fake Notary From Tenerife

Over the past few years Inside Timeshare has been highlighting the “FAKE” law firms and notaries which are all part of the Litigious Abogados Family along with our old friends Solutions Group. As we have published before, it appears that Solutions Group, a company that is well known for operating many scams in the past have now found another way of scaring people into paying them. Today we highlight the latest in this long-running scam.

Our readers first encountered Solutions Group many years ago with the promise of a claim against Incentive Leisure Group SLU, DWVC SL and Personal Travel Group SL, companies owned and operated by the late Gary Leigh. At the time they used the email address:

[email protected]

And the website

This company was very prolific at the time and used several names, Simple Solutions, this was part of the Solutions Group registered as XYZ Solutions SL. This company is based in Tenerife and was registered at Avenida Del Claudio Delgado Diaz 101 Las Chafiras San Miguel De Abona 38620. CIF Number B76558519.

According to our readers, it was Solutions Group who passed on their details to the “FAKE” notary, regarding a claim against ILG, DWVC and Personal Travel Group. Obviously, this is a continuation of the scam which our readers got trapped into years ago.

The Fake Notary Logo

After yet another call they received the following email:

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Sent: 16 March 2021 16:05

To: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Subject: Mr & Mrs Names Redacted

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Names Redacted

Further to our telephone conversation of this afternoon. I hereby attach a letter from our head lawyer Mrs Victoria Zeralde, together with a copy of the official court order appointing us.

Please to confirm that your have safe receipt of this email,and as promised I shall telephone you tomorrow with the good news, and to discuss any further questions or queries you  may have. 

We are aware that the UK is on lockdown, please be advised that it is business as usual for us here in the Canary Islands so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We trust you and your family are keeping safe and well during these times.

Kind Regards.

Charlotte Millington

Court Trustee

0034 822684530

You will notice that the grammar and English are not that good, especially for an “official”.

So, Charlotte Millington is the Court Trustee, somehow I doubt if a UK national going by the name, would be working as a trustee for the court unless she has lived in Spain for many years and is very very fluent in the language. Not impossible but highly unlikely especially in the Canary islands!

According to the attached letter Orebandel Arm & O SA has been appointed by the Santa Cruz First Instance Court Number 5, and they are very specific with the date and time they were appointed, Friday 12 March at 09:23.

Well, we do know that is a complete fabrication as the courts do not appoint any outside company, let alone one that forges court documents.

According to the letter they have been awarded 32,000€, this is the exact same amount that all our other readers who have been contacted have been awarded. This is very strange indeed as no two clients of DWVC ever paid the same amount for their membership or the amount which they were to receive on the “Cashback” certificate which was supposed to pay for their timeshare which they handed over.

Now the worrying thing in the latest development is the use of Brexit in order to rush the “victim” into paying. We also expect that this will also be a pretext to “extort” even more money from “victims” in the way of unforeseen “taxes and duties”, with the promise of a refund once the case is complete.

According to the letter, now that the UK has left the EU this has “created a significant shock for the International Banking system”. According to Orebandel on the letter signed by Victoria Fita Zeralde, now makes the transfer of funds very complex. Very strange considering that there seems to be no problem with transferring money to the scammers!

This letter is also backed up by yet another forged “Court Document”, which when translated is just full of gobbledegook and gibberish, trying to give the impression of “legal speak”.

This document when imported into another program clearly shows that it is fake, the signatures can clearly be seen as a cut and paste job along with all the “official stamps”.

Orebandel use the email address

[email protected]

When we do a search on the we come up with the following website which provides email addresses,

so once again an email address not linked to any company website. Their address according to the letter is:

Avenida 3 de Mayo 3 Planta 2 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

And using the telephone number 0034 822 684 530.

Below are PDF files of the documents sent to our reader including a translation of the Court document.

Translation of fake document

2016 Article on Solutions Group

Once again this does show how very careful you must be when dealing with any cold call with the good news that the courts are holding substantial sums for a case you never knew you had filed.

If you have been contacted by any “law firm or notary” with a similar story and documents then it will be a scam, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.



Marriott Payout & Abogados El Palermo the Story Continues

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of Inside Timeshare, today we report on the latest from the Courts in Malaga and the latest defeat for Marriott. We also highlight a story that has been published over the past few years, that of the Litigious Abogados Family and their various incarnations. The latest being Las Alas Abogados, over the years we now have over 120 different names for the law firms, procurators and notaries which have surfaced in this very sophisticated and well-planned fraud.

