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Timeshare Claims: Update New & Old

Over the past few days Inside Timeshare has been receiving many emails from concerned timeshare owners being contacted by claims companies and law firms. Some are ones we have highlighted in the past some are very new indeed. The one thing they all seem to have in common is their approach, everyone has a claim and that they can cancel the contracts. It has also come to our attention that the names of other companies are being used by cold callers which is adding to the confusion.

We now move to our old friends CUC Abogados which are just another incarnation of The Litigious Abogados Family. It would appear they are now doing all they can to get those “clients” who have actually fallen for their “scam” to pay even more money. Could this be that they are now coming to the end of their “shelf life” as all those before?

We do know that there are already two more that have begun operating with the same Modus Operandi, Torcaz Abogados and Paloma Abogados.

Unfortunately, one reader was taken in as he had been dealing with them since January and actually stated he had “no complaints with them” up to this point. But now he is having second thoughts especially after reading all the articles published on Inside Timeshare.

It now looks like CUC Abogados has changed how they operate, as we know, in the past the “money awarded” by the court was sent by cheque. This duly arrived by post, but the envelope was open and the cheque missing. This left it open for yet another company to claim they had been appointed by the court to recover the “stolen” money. The cheque was apparently stolen and cashed by a gang of East Europeans and 16 postal workers were under investigation for stealing the cheque and passing it over. Obviously, this “new” company needed payment to recover the money.

The latest ploy is that the money has been lodged with a Notary called Flanagans Notary Services, based in Canary Wharf. On checking for notaries in that area, no notary of that name has been found.

According to CUC Abogados, the awarded money is for a Westgate timeshare, as Westgate was taken to court in Tenerife and found guilty. Not bad considering that Westgate is a US timeshare company and does not sell or operate in Spain. So we have to ask how the Spanish courts could have any jurisdiction for a timeshare purchased in the United States!

If that does not convince you that this is a fraud we don’t know what will.

Our last item is a warning that you must be extremely careful on who it is that is cold calling.

We have been informed that calls are being received from Tenerife on various numbers with the caller stating that they are calling from Timeshare Support Services, one number we have been given is 0203 670 2306.

The caller insisted that the consumer had a legitimate claim and would receive “compensation”, regardless of the fact the consumer has not owned the timeshare for years.

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The problem here is the name Timeshare Support Services, is also the name that is used by TESS. The consumer even asked repeatedly for his name and number to be removed, which obviously has not been done. We also know that TESS does not operate from Tenerife and if a client asks to be removed and not to be called again, we know that TESS would do so. Does this look like yet another case of using another company’s name in order to confuse?

To end today’s article we have also been receiving more emails regarding SPS Claims, a company we highlighted last year. It now seems they are getting desperate for cash and have come up with an amazing story. Tomorrow Inside Timeshare will give you the latest on this company and what they are saying.

Once again, Inside Timeshare gives you the same old warning:


Client Contract Services and Associated Companies

One name which Inside Timeshare has been receiving many enquiries about is Client Contract Services Limited, yet another so-called “claims and exit” companies. Today we have a look at this company and their sister companies all under the directorship of the same person, Paul William Arthur Fox, who has what can be only described as a rather dodgy background.

Client Contract Services was registered at Company House on 16 March 2016, with the Company Number 10067660 and the registered address:

87 Albert Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 6JS

Their website was first registered on the same date as the company and is due to expire on 16 March 2021, with the registrant being hidden by “privacy protect”.

The website itself is very basic, with none of the menus working including the “contact page”.

Along with Client Contract Services Ltd is a very new company called Client Contract Services Malta Limited. This company was only registered at Company House on 14 June 2019, with the Company Number 12051180, the registered address is:

Kemp House 160 City Road London United Kingdom EC1V 2NX

This address will be familiar to many readers as it has been used by many fraudulent companies over the years.

The company was originally registered as Select Paralegal Service Ltd, the name change occurred on 6 February 2020.

Although the contact address for the company on the website is: 

87 Albert Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 6JS

The registered company director is none other than Paul William Arthur Fox.

The website

Was only registered on 5 February 2020 and is due to expire on 5 February 2021, registered for only 1 year, another alarm bell is ringing. The registrar is also hidden by “privacy protect” so again we are unable to say who else is behind the company.

The next company is Select Cheshire Limited, registered at Company House on 28 June 2018, Company Number 11438906 and the director is once again Paul Fox. The registered address is the same as Client Contact Services Malta Ltd located at Kemp House.

The website was registered on 27 June 2018 and is due to expire on 27 June 2020, just 2 months away. Again the registrant is hidden by “Privacy Policy”.

Now the most important aspect of all this is Paul Fox himself, a convicted fraudster, being handed a four-year sentence in 2015 which was suspended until 2019. It would appear his defence team managed to convince the judge that a suspended sentence would help Fox to change his ways. The saying “can a leopard change its spots!”

The basics of the case were he and others defrauded mainly the elderly out of over £500,000 for various scams such as “asset protection trusts”. Having been caught for this, he then turned his attention to another very lucrative scam, depriving the elderly out of more money with the promise of “cancelling the timeshare contract and receiving compensation”.

If you need any proof that these types of companies are scams then look no further.

The full story can be found on the TESS website on the following link:

Have you been contacted by any of these companies, if so use our contact page and get in touch, Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Start the Week: MacDonald Resorts

Welcome to the start of yet another week with many of us still on “house arrest”, unfortunately, the lockdown has not stopped the cold calls, in fact, they seem to be more prolific. It is obvious that the “scammers” are having a field day as everyone is now at home and will be answering their phones. So beware the cold calls giving you the great news of huge sums of money being held by the courts and waiting for you to claim it. Today we begin with a short article, the first of many on the story of MacDonald Hotels and Resorts.

Back in 2016, one of the first cases against MacDonalds took place is the Spanish Courts, this case did not at the time receive the publicity it actually deserved and is very little known.

It was a case in which MacDonalds vigorously argued that the Spanish courts did not have legal jurisdiction and that the timeshare sold did not contravene the timeshare laws. As we know many companies attempt to avoid Spanish law by using UK limited companies and a clause in their contracts stating that the “contract is subject to UK law and the jurisdiction of UK courts”. In this case, the judge did not agree, the purchase was made in Spain, the contract was signed in Spain and the resort is located in Spain, therefore the contract did come under the jurisdiction of Spanish law which was enacted to protect consumers.

The contract, in this case, was deemed illegal as it contravened the maximum duration of 50 years, the contract contained the points system which the Supreme Court has ruled does not have any substance and is regarded as a promise of use. There was also the illegal taking of payments within the statutory cooling off period.

For those who are not familiar with MacDonalds, as with most timeshares they were fixed weeks and fixed apartments, but MacDonalds decided to adopt the points system and began converting unsuspecting members to the new points.

The then Director of TATOC Harry Taylor was instrumental in MacDonald’s move to convert their owners into members of a points vacation club. Taylor and TATOC fully endorsed the change and emphatically urged owners to convert to points stating that the move would be most beneficial to them and that they would be better off. As we know this is not the case, the problem of no availability became a big problem.

Harry Taylor, formerly director of the now liquidated TATOC. He was instrumental in promoting the MacDonalds Points system.

The court case we have highlighted here is probably one of the first against MacDonalds, but what we can say from the number of complaints being received by Inside Timeshare and other forums, there may just be many more on the horizon.

This case was highlighted by TESS and their full report from the time can be seen at the following link.

Have you had problems with MacDonalds either no availability or problems with relinquishing your membership?

If so please use our contact page and get in touch, Inside Timeshare will get back to you.