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Friday’s Letter from America: Should Sales Presentations be Recorded?

Welcome to this week’s Letter from America, as you can see from the title, Adam Siler, Bernadette and Tiffany Renee give their views and stories answering the question of why they believe sales presentations should be recorded. As those of you who have been following Inside Timeshare over the years will remember, we have published numerous Nightmare on Timeshare Street stories on how people have been duped by sales agents. Some of these articles can be found on the links at the end. Inside Timeshare would also like to remind all our readers to sign the petition from Bernadette for Diamond CEO Michael Flaskey to remove his video which many who have been through the Diamond mill find offensive. Please take the time to sign it, no matter where in the world you are, many voices, one message.

Why Timeshare Sales Presentations Should be Recorded

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By Adam Siler, Bernadette, Tiffany Renee

April 16, 2021

Adam Siler, Air Force Veteran

[email protected]

I learned that a timeshare buyer can’t rely on the ethics or words of a sales agent or manager. If the signing is recorded, don’t accept any reason as to why you should not bring up something promised during the sales presentation. Record the sales session in states where legal without obtaining consent. It’s no surprise that recording without the other person aware is not legal in timeshare mecca Florida. 

Even if you are savvy enough to record your sales session and easily resolve your dispute, the company will release you “without liability.” That’s the same thing as saying it doesn’t matter what the sales agent says. Despite evidence in my sales agent’s handwriting, illustrating a 7% financing that he promised to help me obtain, I was informed that it doesn’t matter what he promised because I signed a contract. 

A recent sixth complaint was directed against my Florida timeshare sales agent. The complaint was reported by a member who attends presentations to report deception. This makes the sixth complaint since 2017. The first was reported by an active-duty Navy couple.

My efforts are focused on veterans and active duty service members. An active duty service member can lose their security clearances over a timeshare foreclosure. Service members should think carefully before buying a product with little to no resale value as they can be deployed at a moment’s notice. Given the ease of entrapment, high-interest rate timeshare lending should be deemed off-limits like Payday loans. Below are four pages of articles about veterans and active duty service members hurt by their purchase of a timeshare.

Tiffany Renee

My mom called me a number of times during their 11 hour sales session. She told me they could not leave because the agent had taken their IDs. They were falsely told that my brother and I would be liable for increasing fees should something happen to them. They forfeited their two deeded weeks and lost over $30,000. Now they are receiving collection letters threatening to add legal fees and collection agency fees. 

In their 70s my parents had no choice but to default. Their maintenance fees increased from $2,000 to $6,000 after converting to points. My parents were no match for a “QA” agent who served a four-year jail term for burglarizing seven homes, some while occupied. He had other criminal charges over the years. The timeshare company blamed my parents, saying they sounded fine on the recorded closing. That’s why you need to record your sales session.

It’s important to file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and other appropriate regulatory agencies. The Florida Attorney General only forwarded our information to the timeshare company, and in turn, forwarded the company’s denial, but if no one filed complaints it would seem there are no problems.

At a Florida HB 435 workshop held in Tallahassee March 12, 2019, Victoria Butler, from the Florida Attorney General’s Department of Consumer Protection, reported a figure of 1,500 to 1,600 timeshare complaints in 2017, about the same number in 2018, and 700 complaints filed in 2019 through March 12, 2019. Ms Butler said about 50% of the complaints involved senior citizens with the majority in regard to the initial sales presentation. Ms Butler stated that the Florida timeshare division engaged only 42 complaints, the majority concerning resale.

(Irene Parker attended and reported)

Bernadette in Oklahoma

We did not record our sales presentation. On three occasions in Las Vegas, Hawaii and Missouri, we were not informed of the company’s voluntary surrender program. We attended a meeting only to learn how to be released due to my husband’s chronic and debilitating health problems. Each time we were told we would need to purchase additional points to gain release. 

I was shocked to be told by the Missouri Attorney General’s Office that I should get a lawyer. A YouTube featuring the Missouri Attorney General, the Washington Attorney General, and the former Arizona Attorney General describes attorneys specializing in timeshares as “storefront clowns.” 

The company only offered us their voluntary surrender program FOR THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT I FIRST ATTEMPTED RELEASE. We had no loan before the three up-sells. In frustration I launched this petition:

Articles About or By Veterans

Calvin Wardrick, a disabled Army Veteran, explains how timeshare companies and timeshare exit companies feed off each other. Calvin ran a POW camp of 27,000 Iraq soldiers and is 100% disabled due to PTSD. As Calvin explains, “My family had good intentions when they purchased a timeshare for my relaxation, but I entered into another war on US soil that we did not see coming. Stress over this timeshare has added to my sickness and has put us at a poverty level.”

