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Demands for Payments and Threats by Fake Law Firms

Inside Timeshare has been receiving many emails from some very concerned readers regarding demands for payments. These have included demands from the “FAKE” law firms that we have highlighted. These have also included threats of taking legal action against the “client” from our old friends the Litigious Abogados Family, CUC Abogados.

We begin with CUC Abogados operating out of Tenerife, on 30 July, we published another warning about this lot, from one reader who has lost thousands of pounds. Unfortunately, this reader was taken in by the very slick operation these crooks have concocted. These include “FAKE” court documents, “FAKE” Procurators and even “FAKE” Notaries based in the UK.

It all began when he received a “cold call” regarding his Westgate (US) timeshare, that they were being taken to court along with the director. As he purchased in the US, the Spanish Courts do not have any jurisdiction. It later turned out the case was against Incentive Leisure Group, DWVC and Personal Travel Group. As we know these companies no longer exist and have also been used before by not only CUC Abogados but all the previous incarnations we have named the Litigious Abogados Family.

Although we did not name him, CUC Abogados knew full well who he was due to the case. After the article was published they telephoned him and threatened his partner and told her that;

“the payment (non-existing) would now be stopped, and they will be taking me to court for slandering their name.”

This is not the first time this has happened, it has also happened with previous incarnations of this CRIMINAL GANG.

What a complete joke, a FAKE and FRAUDULENT operation threatening legal action for Slander! Should that not be Libel as it was written and they are supposed to be LAWYERS!

Yet Inside Timeshare has not even received any emails with any threat of legal action from CUC Abogados and it was published by Inside Timeshare!

We wonder why?

Well, our reader has not been rattled by this, although it may have caused some distress to his partner, he has just shrugged it off and is only pleased that his information may just help others to not get “stung” by this disgusting bunch of “CRIMINALS”.

We now move to Suarez and Simpson who we began to highlight on 18 July, this is yet another “FAKE” law firm operating out of the Costa del Sol, claiming to be working with the Màlaga High Court. They have even used the name of a Judge, who we as yet are not sure if he is genuine or fake, His Honorable High Judge Dr Jose Mario Savantes. Enquiries are ongoing. This name is also being used by another “FAKE” law firm Morales Maxwell, which along with identical Modus Operandi and “FAKE” documents leads us to believe are the very same people.

We must also point out that the use of genuine names without their knowledge is a very common practice, this helps to convince people that the “law firm” is genuine if any searches are made.

Below is an example of this on the right is one of the “supposed founders of CUC”, next to it is the actual person whose identity has been stolen. Notice it is the same photograph but reversed and turned into monochrome in an attempt to stop any identification. Sorry CUC, it didn’t work!

Our latest information from a reader who contacted us this morning has been informed by Internal Transfer Investigations in London, phone no 0203 7692195;

“that award waiting for me but has “embargo” on, with a time limit of 5 days to sort out and to ring Maria Rodríguez at Courts of Malaga on 0034 604189749”.

If our reader did not pay the “LEGAL” fees by this Friday, the “embargo” would not be released and they would not receive the “Bankers Draft”.

Please note that the telephone number for Maria Rodriguez at the Courts of Málaga is a Spanish mobile telephone number, these would not be used by court officials.

So far we have not been able to identify any firm or organisation called Internal Transfer Investigations, but we have had the number checked and so far over 13,000 enquiries have been made. All have considered it a “Dangerous” number. The link below is from the website Who Called Me and shows those enquiries with another entry in Who Called Me UK .

This link below explains the 0203 number, please also be aware that many genuine companies do use this configuration of London numbers.

One company that sells 0203 telephone numbers

These stories from our own readers are a very stark reminder of how vigilant you must be when being approached either by phone, email or post by any company or law firm. Especially if they are claiming they are either holding vast sums of money awarded by the courts on your behalf or that they are or have taken your timeshare company or other holiday product such as DWVC or Club Class to court.