On Monday, Marriott paid over 28,934€ into the court’s account and this has now been transferred to the personal account of the English client.

The contract with Marriott Vacation Club was originally declared null and void by the Court of First Instance of Estepona, Malaga, with the court initially awarding 27,642€ a decision which Marriott then appealed against.

Marriott, unlike many of the other timeshare companies, duly complied with the court’s instructions and lodged the funds with the court immediately. Although Marriott appealed, this was their legal right, but it looks like it was just them clutching at straws.

The case itself has only taken 16 months to conclude from first being presented, this does really show that these appeals are lodged with only one purpose in mind, to delay proceedings for as long as possible. The hope we believe is that with these long waits for cases it will put others off from launching further cases.

The case was prepared and conducted by the Canarian Legal Alliance Lawyer  Oscar Salvador Santana Gonzalez, with Claims Consultant Jake Kaiser assisting the client through the procedure.

We now move to a story which originally began around 10 years ago, our reader was originally contacted by Solutions SL, this “company” has been around for a long time it has used various names in the past such as Simple Solutions. The company is registered with Spanish Company records as XYZ Solutions SL, Company Registration Number B76558519.

The address they have used in the past is:

Avenida Del Claudio Delgado Diaz 101, Las Chafiras, San Miguel De Abona, 38620.

Their registered address is:

Avda Del Sur S/n Edificio Ocean Golf And Country  38002  Santa Cruz De Tenerife

They used the website:

They are also known for their email address: [email protected]

When Inside Timeshare first came across this company they were in the process of contacting consumers who had purchased the Designer Way Vacation Club from Incentive Leisure Group and the Personal Travel Group with promises of making a claim. This is how our reader first became involved.

We now come forward a few years to early this year, when our reader received notification from Grupo Perez Alonso, which is part of the “fake” El Palermo Abogados, which also included a “fake” court document showing that DWVC, Incentive Leisure Group, Personal Travel Group and the directors have been indicted and the amount of 32,000€ has been filed as the claim.

Well, considering that all these companies were closed down years ago and the Owner/Director Gary Peter Lee was killed several years ago in a cycling accident, it makes us wonder how he ended up in court?

In order for the case to be filed and being able to receive this bumper payout, there is a fee to be paid to Pérez Alonso of 768€, this has been reduced by negotiation by Julia Garcia of Solutions, as our reader is elderly, to just 695€!

Wow, that is a “massive” reduction, so very generous!

We now move to the point where the next part of the “sting” comes into play, the court hearing has been held, but this was in “camera”, not sure why as there is nothing which would warrant a closed hearing. Obviously, the outcome is just what we expected, they have all been found guilty and the 32,000€ has been awarded. Below is the “fake” court document sent to our reader.

The next stage has now been set, along with the “fake” court document is a photocopy of a cheque made out to our reader for 32,000€. It has been drawn on a La Caixa cheque, the only thing is that it is fake. The IBAN Number is false as have all the previous ones. Below is a copy of the email sent to our reader and a copy of the cheque and also the IBAN check results.

From: Amador Colatamo <[email protected]>

To: [email protected]

Date: 07 October 2020 at 15:46

Subject: Santa Cruz Compensations

Dear Mrs XXXXXX,

We are glad to inform you that we have this morning received, from the Courts, a certified copy of your cheque for the amount of 32,000€. A copy of which has been attached.

The compensation was meant to be remitted by International bank transfer, but due to the numerous cases they had at the Santa Cruz Court, they issued the payment in cheque form. This only means losing a few pounds when you deposit the Euro cheque in a Sterling account, but after all, we are very pleased that this has all come to a successful conclusion.

The Court Judgment for your compensation and the relevant tax documents have also been received on the 1st of October and posted to you on Friday the 2nd of October and we trust those should be with you soon.

Once the tax element has been met, our Lawyers shall finalise the tax logistics in order for the courts to release your compensation cheque and it will be posted to your address and should arrive to you in 5-8 working days, from the day it has been posted.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your involvement thus far and send you our best regards.

Yours sincerely,

Amalia Lalamo Adiario

Departamento Legal

This email is confidential and intended for the named recipient only. If you have received this email in error, please notify us immediately and delete the email. You must not copy, distribute, disclose or take any action in reliance on it. This email message and any attached files have been scanned for the presence of any computer viruses.

© 2013 Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Tenerife. Todos los derechos reservados.

