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Start the Week

Welcome to the start of another week in the world of timeshare, tomorrow is 9/11 and we shall be publishing another “Nightmare on Timeshare Street” from Veteran George Yamada. He will be sharing his experiences at the hands of his timeshare company and also with a timeshare exit company, so join us tomorrow on The Tuesday Slot.

Veteran George Yamada

Last week was the first full week the courts were open after the August break and what a week it was for the lawyers at Canarian Legal Alliance. The courts issued 12 sentences from previous trials, the first 7 involved Silverpoint, with the Tenerife Courts declaring all contracts null and void along with ordering Silverpoint to repay a massive £536,118.00 a very costly week for Silverpoint.

In Gran Canaria, the Courts of First Instance issued sentences against Anfi Del Mar, 5 in total, once again the contracts have been declared null and void. The amount that Anfi have been ordered to repay clients totals £175,442.00 so in total CLA have secured over £771,086.00 could we be seeing the million pound mark in one week being reached soon?

As well as the sentences, CLA reported many pre-trials had also taken place in various courts around Spain, so it does look as though this is going to be a very busy few months.

Some of the many CLA Lawyers

Another of our US colleagues Lisa Ann Schreier, also known as The Timeshare Crusader, has asked that we publish the following link to a webinar she is co-hosting later this month.

This is entitled “Don’t get fooled again – repair don’t repeat your mistakes”.

The webinar is being arranged jointly by Lisa and Fi Club, it should prove valuable to our many US readers, obviously any European readers are also invited to attend.

Lisa Ann Schreier The Timeshare Crusader

Inside Timeshare will bring you an update from Lisa once this has taken place.

Well that’s it for today, I am on Vacation in sunny Malta enjoying the wonderful history that Mediterranean Island has to offer, do join us tomorrow for our Tuesday Slot.

Another Week of Court Action

As we have seen over the past couple of years the Supreme Court rulings on timeshare is taking its toll on timeshare companies.

Only in the past week we have seen numerous cases being won in the lower courts, most notably those against Resort Properties / Silverpoint in Tenerife. Others have included Diamond Resorts and Lagos de Fañabé, also at the Tenerife Courts.

The weeks timeline:

29 May

Court of First Instance No 4, rules in favour of British clients ordering Silverpoint to return over £37,793 plus legal interest. The contract was also declared null & void, in this case the court ruled that the contract did not specify a date, time or location, other information was also lacking.

On the same day at the High Court No 3, ruled against Diamond, again there was a lack of information specified in the contract. The court ordered the return of over 28,000€ plus legal interest. The contract again being declared null & void.

31 May

The Court of First Instance No 1 in Tenerife found for British clients against Van Gogh Promotions. The contract was declared null and void with the return of £12,016 plus legal interest.

That afternoon, the First Instance Court in Maspalomas saw the end of another trial against Anfi, the sentence has yet to be announced. But if previous cases are anything to go by, along with the rulings of the Supreme Court, we can guess what that is going to be.


1 June

The courts in Tenerife again found against Silverpoint, the court ruled that there were serious infringements of the timeshare laws. In this instance it was again the lack of specifics on week, time and location, it also mentioned the infringements in the R/P / Silverpoint system of points. It also ruled that the taking of deposits within the cooling off period was illegal and awarded DOUBLE the amount back, these clients will now receive over £47,131 plus all maintenance fees and legal interest.

2 June

Two cases from the Tenerife courts ruled against Silverpoint, again it is the same infringements of the timeshare laws. In these cases a German client was awarded over 27,489€ plus legal interest, then a British client was awarded over £30,062 plus legal interest. Both contracts were declared null and void.

5 June

Again from Tenerife, the court ruled against Lagos de Fañabé, the main point of this judgement was the length of the contract, being in perpetuity, or longer than the allowed 50 years. The client again British will receive over £11,000 plus legal interest and legal fees. The contract also being declared null & void.

6 June

Another end to a trial at the court in Maspalomas, again concerning Anfi. British clients are now waiting for the court to issue its verdict. Again, if the Supreme Court rulings apply, we know what that will mean.

7 June

At the time of writing the latest news from Tenerife was announced. The High Court No 3, has declared another Silverpoint contract null & void, with return of over 25,698€ plus legal fees and legal interest.

The courts are certainly keeping busy with all these cases, but there are certainly some very happy clients. Following is the story (translated) posted by a Scandinavian client on facebook.

“Today, after many years in the legal system, we have completed our case against Monte Anfi.

The Supreme Court of Madrid decided in March 2016 that our contracts were invalid and we had to have our expenses returned.

We paid in 2005, 34,000€ and have received 340,000 Norwegian Kroner, around 35,756.91€, after the Canarian Legal Alliance has received their fees.

We are deeply grateful for the help the Canarian Legal Alliance has provided us.

We hope that others who want out of their contract will be as lucky as us”.

scandi anfi


So for those who post on social media that no one gets paid out, this shows they do, not everyone will post their story, most wish to remain anonymous.

It now remains to be seen how many turn up for the Anfi SGM on 23 June. It will also be interesting to see how many will accept and sign the new contract, or will they take up the legal option, having their contracts declared null & void, with the return of all they have paid?

Inside Timeshare will be watching these events and will report when the news comes in.

If you have any questions about any article we publish contact Inside Timeshare and we will be pleased to help.