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Global Timeshare Legal Experts

Back in December 2019 the following article was published on Global Timeshare Legal Experts, for some reason unbeknown to me not being a tech wizard it was moved as a live article and placed in archive. Today we republish as they have once again resurfaced.

It now appears that Global Timeshare Legal Experts are once again cold calling timeshare owners, the caller is again Robert Saric and a Mr Jansen, who refused to give his first name, we wonder why?

According to our readers, Mr Saric wanted a substantial sum of money to be transferred when he presented the “client” with a Contracto De Prestacion De Servicos, which is the same as the one in the article below.

Originally their website which was registered on 8 May 2019 was due to expire on 8 May 2020, it has now been extended for another year until 8 May 2021. Registrant is still hidden.

According to their website, they claim to have won 600 cases and had 120 victories at the Supreme Court. Now considering when this “company” first emerged that is a total fabrication and impossibility.

Even their news section shows that the so-called “victories” were published within weeks of the website being registered and more importantly they claim a “victory” over Anfi which is dated 18 August 2018, months before they began!

According to the information received from various readers they appear to be targeting mainly German timeshare owners.

Below is the Article originally published but somehow disappeared.

Another company and website have come to the attention of Inside Timeshare, Global Timeshare Legal Experts, which are based in Dubai. Once again the claims made by this website do not appear credible at all just due to the fact of how long the website has been operating.

The website

was only registered on 8 May 2019 so is only just about 8 months old and is also due to expire on 8 May 2020. The owner of the website is also hidden through the use of a privacy protection company. As we often say these two factors should always sound the alarm bells.

The company itself is in Dubai with the address:

Suite 1901 Level 19 Boulevard Plaza Tower 1 Downtown Dubai UAE

The company has not shown on any company registration either in Dubai or elsewhere.

Telephone: +971 52 877 6964 (This is a Dubai mobile number)

Email: i[email protected]

According to the website they have won 600 cases and 120 Supreme Court rulings, they also claim that they have 16 specialists working for them, yet no mention of who they are. Well, all we can say to this is very impressive for a company that appears to be less than a year old and we know for a fact that Supreme Court cases are never going to happen that quick. We also know that there is only one firm law firm that has achieved any Supreme Court victories with 130 to date.

While checking over their website the Latest News section shows several cases against Anfi, Club la Costa and Silverpoint, which they are claiming to be their own clients. The problem is these are the very same news items that have appeared on the Canarian Legal Alliance website and have been confirmed to belong to cases brought on behalf of clients of Canarian Legal Alliance. Obviously just a cut and paste job.

The other point to their claim that these are their clients are the dates, for example in the link below the date given for this case is 1 February 2018, over one year before the company or website appears! Inside Timeshare leaves you to draw your own conclusions on that.

We have already identified one name associated with this company, Robert Saric, according to part of the contract (German Client) produced below he is based in Gran Canaria.

So Robert Saric with his company and website is attempting to entice timeshare owners to sign up for cases on the back of false claims in their news section which have basically been cut & pasted from another company. This is certainly a case of deception which timeshare owners do need to be aware of.

Robert Saric

Another name that has come to our attention is a gentleman called Herr Jansen, we have been informed that Jansen is working with Saric who apparently is his boss, but we also know that Jansen is taking on clients for legal action against their timeshare resorts.

From other information we have received he claims that he is overseeing the claims and working with Canarian Legal Alliance, having checked with CLA they have denied any knowledge of this person either working with them or passing on clients.

We have also been informed that Jansen has been in contact with a client of CLA and quoted 15,000€ for the legal fees when the cost of his case through CLA is only 6,500€!

We have also been informed that Jansen is also using CLA cases as his own.

According to emails received by our readers, Jansen is working with a company called Businex which according to their website and web registration details belongs to a company called Heidital Consultancy Ltd.

Businex is an internet marketing outsourcing company, so the question is why is Jansen using their address and email as they do not show any sign of being involved in timeshare litigation or claims?

Address on Jansens Email:

48 Burj Gate Sofitel Hotel Downtown Business Tower 7th Floor P.O. Box 8867 Dubai United Arab Emirates

The email also shows the same telephone number as the Businex website which is a UK number with a Northampton code: +441604300037

Email: [email protected]

The bank details which Jansen has sent for clients to pay which is the Noor Islamic Bank are:




IBAN: AE39 0520 0015 10770240037


One thing that is very certain both of these look extremely dodgy to us at Inside Timeshare, we have been in contact with CLA and they have asked that we publish the following statement.