Timeshare can pose a National Security Threat, December 27, 2017

Wayne Robinson, a Navy Veteran/Navy Journalist, and a former timeshare sales agent, executive, and author of Everything about Timeshare, Before During and After the Sales September 14, 2018

John Collick, Congressional Candidate 2020 (VA-3)

Eddie Rodriguez, Army Veteran, June 25, 2019

Army Veteran Ron Tzinski, June 21, 2019

Platinum Protest March 2019 Orlando organized by a Navy Veteran family

The Sherwood Family, Marine Veteran, Wyndham, March 8, 2019

The Kleen Family, a Veteran Family, Wyndham, January 18, 2019

The Althage Family, Marine Veteran, Wyndham, January 11, 2019

A Bronze Star Veteran, January 4, 2019 1/23 complaint against the agent

James McConnell, Army Veteran and retired VA Chaplain

Willma Miller, Vietnam Army Veteran Family, October 2, 2018

Army Veteran Leo Gomez, deceased, 2 Purple Hearts, 100% disabled Agent Orange September 21, 2018

George Yamada, 70% Disabled Agent Orange Vietnam, September 11, 2018

John Kim, Air Force Active Duty, August 21, 2018

Joshua Parker, Disabled Army Veteran March 16, 2018

Gad and Noreen Liebmann, Navy Veterans protesting Daytona Regency and

Margaret and Edward Chandler, Army E6 at discharge

Mike Yelton, Army and Air Force Veteran

Sean Wolfer, 100% Disabled Army Veteran, Agent Orange, 2/23 complaints

Raymond Mori, age 83, a Disabled Marine Veteran 23 years, 2 Purple Hearts

Kevin and Brenda Hopkins, Air Force Veterans

Roy Simmons, Navy Veteran retired letter carrier, upsold to $2,700 a month in loan payments

Scotty Black, disabled Navy Veteran, Homeland Security

Air Force Active Duty Kevin Hopkins

Anthony Davis, 90% disabled Army veteran

Jeff Diehl, Marine veteran, disabled

Samuel Melendez, 21 yrs Army, chemical, biochemical, nuclear defense, 3/23

Amanda and George Jones, Active Duty Navy, December 19, 2017

Terry Carter, disabled Army Veteran, burn pit in Basra

Alan Callner, retired Coast Guard, 4/23 complaints against the same agent

Nancy Callahan, disabled Gulf War Veteran Family, April 24, 2017, 5/23

A Military Family March 6, 2017

The Hurleys, Canadian career Army Veterans January 25, 2017

Thank you Adam, Bernadette and Tiffany for your contributions, once again you have given all our readers a sound argument as to why the industry must change and change for the benefit of consumers and the industry, not just one side.

Inside Timeshare would also like to thank all the past contributors for their experiences, for many it was a very difficult step to take and share what they perceived to be problems of their own making, not realising that others have also been taken in by the sales patter.

While some families seem so obviously mislead and suffer financial harm, others are able to work out their differences. Let’s hope consumers do their part by following Ronald Reagan’s advice, “Believe but verify!”

All Inside Timeshare and our readers who have followed us and contributed over the years can say, is you are no longer alone.

Have a great weekend and join us again next week.

Friday’s Letter from America

Welcome to our Friday’s Letter from America with an update from our US contributor Tiffany Renee who explains Why the buyer is blamed when told lies by sales agents. This is a subject that has been covered on numerous occasions over the years, with many articles by Irene. This particular problem is not just confined to the sale of timeshare in America, it happens all over the world but is very much a serious problem in the US. Tiffany reached out to Diamond Resorts for comment. They responded placing the blame on Tiffany’s parents. This does make you question Mr Flaskey’s quote in Bernadette’s petition, “And they could have just called Diamond.” We have heard so many times Diamond’s response, “we are not responsible for what our sales agent say”. That as we know is lamest of excuses, they are your employees, they are selling your product and they are representing you, it is your “Responsibility”.