The information is out there on the internet, you just have to know where to look, so it is vitally important for you to do your homework. If you are not familiar with searching for information and need help, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get in touch. The chances are we may already be aware of them.



Regarding our article published yesterday on Global Timeshare Legal Experts, Inside Timeshare received an email from the TCA (Timeshare Consumer Association) to inform us that cases and sentences published by ECC and M1 Legal have also been “Cut and Pasted” from their website. We just wonder how many more have also been used and not published but sent to clients as their own?

Start the Week: Another Fake Law Firm Comes to Light

Welcome to the start of another week with Inside Timeshare, as our regular readers know, Inside Timeshare is always quick to report the latest names to emerge with regards to timeshare claims and exit. Today we highlight yet another “fake” law firm to come to our attention, this time it is not directly from a reader but the Timeshare Consumer Association. They contacted Inside Timeshare to find out if we had ever heard of this “law firm” and what we thought of the letter they had received from a concerned consumer.

As some of our readers are now aware, Inside Timeshare has been collaborating with the TCA by sharing information on the proliferation of “fake” law firms and claims companies. The latest is called Sanchez Abogados Services, claiming to be “Legal Services & Re-claim Specialists”.

So far, Inside Timeshare or the TCA have not found any “law” firm with this name, there are two which we have found with similar names based in Barcelona and Murcia. Both are genuine law firms and have nothing to do with any timeshare cases.

The letter received by the consumer gives no company details, address, telephone number or website, but does have an email address:

[email protected]

Once again it is a free Gmail account which anybody can set up, not what you would expect from any genuine law firm.

The letter itself is what can only be described as familiar and not very business-like, it does not even begin with Dear Mr or Mrs, but “Good Morning, Thanks again for getting in touch”. It then begins:

“Ok, I’m going to explain how the process works and let you know the costs/fees involved…What you read here is 100% correct and not a penny more than the amount quoted.”

It then goes on to say:

“Firstly, I would like to mention that we do not expect any of our processing fee/payment to be paid upfront or during the process.”

So far so good, but then they require the client to make a refundable “surety deposit” amounting to £185 to begin the process which is “refundable” in full after “7 days” on completion. 

The letter goes on to explain the reason for this “surety deposit”, it seems that “people” have not been paying them once the claim is processed on a “no win no fee” basis:

“We have had problems with a few people over this..Basically the management are hoping the surety payment may deter this sort of thing from happening again and encourage people to stay around for the duration of their claim.”

Again not very business-like, they want the client to trust them but they don’t trust the client!

The basis of the claim is a purchase with Eze Group with a Timeshare being taken from them so they are then maintenance-free. We have seen this with many of these discount holiday clubs, credit-based clubs such as Monster Credits etc. In other words, the only way you the consumer can get out of your timeshare is to purchase our product and we will take over your timeshare.

It appears that these people also know the exact date the purchase with Eze Group was made as they actually place that in the letter along with the exact amount paid. Again, something does not seem right here, how have they managed to get that information?

This could be yours!

The total amount for the claim is £21,215, plus according to Sanchez Abogados they are also “entitled to 10% of this amount as a form of compensation”. This amounts to £23,336. Apparently, this is due to the amount of time the client has waited. Waited for what we ask as the client did not instigate any legal action or claim?

The letter then goes on about “fees/your payment to us”, where they “actually have 3 payment options”. Apparently 2 of these involve upfront payments, “so we will concentrate on option 3 where no upfront payment is needed”.

The processing fee will be £750, but the £185 initial surety payment will be deducted from this leaving £565 which will be invoiced once the “claim funds have cleared in your bank”.

They certainly work very fast as they say the claim will be completed within 10 days, apparently, this is down to the “amount of time the court allows us to process a claim”. It then goes to say “as you know we are at the end of the Eze Group claims so this is more likely to be 6 or 7 days”.