If you have been contacted, signed up and paid any money to either of these companies or individuals to contact CLA, they will review your case against them and represent you free of charge in retrieving your money.

You can contact CLA via the contact page on their website or

Telephone: +34 928 18 50 28

Email: [email protected]

German Translation

SPS Claims: Update

Back in February Inside Timeshare published the articles (links below) about SPS Claims Ltd. Since then we have been receiving further emails from concerned readers due to the demands for more money. Apparently this is to file the cases with the Mercantile Court to get the payments “awarded by the courts”, and that the payout will be made in November! Strange how they can give that assurance.

SPS Claims Ltd is registered with Company House, but as you can see from the link below, their accounts are very much overdue, in fact, the deadline to submit them was 21 April 2020. This does not look good.

SPS Claims Ltd Company records

Previous articles on SPS Claims

The first email explains that SPS is looking for additional funds:

“Our family have been contacted by SPS Claims looking for additional funds to support the case (thats allegedly already won) against Diamond Resorts.”

“Allegedly with a Substantial windfall to come in November due to winning the court case.”

The second email again against Diamond Resorts is very similar, this one refers to the current situation regarding Covid-19, and that SPS is looking for a very substantial payment, four figures!

“SPS Claims are representing my elderly parents against Diamond Redorts International. I’m told the case was won earlier this year, but, due to COVID-19 it might take until November to receive the compensation etc.”

“SPS have requested a 4 figure payment which I don’t understand why if the court case has already been won!”

In this next email, the timeshare company is Silverpoint, no stranger to these pages, the only thing of truth is the fact that Silverpoint is in the process of liquidation and this is being done with the Mercantile Court.

This email also names the law firm and a lawyer who are supposedly representing this reader’s Father in Law.

“Do you know of D & M Lawyers based in Spain and a Mr Jose David Melion who my Father in Law seems to have instructed through SPS yet allegedly now works for Expertos Legales? My Father in Law wrote to him over a month ago for an update on his case  to which he received no reply.”

“After subsequent phone calls from SPS ( Steven?) and revealing to him that he hjad written to the lawyers he has received a reply via SPS which was allegedly by email but not directly to him saying that “the case has been transferred to the Mercantile No 1 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife” procedure of bankruptcy number 650/2019. The note goes on to say that they are “initiating the procedure for the siezure of assets from Silverpoint on your behalf” and that they are requesting the court to register an embargo on there assets in the registry to give my father in law preference over the rest of the creditors.”

“My FIL has already paid out a substantial sum of money to these SPS people who seem to be constantly changing their registered name about 2-3 years ago and they are now saying ( not in writing) that he needs to send them more to secure the embargo procedure and he’ll have his money around £80K by Christmas!”

What a windfall!

The most disturbing aspect apart from the demands for more money is the time that SPS Claims will have the money paid out, November and by Christmas. Certainly, a great time of year to receive this “windfall”!

Personally I think this is to pressurise these “clients” into paying the “requested” amounts, after all, they are all elderly, have paid substantial sums for these “cases” and will no doubt need this “windfall”.

Inside Timeshare is just waiting to see if the case number for the Mercantile Court given in the above email is genuine and if so which law firm/lawyer has filed it.

On the point of the law firm and lawyer mentioned in this last email, D & M Lawyers Group has come up before in the past, as this firm at the time did appear to be genuine no article was published.

Now it seems things have changed.

This morning Inside Timeshare researched D & M lawyers and came up with the following:

Their website could not be reached and is unavailable, it has either been removed or is just down for updating. Yet according to our search, the website is due to expire on 2 September this year.

They also have a Facebook page although nothing has been posted since 2 January 2015.

All this does seem to be very strange indeed as they do appear on this website

Now for the lawyer.

Jose David Melian, there is one entry for him on this page

According to the entry he has an email address  [email protected] which actually takes you to this website for Ravelo y Asociados

But what I find strange is that when I put his Colegio de Abogados registration number 3206 in the link below in the search and the Colegio Santa Cruz de Tenerife nothing comes up on the search. Yet the ICTAF entry shows him, the link below is the official register of lawyers for the whole of Spain. You can use the number and the colegio to search for yourself.

Melian also has a Linkedin entry

He does appear in the photo of “our legal team” on the Expert Legales website.

