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Slaley Hall Lodges: UK Timeshare Owners Up in Arms

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of Inside Timeshare, today we bring you news from the UK and a shocking move by Seasons Holidays Plc. In this article which has been written in partnership with our friends from the TCA, we have a quick look at what is happening and how it is going to affect owners. This move by Seasons has been on the cards for quite some time, beginning with a scheme for owners to “relinquish” their membership, but all is not as it seems.

Around a year ago the TCA and Inside Timeshare became aware of a scheme hatched by Seasons for lodge owners to relinquish their ownership in exchange for a sum ranging from £7,000 to £10,000, on the surface, it looks like it could be a good offer, but, there is always a but, Seasons were not offering to pay this sum to the owners, quite the reverse, lodge owners had to pay this sum! In exchange, all future maintenance fees were waived and “free” holidays over a limited period.

Well, I’m not sure about you but why should the “owners” pay, just to relinquish, get all future maintenance waived and “FREE” holidays for a “LIMITED” period?

Sounds like a bit of a rip-off to me.

Slaley Hall Lodges

Apparently from the information that has been received since that “offer” was made, Seasons have reduced this sum to £1000, this shows how desperate they are to “get rid” of the timeshare owners. Why not just offer to “buy back” the weeks from the owners, after all, they are the ones who paid thousands in the first place and years of maintenance fees to keep the resort running.

So what is all this about I hear you ask?

Pure and simple, the directors of Seasons Holidays Plc, Barry and Shirley Hurley, are proposing to wind up the club, this means all those owners who paid thousands for the “right” to holiday at Slaley Hall lose everything. Their contracts for their timeshare are cancelled at the drop of a hat. Now that is strange, try handing back any timeshare and they don’t want it, you can’t get out!

As with most timeshares, the club has a committee and a constitution, this was created to “protect” lodge owners, Helen Knight who is on the committee as an independent member explains:

“There are seven voting members on the committee,” clarifies Helen 62, a retired teacher from Lancashire. “Deliberately an odd number to protect owners. The constitution allows Seasons to control three of the seven committee positions with four for independent owners. This balance is designed to safeguard owners’ interests from nefarious tactics by management companies or other entities.”

“However, Barry and Sharon Hurley, directors of Seasons Holidays PLC, appear to have got around this by their son, Jack Hurley, becoming a lodge owner. Seasons then used the timeshare weeks it owns to block vote Jack onto the committee as one of the 4 ‘independent’ owners.  After that, they installed him as chairman of the committee. And now Seasons has announced that it is motioning to dissolve the owners club and its constitution. It has also advised that if this is carried, then all lodge assets will be liquidated.”

Helen continues,

“basically, if Jack Hurley votes the way we assume he will (in his parents’ interest), then the club will be terminated and everyone who paid tens of thousands of pounds for a lifetime of holidays will be left with nothing.”

“Seasons has not organised the club AGM (Annual General Meeting) as is required in the constitution. Instead they have requisitioned an SGM (Special General Meeting) instead”.

“The last AGM in November 2020, which Seasons organised by itself, was by Zoom with all lodge owners muted, including the committee members, so nobody could speak out.”

“My father bought the lease of our lodge just before he died, for myself and my siblings, so that we could have somewhere to meet up once a year and remember both my parents and past happy times. Reminiscence is good for the soul,”

Aerial view of Slaley Hall Lodges, with the beautiful backdrop of Northumberland

It is a fact of “timeshare ownership” that although owners have rights of voting in the running of the club, it is unusual for owners to actually have any control, everything, as we have seen from the example above, it is all stacked in favour of the “management”. Inside Timeshare did run an article back in March 2016, which highlighted this very important problem.

Manipulation of votes by resorts and resort owners

This is not the first time this has happened and we doubt if it will be the last, timeshare in Europe is changing. It is no longer the “very lucrative” trade it once was. Sales have been declining for years, hence the closing of many sales decks over the past 3 to 4 years. The number of owners/members is declining, most are now elderly and there appears to be no “new blood” to take up the decline in income from these fees.

Yet we still see the timeshare companies and management treating those who have kept them in business for many years, being treated as if they are nothing more than a bank account to be milked! (Timeshare owners are known as “cash cows”).

