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Even in Lockdown Timeshare Doesn’t Sleep

Yesterday Inside Timeshare published the story of readers being hounded for payments by Pérez Alonso Abogados and Solutions SL. These are for “FAKE” court cases against Incentive Leisure, DWVC, Personal Travel Group and the directors, with the court awarding the “victims” 32,000€ each. After publishing Inside Timeshare spoke with another elderly couple who narrowly escaped paying. We also publish a link to the TCA (Timeshare Consumer Association) website and an appeal by North Wales Police, first, we begin with the call to a very lucky couple.

Mr & Mrs G are an elderly couple in I believe their 80’s, they got involved with timeshare many years ago and it did have years of enjoyment, but as with all of us time moves on and the timeshare became unused and the maintenance a burden.

This was really the start of all the problems, they became involved with the DWVC, the “discount vacation club” marketed by Incentive Leisure, run by Personal Travel Group and all owned by the late Gary Leigh.

The deal was they “sold” their timeshare to Incentive Leisure and paid for membership to DWVC, the promised funds for the sale came in the form of the now well discredited “Cashback” scheme.

As we all know this scheme and the “club did not produce what was promised and many members” became very angry, eventually the UK authorities did step in and they all closed.

As well as DWVC, they also lost money in “resale scams” and also bogus “claims/lawyers” promising to retrieve the money paid. This included our old friends Ramirez and Ramirez, who were very active in this field.

The latest was the call from Julia Garcia from Solutions SL and the fake law firm Pérez Alonso Abogados. The news was fantastic, they had a court case against Incentive Leisure and the other entities, the case would be heard in March.

It turned out that the court had awarded them 32,000€, (incidentally the same amount as everyone else), but there was a catch, they had to pay almost £2000 to release the money. According to Mrs G, Julia was very convincing and helpful, even offering to contact the lawyers to get a reduction in the fees as they were pensioners and could not afford the amount asked for.

Fortunately, before Mrs G paid by bank transfer through “TransferWise”, her son stopped her and began searching the internet. He found the Inside Timeshare warnings showing them to his Mum. As Mrs G said, “thank goodness he came round before I paid”, saving her even more money.

It is evident from all the enquiries received by Inside Timeshare that the ages of the “victims” of this fraud are all elderly and on pensions, which we know in the UK are not the best in the world. It is just unbelievable that Julia Garcia can front this fraud and use her “magnetic personality” to convince pensioners to pay these “fees” which they can ill afford. She is nothing more than a “parasite” who deserves to spend a lot of time in jail!

Yesterday the TCA published an appeal by North Wales Police who are investigating the Dyserth Falls Resort and associated companies. The investigation which is ongoing is called “Operation Nefarious”, must admit it is a very appropriate name!

These are the other companies which the investigating officer is appealing for those who have had any involvement with:

Were you an owner at Dyserth Falls or have any information relating to the above companies please contact 

Mike Williams

Evidence Gatherer

Operation Nefarious

North Wales Police

Tel No 01492 804026

Naturally, all calls will be treated with confidentiality.

Link to the TCA article:

That is all for today, remember to do your homework before dealing with any company offering any service to do with timeshare, the lockdowns in force doesn’t mean the fraudsters are not working, in fact the opposite is true, they know you are at home. Stay safe.

The Scams Continue Regardless of the Lockdown

Welcome to Inside Timeshare, we are still on “house arrest” with no indication when things will get back to normal, we also apologise for the lack of article for the first two days of this week, unfortunately, circumstances prevented us from getting them published. Today we highlight the continuing attempts to elicit payments from timeshare owners by Perez Alonso Abogados, which is all part of the Solutions SL and CUC Abogados scam. We also highlight ASL or A Spanish Life touting for business in the area of “claims”.

Inside Timeshare has been receiving many emails from our readers regarding a recent court case which was held in “camera”, in other words in private, against Incentive Leisure Group SL, DWVC, Personal Travel Group SL and the directors.

According to the emails signed by David Fernando Pérez, Abogado, Grupo Pérez Alonso, the clients have been awarded 32,000€ by the court, just very strange that everyone has been awarded the same. It is also very strange that the named companies have appeared in court as they no longer exist, plus we would also like to know how the “director” Garry Leigh is able to appear in court as he was killed several years ago in a road accident. Maybe they are also clairvoyants!

Below is the email received by one of our readers, they also received a copy of the “court” document which is a very good fake, you will also see they use a reference BOE-S-2020-045. When checking this with the Boletin Oficial de Estado, which is the Spanish equivalent of The Gazette in the UK for official announcements. When checking the number on the BOE website there is no reference to this number.

From: Perez Alonso Abogados EN <[email protected]>



Reply-To: [email protected]

Dear Sir(s).

We are writing in connection with your claim ref. BOE-S-2020-045.