Payment made by the client at the start or during the process will be payable to a “third party, UK Escrow, holding account”.  Apparently this account has been verified by the High Court.

In order to give the “client” some peace of mind, the funds are not accessible by them and are held for a maximum of 10 days, if they (Sanchez) do not complete within the 10 days the funds will be returned to the client. What funds are we talking about, the claim amount or what?

It also goes on to say:

“All monies that you will be receiving are being settled to you by the successful outcome of recent court proceedings against Regency Shores (Eze Group) Holdings SL, where upon you were listed as one of their members.”

“All monies and procedure are contractually and fiscally guaranteed by our long standing relationship with the High Court In Madrid and the Central Bank of Spain.”

So they have a long-standing relationship with the High Court in Madrid and the Central Bank of Spain. Wonderful credentials if they were true.

In the closing paragraphs they also state that they are now “out of time” for claims against Eze Group, but wait a minute, “the court does normally allow us a couple of days grace”. Isn’t that lovely of the court!

In the same paragraph, they also advise the client to “get your foot in the door”!

The letter ends:

“If you need any assistance in the future please do contact us. 

Any questions, please ask..sorry if I’ve made it sound complicated..sometimes think I go into to much detail 😚”

“We look forward to your reply,”

“Have a lovely day,”

“Warm Regards,”

“Ms Maria Santos (Admin)”

The footer of the page has these wonderful words to end with:


Please note any spelling mistakes etc are direct from the letter.

We just love the part where Maria Santos apologises for making it sound complicated and that she thinks she goes into too much detail. Well we know the reason for that, make it complicated so it confuses the clients, most of which are going to be elderly pensioners!

So to recap, a law firm that cannot be traced, a free Gmail account, no company address, company registration number, lawyers bar association numbers or names and no website.

All the details you would expect from a legitimate and genuine law firm, our conclusion, yet another scam with the lure of thousands coming your way.

Once again this reinforces what Inside Timeshare has been saying for years, do not believe what you are told in cold calls, unsolicited emails or normal post. Check and check again, if you don’t know where to start or how to make these checks, then contact Inside Timeshare using our contact page and we will help you get started.


Friday Roundup

Welcome to the end of another week with Inside Timeshare, today we have a roundup of this week’s articles, news from the courts and a rather interesting item which Diamond Resorts Owners Advocacy Facebook page posted. It has been a rather busy week with some new “claims” companies and “law firms” making an appearance. It also looks as though the law firm Canarian Legal Alliance has had some great results for their clients this week.

First, we begin with yet another “fake” law firm to rear its ugly head in an attempt to lure timeshare owners into paying thousands for non-existent claims and lawsuits.

On Monday we published information on Suarez and Simpson, supposedly based in Málaga and targeting ex-Club Class members. The wonderful news is their claim has now been settled by the Málaga courts with His Honorable High Judge Dr Jose Mario Savantes presiding.

Not bad considering there is no record of this “law firm” or any cases against Club Class, it is also a fact that their website was only registered on 30 June 2020 and is registered for only 1 year. Yet, they show several “wonderful” testimonials from very grateful clients!

This “fake” law firm can also be linked to another highlighted over the past weeks, Morales Maxwell. The reason we believe they are linked is the Modus Operandi, the documents they produce and also they name the same Judge, His Honorable High Judge Dr Jose Mario Savantes.

It has also been pointed out by the TCA that both websites appear to have been cloned from a genuine law firm called Carbray Abogados, this law firm was founded in Barcelona in 2007 by Damián Carmona and is duly registered as a company with CIF: B65367575.

We then identified yet another new cold calling “claims” company operating out of Tenerife, Demi-Guni SL. Again, the website was only registered on 13 May 2020 and is registered for only 1 year due to expire on 13 May 2021.

As we stated in our articles, could this be another “fake” claims company or could they actually be genuine and just jumping on the bandwagon? With the website only just having been registered and for only 1 year, does not instil any confidence.