European Union Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC

As you can see from the above email, a tax must now be paid in order to release the cheque, they have even obliged the “client/victim” by sending them a “Tax Form” already made out for the amount of 372€. Although the amounts being asked for are small, there are many of them to be made and they all soon mount up.

The main part of the “sting” is yet to come, had our reader paid this money, they would have received a jiffy bag by post with a letter from the court and the cheque attached. The only problem is the cheque is missing, enter the new company.

This company has been appointed by the court to investigate the missing cheque, which it turns out has been stolen by a gang of East Europeans and cashed. To add credibility they will claim that 16 or so post office workers have been arrested for conspiring with the criminal gang to steal the cheques. In order to get this money back, the new firm will require payment of between 10 & 20% of the cheque value, apparently, this will be reimbursed once the money has been recovered and paid out.

Previous opened envelope where the cheque was missing

At least our reader decided to make some enquiries before paying any more money and found Inside Timeshare. So at least they have only paid a small amount along with what they paid to Solutions in the first place.

The scenario of this fraud is the same as it has been for all the incarnations of these fake law firms right from the start. It is only the names that have changed.

When you begin to add up the total cost some people have paid it begins to run into the thousands. The list of crimes is getting ever longer, from falsifying court documents, cheques, notaries, procurators all the way to using photographs of people such as the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Argentina, a Senior Judge on the California District Court, the late president of Venezuela and the latest Las Alas Abogados using the current President of Mexico.

This is a fraud which has been able to keep one step ahead of the authorities, and has over the past five years defrauded hundreds of thousands from unsuspecting timeshare owners. This story is a very good example of why you should always check any information you receive from any company that contacts you and not just believe what they say because of the huge sums they claim you have been awarded or can get.


An earlier article on Solutions.

Litigious Abogados Family Previous Articles.

Origanl Article on El Paloma Abogados.

More on the Fake Law Firms

Inside Timeshare has been receiving further information on SG Abogados and it does now appear that Solutions Group in Tenerife is working with this fake law firm. This company has been around for a number of years and was also known as XYZ Solutions SL and Simple Solutions.

They used the website  which is no longer available, they also used the email address  [email protected] which is now appearing on the letters being sent to “clients” regarding recent court cases and claims awarded.

One reader has sent us copies of the letter and also a “fake” court documents showing that she has been awarded a substantial amount against Incentive Leisure Groups SLU, DWVC SL and Personal Travel Group SL. Now, remember, that none of these companies exist anymore so it is strange how Solutions and SG Abogados are able to have court cases against them let alone get payouts from them.

The letter from Solutions begins with “As you are aware the recent hearing went ahead as planned on Wednesday 25th September”. It then goes on to say “Although you chose not to appoint a collection agency to represent you, it would seem that a favourable outcome was also reached on your case”.

This is then backed up by the “fake” court document.

The letter also goes on to say that a “managed payment plan of 12 to 32 months has been set by the court, meaning that the defendants must compensate all members of the action group within this period”.

The letter also lays out other stipulations set by the court on of which is that the court will “review the progress of the pay-outs every 3 months”. It also explains that the defendants and their representatives appear in person to testify to the progress made. Well, it would be very difficult for the owner of the companies to appear as Gary Peter Lee was killed in a cycling accident in Marbella many years ago.

The letter is signed on behalf of Solutions by Julia Garcia.

In another email from a regular reader, he has now been contacted again by SG Abogados, the email from Manuel Jalvo Liorento another fake lawyer who we named in an earlier article. According to the email, another “new” lawyer Carlos Loubtito says that “after the lodgement of the claims on 1st October, the conclusion to the hearing on 17th October was successful and compensation available”. They now require the client’s bank details to pay the awarded amount.

Now, this is very speedy action, the case lodge on the 1st and the conclusion on the 17th a mere 16 days!

This particular readers case is against Diamond, he did not ask SG Abogados to proceed yet they still maintain that his case went to court. He even contacted Diamond to ask if they were aware of any action in the courts in Tenerife were being brought by SG Abogados, I think you all know the answer to that!

These are very well organised and planned frauds, the standard of the documentation is very good, especially if you have never seen the genuine article. This really reinforces what Inside Timeshare tells all readers, you must do your homework, don’t be taken in by the huge sums these fraudsters are telling that you have won, never send them any money for procurator fees, court taxes or any other tax. You will never see a penny from the award and you will have lost all that you pay them.

If you are contacted by any company with a similar story and need help in checking if they are genuine or frauds, use our contact page and we will point you in the right direction.

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