Why the Buyer is Blamed if a Sales Agent Lies 


April 2, 2021

Update from Tiffany Renee

Last December Inside Timeshare published my article about how my parents were browbeaten for 11 hours until they were convinced they had no choice but to forfeit their two Gold Key deeded timeshares that they had loved for years. Their sales agent and Quality Assurance agent told them that if they didn’t give up their deeds my brother and I would suffer dire financial consequences should something happen to them – maintenance fees will increase dramatically – to over $6,000! Their Gold Key maintenance fees were $2,000. The transaction resulted in maintenance fees of over $6,000. My father collapsed when he received the notification. The “QA” agent made them wait while he called the developer of Gold Key to get them the secret special price …. You must buy today…. the special price time period has expired! 

How can this be happening to so many seniors in America?

The full story:

If there is no problem with Diamond Resorts CEO Michael Flaskey making claims that exit companies lied and took $10,000, $12,000, $14,000, $25,000 from Diamond members, then there can be no problem with my making the claim that Diamond agents lied and took over $85,000 in cash and deeds from my parents.

An interview with Diamond members Frank and Betty, ages 88 and 89, parallels the elderly couple interviewed in Mr Flaskey’s YouTube describing how they lost money to exit companies. Betty, a former librarian, said in a USA Today article that she has had insomnia and fainting spells from the stress and has gone to the hospital several times.

Michael Flaskey’s YouTube 

Frank and Betty’s YouTube

Diamond Resorts took approximately $31,000 from my parents and their two deeded weeks. The purchase price was around $88,000 of which approximately $57,000 was credit for their deeded weeks. 

Many years ago they paid $17,600 for a Turtle Cay 2 BR unit and $37,550 for a 2 BR Ocean Beach unit. It was not easy to piece together what happened from the mounds of paperwork, but as of November 28, 2020, it looks like after the up-sell they ended up with 32,500 points of which 24,000 points were credited for their Gold Key deeds. The purchase of 8,500 points is why maintenance fees increased. 

Frank and Betty lost $63,000 to Diamond Resorts and told them they were buying an “annuity” timeshare that would release a survivor spouse from the timeshare liability should something happen to one of them. After the transaction, their cumulative loan balance was $197,000 and annual maintenance fees $19,000.

For Betty and Frank and my parents, fear was used as the bait.  

Then and Now: Why Seniors Need Support 

(STAY VACATIONED letter received from Diamond Resorts March 29, 2021)

Unfortunately, if your account remains in default for 30 days from the date of this notice, the Association will take necessary action to collect the unpaid assessment fees together with late fees and interest…. These actions may include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Send the delinquent account to an attorney, which will result in additional legal fees; 
  • Engagement of a professional collection agency which will result in additional collection fees;

Michael Flaskey said on his YouTube, “They could have just called Diamond.”  

My parents are proof you can’t. 

Bernadette’s Petition

Bernadette in Oklahoma launched a petition March 7, 2021 asking Michael Flaskey to remove the YouTube in which he, the Missouri and Washington Attorneys General, and the former Arizona Attorney General, criticize deceptive practices by timeshare exit companies. Lawyers are called “storefront clowns,” yet the Missouri Attorney General’s Office recommended Bernadette retain an attorney. Please sign Bernadette’s petition after reading about her Diamond experience:

Our experiences are two of over 5,600 accounts from members of our member-sponsored Diamond Advocacy Facebook. The majority of our Facebook members joined to ask for advice about resolving disputes or complaints about Diamond’s sales and marketing practices. Volunteers answer questions as to how to file regulatory complaints. We know there are many who are happy with their Diamond membership and with the sales agents they worked with. Our Facebook consists of mostly members who feel they experienced unfair and deceptive sales and marketing practices.

I initially filed a complaint with Seniors Vs Crime, a project of the Florida Attorney General’s Office. They mediate disputes and volunteers are seniors themselves. I was informed Seniors Vs Crime would not be allowed to help my parents. I was forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office.  Instead of being contacted by someone from the Florida Attorney General’s Office, I was contacted by a doctor Diamond retained who introduced himself as a consultant hired to arbitrate our “allegations.” He blamed my parents.

A staged so-called Quality Assurance contract signing session was recorded. I later learned my parents’ QA agent served four years in jail for burglarizing seven homes, among other charges, yet Diamond’s jury ruled my parents sounded just fine on the recording. 

If the buyer makes the mistake of believing their sales agent, thus not raising a question, the recording is used against the buyer. The buyer is not allowed to record the sales session, and the buyer is not allowed to listen to the recorded closing unless an attorney issues a subpoena. This is unfair. 

Many members have reported that the recording is routinely used against the buyer to dismiss complaints after being coached by sales agents to not saying anything because 1) it’s a new program, 2) I help you on my own 3) they don’t want you buying to make money, and so on.     

Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods said in Mr Flaskey’s YouTube “it is infuriating to see members paying money to companies that make them worse rather than better.” 

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson warns, “They are preying on people with misinformation…Telling people things that are flat out not true and they are just trying to take as much money as they can from them.” 

Diamond CEO Michael Flaskey grieves for families who lost“$10,000, $12,000, $14,000, $25,000” to exit companies.

I am pregnant with my second child. I have a problem pregnancy and had to be hospitalized at one point during my first trimester. The stress Diamond Resorts brought into my life because of the financial loss my parents suffered has played a part in my baby’s problems. Timeshare medical distress now spans from prenatal to Betty and Frank, ages 88 and 89. 

I end where I began – but adding the other end of life’s spectrum. 

How can this be happening to seniors and pregnant moms in America?   

My motto is based on a concept of unjust enrichment that can be traced to Roman law and the maxim that “no one should be benefited at another’s expense”

“nemo locupletari potest aliena iactura or nemo locupletari debet cum aliena iactura.” 

There is a tendency to blame the victim. AARP Staff writer explains in his book why no one is “smart” enough to outsmart a con.

Understanding the artist behind the scam is a first step in protecting yourself and your loved ones from deceit. After conducting personal interviews with dozens of con artists and studying their personalities, Shadel has found consistent trends in the tactics they use to defraud their prey. What do they all have in common? For starters, a life filled with fast money and women, drugs and alcohol, and lots of lying and cheating. But the most successful cons are also masters of persuasion, using a sophisticated set of psychological tricks and tactics that work time and time again.

Think all victims look the same?  Wrong.  Outsmarting the Scam Artists explains how individual scams are carefully crafted and tailored to meet specific victim profiles.  

That is all for this week with Inside Timeshare, we hope that you have a great Easter weekend and will join us for more news and information on the murky world of timeshare next week.

The Tuesday Slot: Elder Abuse and Timeshare Sales

Welcome to The Tuesday Slot and another revival of our Letter from America series, today we bring you another “Nightmare on Timeshare Street” with the horrific story of an elderly couple targeted by unscrupulous timeshare sales agents. This particular story is a result of a comment on a previous article “A Timeshare Sales Agent Repeats Himself”, by Donald E. Puyear which we published on 1 December. It is such a dreadful story that we decided that it needed an article all of its own. It appears that in the US this is a significant problem for the elderly, in Europe, we have had some similar stories but not to this extent. This is the story as related by Tiffany Renee on the trials and tribulations of her elderly parents at the hands of timeshare sales agents.

Mortgage Scams Targeting Seniors

Click on the Rachel Ramos Video.

Elder Senior Court

Financial Assaults on our Seniors

  • Home Theft
  • Identity Theft
  • Fake Arbitration Scam
  • Grandchild Needs Money Scam
  • Lawyers Inflated Fees Scam
  • The Timeshare Scam
  • Long Term Insurance Scam 
  • And many more…..

What is causing this alarming epidemic trend?

Our ageing population is more vulnerable as they are more trusting, susceptible to trickery and are less likely to fight or report a scam. The authorities and courts are not up to date with the latest scams and are less likely to investigate or prosecute financial abuse cases.

By Tiffany Renee

December 3, 2020

My parents are devastated because of what happened at a Diamond Resorts presentation in June of 2019. View the video on Protecting our Elders website to see how easy it is for a senior to get scammed. What happened to the senior in the video is why my parents were in a sensitive state. They had been victims of prior scams throughout their lives that resulted in us losing our personal homes and property. Imagine having a bank take your home because they said your deed wasn’t real? And whoever had the real deed, was being foreclosed? Imagine knowing all the money you paid towards your home meant nothing because someone else out there had an outstanding mortgage that you were not aware of. Imagine receiving this news with your wife and two babies, forced out of your home. I won’t get into more details, but my parents didn’t know how to fight this with the mortgage company. They are good, honest people, trusting, hard-working, and God-loving individuals. They trusted the system and, like the senior in the video who had his home stolen and a lien filed against him, felt it was out of their hands. This happened to them more than once! They never wanted this to happen again!!!!

This is why the rawness of what they experienced at Diamond Resorts has devastated my parents more than anyone could ever know. Diamond knows they are devastated. They don’t care. I call what happened to them at Diamond Resorts elder abuse and false and unjust enrichment because my parents received no benefit from this transaction. In laws of equity, unjust enrichment occurs when one person is enriched at the expense of another in circumstances that the law sees as unjust and unfit…where an individual is unjustly enriched, the law imposes an obligation upon the recipient to make restitution, subject to defences. Liability for an unjust (or unjustified) enrichment arises irrespective of wrongdoing on the part of the recipient.