As you are aware the final hearing was held in camera last Monday 30th March 2020. You will be glad to hear that things progressed as planned, we were able to negotiate a favourable payment plan and the case has been now finalized by the judge.

A payment plan of 6 months was agreed by the court, meaning that the defendants will have to settle all preferential claims within that time period, including your own. You may expect to receive your award of 32,000€ no later than September of this year.

The court is to review the progress made each month to assure that the defendants are not seeking to delay matters any further, if they are found to be doing so than punishments including imprisonment may be applied.

We have attached to this email the final court decree for your records.

We will be contacting you again in the coming weeks to submit your preferred payment method to the courts, this is usually a choice of certified bankers cheque or SEPA EU transfer.

For those clients who are yet to make a decision regarding their tax obligations, we request that you please contact Solutions S.L and inquire as to any retention that you may have paid them already and so they may explain the different options that you have.

Yours sincerely,

David Fernando Pérez


Grupo Pérez Alonso

Fake Court Document

Yet another reader has received a similar email, the only difference is they have not “completed” payment and so are to be excluded from “preferential clients”.

They then received a call from Julia Garcia at Solutions SL where our reader explained that they could not afford to make any payments due to their financial situation. Julia then advised that she would contact Perez Alonso and see if they can reduce the payments.

From: Perez Alonso Abogados EN <[email protected]>



Subject: Finalization Claim Ref. BOE-S-2020-045

Dear Sir(s).

We are writing in connection with your claim ref. BOE-S-2020-045.

As you are aware the final hearing was held in camera last Monday 30th March 2020. You will be glad to hear that things progressed as planned, we were able to negotiate a favourable payment plan for our clients and the case has been now finalized by the judge.

Unfortunately as you never completed your payment of our fees we will have no other choice but to exclude you from the preferential claimants.

Your case will now be passed through the public forum and you claim settled at a later date to be decided by the court procurator.

For further information as to what happens with your non-preferential claim we ask that you refer back to Solutions S.L.

If you think you have received this email in error please contact us by return email.

Yours sincerely,

David Fernando Pérez


Grupo Pérez Alonso

They then received a call from Julia Garcia at Solutions SL where our reader explained that they could not afford to make any payments due to their financial situation. Julia then advised that she would contact Perez Alonso and see if they can reduce the payments.

Within 15 minutes, yes, that is correct 15 minutes, our reader received the following email from Perez Alonso:

From: Grupo Pérez Alonso <[email protected]>



Subject: Fwd: Finalization of claim.


I have spoken with Ms. Julia García of Solutions S.L and we have come to the decision that given the success of your case ref. BOE-S-2020-045, the current financial climate and your current ages, we will be willing to offer you a reduced price for our services.

Whilst this is not something we normally do, we understand that not all clients are able to meet our usual fee, especially in these current times.

This mornings hearing was held camera with only the defence team and ourselves present due to the current lockdown. You will be glad to hear that things progressed as planned, the judge has signed the liquidation orders and the defence have no right of appeal.

We have now finalized proceedings and await the certification from the court. All that is left if for the court to liquidate the assets that were seized, this will happen over the next few months and our clients can expect to receive their compensation of 32,000€ no later than July 2020.

Should you wish to be included in our services the reduced price for representation is just £695. This will have to be paid as soon as possible.

I have attached a new invoice to this email, including the 60% discount and payment details can be found at the bottom.

Please let me know of your intentions at your earliest convenience as we will have to prepare the necessary paperwork.

Yours sincerely,

David Fernando Pérez


Grupo Pérez Alonso

Suddenly within this short time, Julia Garcia managed to secure a deal with Perez Alonso to reduce the payment from nearly £2000 to only £695!

Wow, that is excellent service!

They then received the invoice (see PDF below) with the comment and bank details:

For your convenience you may pay this invoice in Pound Sterling to the following Escrow account:

Account Holder: Pérez Alonso Abogados

Account Number: 96570330

Sort Code: 23-14-70

Amount: £695.00

Bank Address: TransferWise, 6Th Floor, The Tea Building 56, Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ.

Inside Timeshare has checked the account number and the sort code, unfortunately, the search came up blank, but as you can see the address is for TransferWise, an independent international money transfer company.

Inside Timeshare has email TransferWise with details of this fraud and we await a reply.

These are just two cases received by Inside Timeshare over the past week or so, it would seem that these people will not take NO for an answer!

Back in October last year we highlighted the receipt of unsolicited emails from ASL or A Spanish Life, as we explained then, the website is a forum for finding businesses such as plumbers, electricians hairdressers and other services in different areas of mainland Spain.

They then began sending these unsolicited emails to timeshare owners with information of being able to claim back what was originally paid for the timeshare. Although they claim that they are working with “genuine” claims companies in the UK, there is no indication of who they are.