We now move on to the latest results from the courts with news from Canarian Legal Alliance.

On Monday 20 July, the High Court of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, dismissed another two appeals by Anfi against rulings made by the Court of First Instance, San Bartelomé de Tirajana. Once again the High Court fully endorsed the rulings that the contracts were illegal confirming them to be null and void.

The clients from Norway and Denmark were assisted by the CLA Claims Consultants Jasmin Erhard and Michael Gadman with the case being prepared and presented by the Lawyer Miguel Angel Melian Santana.

The clients are now set to receive over 87,000€ plus legal interest.

On Tuesday 21 July, another Danish client was awarded over 17,000€ with their contract being declared null and void.

This case was against Holiday Club Canarias Sales and Marketing SLU and took just 8 months from the case being presented and the court declaring the contract null and void, ordering Holiday Club Puerto Calma to repay the money.

The interesting point is there was no appeal, no delaying tactics and within 4 months of the case the money has now been deposited into the accounts of the CLA Barristers ready to be paid out to the client. A very speedy result indeed.

On the same day from the Courts of First Instance of SBT, another two Anfi clients had their contracts declared null and void with Anfi being ordered to repay in full their purchase price including legal interest.

The Lawyers of the CLA Execution of Sentence Team have already filed a provisional order of execution in order to stop Anfi from “redistributing” funds in order to avoid payment. It is expected that Anfi will appeal this sentence as they use this tactic to delay paying. Although it is their right to lodge an appeal, given the attitude of the High Court it is more than likely the High Court will once again dismiss the appeals and confirm the sentence of the First Court.

The Norwegian and Swedish clients were assisted by Michael Gadman, Claims Consultant and the case being prepared and presented by the Lawyers Eva Gutierrez and Himar Iglesias Perez.

The following day 22 July, it was the turn of Silverpoint Vacations SL to have their appeal at the High Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife dismissed. The High Court upheld the decision of the Court of First Instance of Arona that the contracts were null and void and the repayment of over 17,000€ plus legal interest to the English Client. CLA will now submit the case to the Mercantile Court for the recovery of the funds.

The clients were assisted by CLA’s Claims Consultant Jake Kaiser with the case being prepared and presented by the Lawyer Oscar Salvador Santana Gonzalez.

Yesterday, 23 July, in another case at the Court of First Instance of SBT, another Anfi client had their contract declared null and void with the court ordering the repayment of 32,473€, which includes double the amount of the deposit paid within the statutory 14 days cooling-off period. They have also 

They have also been awarded legal interests and their legal costs which will increase the amount they will receive, with yet another provisional execution order being prepared. No doubt we will see Anfi lodging yet another frivolous appeal in order to delay payment.

The client was assisted by the Claims Consultant Michael Gadman with the Lawyers Eva Gutierrez and Aroa Farray Martin preparing and presenting the case.

Once again this is good news for clients who are waiting for their own cases to be heard.

The Diamond Resorts Owners Advocacy Facebook page posted an article from the Washington Post published in October 2019, this article reported on the losses his organisation made on their two golf courses located in Scotland during 2018. It also mentions the case which President Trump (Mr Trump at the time) brought against the Scottish Government over plans to construct a wind farm off the coast of Aberdeen, which is where his golf courses are located.

The Trump organisation lost that case and was ordered to repay over £200,000 in court costs to the Scottish Government. The Trump Organisation refused to pay it and as far as we are aware this still has not been paid.

This, unfortunately, is to the cost of the Scottish taxpayer, in our mind, this is not right and this should be paid. The sad thing is it seems to have been forgotten but Inside Timeshare publishes these following links so you the reader can see the full story.

The Washington Post

Quartz ( 2018

The Guardian 2019

The Independent 2019

Well, that is all for this week, we hope that you all have a great and safe weekend. Do join us again next week for more on the murky world of timeshare and please remember