This story is still developing, below is a PDF of the letter sent by The Trustees of the lodges, followed by a link to the TCA article published on My News Desk.

Would you like to know where you stand with your timeshare, did you purchase in Spain after January 1999, is your Spanish contract legal or illegal?

If you would like further information, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Fakes Steal Genuine Law Firms Identity

Last week Inside Timeshare reported on the “Fake” lawyers using the identities of genuine people and law firms to defraud unsuspecting victims of thousands with false court awards. Well, they have struck again, we can also safely say it is the same people that have been behind the long-running fraud of The Litigious Abogados Family. It is not just about the thousands they are stealing from people, it is the use of respectable people and law firms to give them credibility to achieve this, that has taken this FRAUD to a whole new level.

In our previous article “End the Week: The Fake Law Firm Usurping Anothers Good Name”, we showed how they have used photographs taken from websites and the internet of some very prominent people. All to give themselves the credibility to carry out their “SCAM”.

From this, they moved to steal the name and website of a law firm based in Madrid, Adarga Abogados. To the unsuspecting victim, making a search on the internet confirms Adarga Abogados to be a genuine and seemingly respectable law firm, just what the fraudsters want.

Now they have “Usurped” the name of another GENUINE law firm, JR Abogados, based in Madrid and an office in Alclà de Henares. The director of the firm is José Ramón Felipe Condés, a lawyer from the Alcalá de Henares Bar Association (collegiate number 4,108). With a rather impressive Resume:

José Ramón Felipe Condés
  • Lawyer registered by the  Alcalá de Henares Bar Association  (nº 4,108)
  • Law degree from the  University of Alcalá de Henares  (1.993 – 1.998)
  • Master in Telecommunications Law from the  Universidad de Comillas de Madrid ICAI-ICADE
  • Master in operating systems and communications from  FYCSA  (Formación y Consultoría SA)
  • Bankruptcy Administrator. Civil and Commercial Mediator

He has also been awarded the following citation for Customer Services.

Genuine Website for JR Abogados:

He himself has been in the news and the story is heartwarming, to say the least, the first link is to Youtube and a TVG interview, the second is a written version of another interview on the same subject.

The law firm itself is no stranger to the press as the link below to an El Diario article on the firm and is followed by a review in Confidencial Judicial. Both highly praise this law firm.

Given what we have found in a very quick search, it is obvious that many people will be taken in, just what the fraudsters wanted, along with the official and genuine looking court documents, Procurador letters and fake Notaries, they are well on their way to getting your money.

We also have to look at the possible repercussions to the genuine law firm, their reputation being sullied, plastered over the internet and unfortunately believed by some.

Our friends at the TCA did make contact with JR Abogados, who were shocked, to say the least. They categorically denied any involvement in any cases in the field of timeshare, they are also taking the appropriate legal measures.

Moving on to the documents, they are the exact same as those from our previous articles, although there does appear to be a link that confirms our suspicions they are the same outfit, is the reference to S & G Abogados. (See link to previous posts on S&G Abogados).

This firm was highlighted in several articles back in 2019, with “court cases” against various timeshare companies and individuals who were “supposed” to be the directors. Those same cases have been mentioned in the letter from the fakeJR Abogados.

Below are the letter and email from S & G Abogados from 2019, and the letter from the “(FAKE) J R Abogados” letter. They just happen to be the same victim!

Fake Court Documents

They even came up with a very good excuse for the amount being lower than the original case, apparently, it was because their previous “lawyer” didn’t turn up for court.

Well, they wouldn’t would they, if they don’t actually exist!

The audacity of their actions in fraudulently using a reputable law firm and sheer contempt for the people they are stealing from seems to know no bounds.

The email addresses they are using are not linked to the genuine J R Abogados, they are as usual either free email providers or subscription-based, which have probably been opened using false identities. These are:

Fake Contact Details:

[email protected]

Tel: 0800 802 1864

The genuine J R Abogados email is directly linked to their website and is:

[email protected]

Tel: +34 911 289 985

Whatsapp: +34 647 335 243

Once again, this shows how vulnerable timeshare owners are to scams, especially when they have been targeted before, more often than not by the very same people, if not, then by others who have bought your details.