The email has a link which takes you to the following page:

According to the text they claim to have already helped over 1,600 people, not bad going in just 6 months!

The page then scrolls down to reveal a contact form asking for various details of the timeshare purchases as well as asking for your name, email and telephone number, this looks like ASL is now a lead generator for un-named “claims” companies.

The question is how did they get your email address and who are they then selling the leads generated by owners filling in the contact form?

Unsolicited emails are forbidden by the Data Protection Regulations, so any company that uses these leads generated by ASL could also be in breach of Data Protection as the leads have been obtained illegally.

Both of these examples are another stark reminder that you the timeshare owners, particularly the elderly, should be very careful when receiving cold calls, answering unsolicited emails or even finding a “company” yourself on the internet.

Do not believe what you are told especially when they say that “you have been awarded” huge sums of money by the courts. Unless you have instigated legal action in the courts yourself you have not been awarded any money.

Do your homework don’t take anything at face value, these people are experienced masters in fraud and will be very convincing, they will as our readers have all told us sound very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Well, it is your money they are after!

End the Week

Yes, it is Friday and the end to yet another busy week in the world of timeshare, it has also been a costly one for some of the timeshare companies. Also going by the many emails Inside Timeshare has been receiving it may also have been a costly one for some owners/members who have been on the receiving end of the many “scams” and “fake” law firms out to get your money.

On Monday we highlighted yet another new “claims” company using the name Refund Solutions, which as we reported is actually the trading name of a genuine claims company called Rightpath Insurance Claims Ltd. Inside Timeshare contacted this company and was told categorically that they had no dealings or interest in Timeshare. They are a specialised claims company dealing with travel insurance claims such as cancelled flights.

Once again we see the “scammers” using the name of a genuine reputable company to give them credibility when consumers try to check on them. This does reinforce the fact that your “homework” needs to be very thorough indeed.

We also once again highlighted Solutions SL from Tenerife and their attempt to deprive timeshare owners/members of their cash. In this article, according to Solutions, they have just won a momentous case against Incentive Leisure, Personal Travel Group, DWVC and their directors. Well, this is really fantastic considering the companies went after the death of Gary Leigh, so the question is who was in court?

In the “fake” court document (above) there are the names of around 67 people, several of them readers of Inside Timeshare who had no dealings with the above companies. Yet all those named have been “awarded” 32.000€, but to get this they have to pay 3000€ each, that is a staggering 201,000€!

Have you ever thought you are in the wrong job!

We now move to genuine news from the courts, the first is yet another case against Anfi Sales SL and Anfi Resorts SL. in a similar case to the one we highlighted last week, the High Court in Las Palmas overruled another Court of First Instance judgement, this again involved contracts sold after the timeshare laws came into effect on 5 January 1999.

The case was brought before the Court of First Instance where Anfi declared that the contract was legal as it fell within the “two year” period of grace. The judge agreed and the case was found in favour of Anfi.

The lawyers of Canarian Legal Alliance did not agree and subsequently lodged an appeal with the High Court. The Judge once again ruled that the contracts were illegal and that the 2 year period of grace was not intended for the continued selling of contracts which contravened the new laws.

The High Court Number 2 also ruled yet again that any payments made within the statutory cooling-off period must be paid back double, this amounts penalizing Anfi for the breach of the law.

In this case, the client UK client will now receive over 26,000€, with the court also ruling that the client receives back the costs of the First Instance Court and for the appeal be returned to the client including legal interest.

During the week we also received the news of yet another cash payout of over 45,000€ by Anfi. This is a result of yet another “enforcement action” by the Provisional Enforcement and Execution Team at CLA, headed by Judith Diaz Pascual and Cristina Batista

This morning the news came in of a case heard in the Court of First Instance of Palma de Mallorca, this case involves Restotels SA which is part of the Ona Group.

Once again the court has declared the contract null and void and awarded the UK client 31,449.60€. The court also penalized Restotel SA for the taking of illegal deposits within the statutory cooling-off period to the value of 40,320€.

The case was brought on behalf of the client by the Canarian Legal Alliance lawyers Miguel Ángel Melián Santana and Óscar Salvador Santana González.

So it is a big congratulations to the happy clients who are now ex-timeshare owners and to the lawyers and legal team at CLA.

As a side note, Restotel SA is a part of Ona Group who have recently purchased Excel Hotels and Resorts SA. This company was part of the Bob Trotta timeshare empire and was closely linked to Silverpoint who as we know have many claims in court against them. We have also reported that there is an investigation in progress regarding the many irregularities in the internal trading between Silverpoint and other companies in the Trotta group.

That is all for this week it now just leaves us to remind all our readers to ensure that you do your homework when contacted by any company giving you great news regarding your timeshare.

Have a great weekend and join us again next week for more insights into the scams and murky world of timeshare.