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Another New Cold Caller Identified with Rather Dubious Links

Starting the day in our usual way checking on articles and posts on other timeshare related websites over coffee, we came across the Mindtimeshare blog and their warning on Timeshare Helper. Looking at their website something caught our eye as being very familiar, checking our own recent posts we were not disappointed. It certainly seems they are linked to other entities that we have published information about over the past couple of weeks.

Timeshare Helper using the website:

Which was only registered on 26 November 2020 and expires on 26 November 2022, again the registrant of the website is hidden by privacy protection, so there is no indication of who is behind it.

The website itself is very basic, being one page with a menu that scrolls to the relevant section. These sections are headed:

  • Who We Are
  • Why Choose Us
  • How Can We Help
  • Client Appreciation
  • Current Legislation
  • Contact Us

The Who We Are section contains no real company information whatsoever, in fact, there is nothing about them anywhere on the website, no company registration, no address or telephone number.

But it does say:

“We are leading experts in the area of timeshare purchases and contracts having assisted hundreds of clients. What’s more, the advice we offer is completely impartial, designed to give you a clear picture of your entire situation.”

Now for a website that has only been registered for 5 months, they certainly must be very good to have helped “hundreds of clients”:

The start of that statement is also rather telling, that they are “leading experts” in timeshare purchases and contracts. That is probably because they are the ones that sold it to you in the first place.

What caught our eye was in the Client Appreciation section and the three testimonials they publish, there was something very familiar about them, we were sure we had seen them before and yes we were correct.

All three appear on the website for Timeshare Support Centre, another new cold caller we published a warning about on 7 April 2021, (see link below).

The “testimonials” published on both websites are exactly the same, word for word, the only differences are the names of the so-called “clients”!

Client Appreciation Page: Timeshare Help
Right-click and open in new tab to enlarge.
Testimonials: Timeshare Support Centre
Right-click and open in new tab to enlarge.

Now if that doesn’t get the alarm bells ringing, we are not sure what will!

As we stated there is no address or telephone number, just a very simple contact form, so the website itself is just a lead generator for those searching for help with their timeshare problems.

Now as for the “cold calls”, these are being made from a number with a Birmingham code, 01216302276, but again this does not mean they are actually located in Birmingham.

The number, however, does come up with links to various other scams, not just timeshare, according to the website who called me, (see link below), page 2 also mentions that it has been linked to a “National Insurance Scam”.

So far, everything about these cold callers looks extremely dodgy, the lack of company information, the obviously fake “testimonials” and then the comments on who called me.

It also appears they may be linked to companies we have had reason to warn readers about this month:

According to information from our own readers, these are all calling on behalf of Aegis Direct who are based in Tenerife. Just on this alone, we can safely assume they are also calling on behalf of Aegis Direct. (see link below).

Once again, this reinforces the care you must take when receiving cold calls or searching the internet for a company to help you with your timeshare problem. Not all are genuine, in fact, most are more than likely to be scam operations and it can be virtually impossible for you to tell the genuine from the fake.

If you have received a call from any of the companies mentioned above even ones that have not appeared on our pages, or you have found one on the internet and you would like to know if they are genuine or more than likely scammers, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.