These criminals twist the truth to draw you in, yes there are court cases being won in the Spanish Courts, but unless you have personally instigated those proceedings, then these people are telling you lies. It is as simple as that.

We cannot reinforce our message more than we already do.

Before you proceed do your HOMEWORK, not just a cursory check on google, Stop, Think, Question and Question again. You already have most of the answers, you just need to open your eyes and they will be staring you in the face.

If you are not sure how to do these checks or where to start, then Inside Timeshare will be happy to point you in the right direction. If we are not sure then we know where to look.

Do you have any comments on this subject or any other article published we would like to hear from you, please leave a comment on the relevant post or use our contact page.

Please also use our contact page if you have any questions regarding your contracts, legal position and options for relinquishing, Inside Timeshare will get back to you with the correct information.

Link to previous articles on S&G Abogados.

Court News and Another Twist to the Litigious Abogados Family

Welcome to a rather short Thursday article. First, we have a look at news from the courts of two cases. Both companies are very familiar to our pages, Anfi and Silverpoint. We also report on the first information regarding our old friends in Tenerife, The Litigious Abogados Family, who appear to have resurfaced, this time using the name of a genuine law firm.

Our first court report is from the High Court Number 3 of Las Palmas and once again involves Anfi.

This case was originally heard at the Court of First Instance of SBT, where the contract was declared null & void with Anfi being ordered to repay the client 22,574€ plus legal interest and legal fees.

As we have come to expect from Anfi, they once again decided it would be a “great laugh” to delay everything and lodge an appeal with the High Court. Another waste of the clients, lawyers and courts time, not to forget the legal bill for their own lawyers.

The Judges at the High Court, following all other cases and the rulings of the Supreme Court, roundly dismissed and rejected their appeal. The original sentence was confirmed and is now being filed with the Mercantile Court and the Court Appointed Administrator for the payment of the awarded funds.

In Tenerife, the Judge of the Mercantile Court Number 1, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, after examining the contracts has declared them null & void, plus awarding the client 147,420€.

As Silverpoint is now under the Mercantile Court and a Court Appointed Administrator, the client’s lawyers will now file this claim with the Mercantile Court for payment along with all the other claims against Silverpoint which have been found in favour of the clients.

One thing that is similar to both cases is that both companies used the same techniques to avoid payments, both moved money from their accounts to others so when an embargo is placed, nothing is in the accounts for the court to take. Both are being investigated by the authorities for the illegal movement of funds.

In both cases, the clients were represented by lawyers of Canarian Legal Alliance.

Along with our friends at the TCA (Timeshare Consumer Association), we are investigating another use of a genuine law firm by scammers.

So far from the documentation we have received, it appears this is yet another incarnation from our old friends The Litigious Abogados Family, with a new “Procuradores” or “Procurator”, this one is called José Vazques.

It is to this person that the “victim/client” has to pay, the account is in the name of José Motoz Vazquez, the bank is Evo Banco and the IBAN ES30 0239 0806 7526 6701 5925. Any payment being made to a named individual is always a bad sign.

In the letter sent to the “client”, it is purportedly from a law firm in Madrid called Adarga Abogados, along with all the names and bar association numbers of their lawyers.

The website for the law firm which does appear on the letter is

but, the email addresses on the letter are:

[email protected] 

[email protected]

These are free email providers such as Hotmail or Gmail, the email address for the genuine law firm is linked to their website.

Inside Timeshare and the TCA are in contact with the genuine law firm with the TCA already having established they have nothing to do with the letter or with any timeshare related claims.

We have seen these people use pictures of genuine people with fictitious names in the past, the most notable of them is the use of the late 39th President of Venezuela and the Ambassador to Argentina. But now they are using a genuine law firms name and their website!

Our inquiries are ongoing and we will have a full report once all the information has been received. In the meantime, if you receive a call, text or email using the name Adarga Abogados, please let us know.

Once again this reinforces the point that you should not accept as genuine any call or correspondence you receive, without first doing your own due diligence. If you are not sure how to go about this, please contact Inside Timeshare and we will help you determine if they are genuine or not.

Do you have a timeshare you purchased in Spain, is your contract legal under Spanish Law, if you would like further information on this and your legal rights and options, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.