The other facts which do not seem to add up with all three of these readers is that none of them attended the trials, it is the right of the defendants to demand they attend. Usually, the judges agree to this unless they are unable to travel due to medical or severe financial difficulties. Even then, official doctors letters and financial reports are usually required to be submitted to the judge.

It is also a fact that none of these readers have had any official documentation or case numbers, they have not received any court sentences showing the rulings by the judge hearing the case.

We also know that most timeshare companies such as Diamond and Silverpoint always tend lodge appeals to the High Court, yet in these cases, they have not.

All this does arouse our suspicions, could it be that both D & M and Melian are either working with SPS, if they are working with them are they aware of the demands for more funds?

Or are their names just being used without their knowledge? (This is not unusual).

As Inside Timeshare receives any further information it will be published.

If you have had any dealings with SPS Claims and have also been receiving similar demands for more payments to further your case, please use our contact page and let us know.

Once again this is a stark reminder that you should


Demi-Guni SL: Update

Yesterday we published the story of a new cold calling claims company called Demi-Guni SL, today we publish new information provided by our colleagues at the Timeshare Consumer Association or TCA. Thanks to their resources and their collaboration with Inside Timeshare to warn consumers of the latest companies we now have a better picture of this new company. We also publish a warning on behalf of the TCA and the use of their name by an as yet unidentified company calling timeshare owners from Tenerife.

It now appears from information provided by TCA that Alfons Nicolas Jose Dekeijer the director of Demi-Guni SL “may” also be associated with another company, called Inmobelga SL, which is a real estate company that has been registered for around 16 years.

But Inside Timeshare has again found some disturbing discrepancies from the information provided. According to Infocif, a register of companies, Inmobelga SL has a sole director named Dolores Maria Alonso Isoba. The company registration number or CIF is B74095597 with the address:

Calle Gil De Jaz 4 2º C 33004 Oviedo Asturias

 Which is in mainland Spain and not Tenerife.

There is a website:

But, there is something rather strange about it, first, there is no address on the contact page which you would normally expect to find, there is however a landline telephone number.

Landline: 0034 922 714 743 which is for Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

And a picture of Nicolas with his mobile number and email address:

Mobile: 0034 658 155 811

Email: [email protected]

The website was registered on 16 April 2016 and is due to expire on 16 April 2021, the website registrant is hidden but the site is registered in Tenerife. It also has the same logo as the Demi-Guni website.

It also shows the CIF B76554724 which is the CIF number for Demi-Guni SL.

So this now begs the question why does the website not show any address and shows the registration number for a different company?

The TCA also found a company called Servicios Juridicos Especializados SLP (Sociedad Limitada Profesional), with the CIF B05544895. But there is a problem with this CIF number, when searching for the registration on Infocif, a Spanish company registration website, the number comes up as non-existent.

The TCA using their extensive resources also managed to find a registered lawyer by the name of Ruben Padron Perez, with the Colegio de Abogados de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (bar association) number 1979. The telephone numbers and address match the ones published yesterday.

Please click on the image to open.

This now leads us to believe one of two things:

Either they are genuine and just jumping on the bandwagon of timeshare claims, especially considering the real estate market is not very good in the current situation.


The identities (especially the lawyer) and the websites have been purloined by others, which to be honest is a very common occurrence, which now brings us to the use of the TCA’s name by a cold calling outfit from Tenerife.

During an email conversation with the TCA they informed Inside Timeshare of a call they had received from a very irate lady, she received a Zoom call regarding a claim against her timeshare company, Silverpoint and the resort Hollywood Mirage.

During the call which featured two people called Jamie and Gordon claiming to be from the TCA, they showed her the TCA website to give them credibility. They were also hiding behind a UK VOIP.

According to Jamie and Gordon, this lady had a wonderful claim against Silverpoint and would get back everything she paid plus more. There is only one problem, the lady had relinquished her timeshare in 2016, so there was no chance of a claim.

Jamie and Gordon also refused to put anything in writing and apart from showing the TCA website did not divulge their own, if indeed they have one.

It is also a fact that the TCA does not cold call, they are a timeshare consumer information website the same as Inside Timeshare. They respond to enquiries and point timeshare owners in the right direction and with the best information possible.

So if you receive a “cold call” from anyone claiming to be from the TCA, please be aware that this will be a scam and they will be out to get your money and destroy the reputation of the TCA.

If you receive any calls regarding timeshare claims from any company or claiming to be from the TCA or any other reputable company, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.