The concept of unjust enrichment can be traced to Roman Law and the maxim that “no one should be benefited at another’s expense” : “nemo locupletari potest aliena iactura or nemo locupletari debet cum aliena iactura.” This has been my motto!

At Diamond Resorts, the consumer is blamed because you signed a contract. Never mind the contract was signed after 11 hours of hard sell, unable to read the contract, relying on the ethics of a timeshare sales agent. They don’t understand rescission periods or cooling-off periods.   

We owned two Gold Key deeded weeks prior to Diamond’s acquisition of Gold Key! Diamond’s Mystic Dunes Resort sales agent Dawson Allen, and Quality Assurance Agent Tim Lima told my parents in June of 2019, that they were required to attend a meeting, or they would be fined $400 !! They are elderly and trusting, they cannot afford this unexpected news, so they agreed to attend the “update” to avoid the fine. They had no obligation to attend this meeting. 

During the meeting, Dawson and Tim told my parents it was necessary to give up their Gold Key deeds in order to protect themselves and their children from dire financial consequences. If they didn’t, their maintenance fees would increase by thousands of dollars over the years and could put my parents in a position of bankruptcy because they could be one of the last deed-holders standing. They could end up solely responsible for building repairs if a hurricane came through… looking at a 5 or 6 figure liability! That’s right, they threatened bankruptcy and a bill in the double or triple-digit thousands. They told them their current deeds were worthless, despite being told the prior year that their deeds were worth $250,000.

The news devastated my parents, feeling as if they could lose their home again and became homeless. THEY WERE PUT IN AN EMOTIONAL STATE. They could not think clearly or logically. They must turn in their deeds and purchase points. On top of it, they were promised they could use points to pay fees, they could sell points for profit, Diamond would buy the points back, blah blah blah. 

My parents cannot see well. The agent read the contract, stopping off and on, to explain “how this really works” or “this is the way it really is,” pointing to information missing from the actual contract. My parents had informed the agents they could not afford to do anything right now, and the decision would have to wait until the following year. NOTHING was to take place until they could attempt to get their finances in order. This was June of 2019. 

My parents said they had no food, water or medications for over 11 hours. They were exhausted and eager to have permission to leave. FINALLY, they saw the light at the end of the tunnel and started to perk back up, happy to finally be released. They were informed they would be recorded. They did not want to sound sad, embarrassed, and stupid to the general public. They made sure they “looked good on TV” as one would put it. They had not yet given Diamond any form of payment and they had not yet filled out any applications. They signed paperwork to acknowledge they had attended the meeting so as to not be fined $400 and were finally released with the notion they had a plan and that this was something that will need to be addressed in the following year.

My parents had no idea that Diamond had charged a down payment onto a Barclay Bankcard, and then later received a few bills due immediately. Remember when they said they would be avoiding high maintenance fee increases? Their maintenance fees jumped from $2200 to almost $6000 immediately! They now hold 78,450 points. How is this not enough?

We owned TWO Gold Key deeded weeks, both 3 bedroom condos with a lockout. We NEVER had a problem going on vacation or exchanging. Now all of a sudden it wasn’t enough? My parents have no intention of travelling anywhere in the future EXCEPT to go to the same spot they’ve always gone in Virginia Beach. Now that Diamond has their Gold Key Deeds, they are unable to return to their home resort during their previously guaranteed week. Nothing they search for is ever available for exchange.

I recently found our “QA” agent has an extensive criminal record, complete with a four-year jail term, with multiple felonies ranging from theft, burglary, domestic violence, and traffic criminal charges. Tell me WHY this person is allowed to work in Trading and Money Lending????? As a QA agent?

The timeshare lobby ARDA has a Code of Ethics? Diamond has a representative on ARDA’s board.  

Link to ARDA Code of Ethics see Frequently asked questions: Why does ARDA have a Code of Ethics?,with%20integrity%2C%20dignity%20and%20propriety.&text=ARDA%20does%20not%20mediate%20or,consumers%20and%20ARDA%20member%20companies.

In all the years of doing this work, Inside Timeshare has never come across a story as devastating as this, in our opinion this behaviour is not just against all moral codes and ethics, it is downright criminal. If this story doesn’t show that there is a great need for change in how these timeshare agents are allowed to operate we are unfortunately going to see many more of these in the future.

If you have a similar story and would like to share it with others please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.