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Friday’s Letter from America

Welcome to the last Friday’s letter from America for August, this week Irene Parker reviews the similarities between victims of the Catholic Church and Timeshare victims, it looks at how speaking up can make a difference. But first a couple of items from Europe.

Another company offering discounted travel has come to our attention, Advantage Group British Travel SL, according to Spanish company records the registered address is:


This address is actually an apartment block, no sign of any office in the street.

Telephone number (34) 922 456 773

The company was registered on 24 October 2016 with the administrator being one Victoria Hughes and the secretary one Caroline Elizabeth Docker.

It appears that they use OPC’s on the street with the ubiquitous scratch cards to lure holiday makers into a presentation. This will involve several hours of high pressure sales to get you to part with a significant amount of money for a membership to another dubious “discount holiday club”.

You will then get access to the following website

This can only be accessed once you have joined and received your code and membership, there is also a £75 a year administration fee.

Now the name of this company reminded us of another several years ago called British Travel based at the Centro Comercial Fañabe Plaza, which is also the base for Monster Travel, Sell My Timeshare and other Mark Rowe enterprises.

The director of British Travel was Paul Hughes, which was also a “discount holiday club”, but was pitched as a travel agency, where you could get discount from 25% to 80%. Obviously Victoria Hughes is more than likely his wife and is now the  front for this company, we also know that Caroline is linked to paul as they are facebook friends.

So beware the ticket touts and the offers of great discounts!

We have also been informed by one of our regular readers who had dealings with the fake law firm in tenerife, Legalidad Abogados, part of the Litigious Abogados family, of another email being received about his court case against Diamond.

This has caused us a great deal of hilarity, the case was supposedly heard on 24 July 2018 and the director of Diamond Resorts International pleaded guilty, just like all the timeshare directors in these cases from this fake outfit. You will never believe who they named as the director, MARK ROWE!

Well we all know that Mark Rowe is not a director at Diamond, he runs his own little empire featuring Monster Credits, Rewards and Travel, Hollywood Marketing and off course ABC Lawyers to name but a few.

So if you are reading this Mark, congratulations on your employment at Diamond and what a shame you ended up in court!

Now for today’s article.

Timeshare Predators compared to Catholic Predators

By Irene Parker

August 31, 2018

There are many good Catholic priests, sisters and nuns, especially Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister of Erie, Pennsylvania, speaking out on what has been the pervasive Catholic culture of institutional cover-up.

Sister explains,   

Pedophilia, the abuse of children, has finally unmasked for all to see the operational principles of an organization that has been able for years to ignore, reject– even disdain–the cries of multiple other groups of the ignored and abused.

It is clear now, in ways it was never clear before, how much damage is done to the church itself, ironically, by the kind of silence that makes it impossible for the church to admit its weaknesses, to deal with its questions. .

Something clicks inside a victim when they have had enough. Some timeshare companies employ the same tactics as the church. As timeshare members alleging fraud read through this, they will have no trouble seeing similarities. I advocate on behalf of timeshare members alleging fraud, alongside 44 Timeshare Advocacy Group™ advocates.

The Catholic scandal ultimately led me to timeshare advocacy. Turning anger over child abuse outward led me to CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates for children in foster care, where I learned how to write court reports for Family Court. When timeshare members contact me, their complaints are often confusing and lengthy. I listen to their allegations, transcribe, and return to them their complaint in court report format. Other advocates answer questions that come up when members need to file regulatory complaints

A life’s journey can take many twists and turns. My life changed dramatically after a trip to Peshawbestown, Michigan to meet with tribal spiritual director and peacemaker Paul Raphael of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. Peacemaker Paul was one of nine male children who attended the Holy Childhood School of Jesus in Michigan where Indian boys were sexually abused by three School Sisters of Notre Dame nuns in the 1960s and ‘70s. I contacted him after reading a four part article about the abuse. By part four I was livid.

Unholy Childhood, June 29, 2008

Grand Rapids Michigan investigative reporters met with Sister Laura Jean Spaeth of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Milwaukee. Sister Spaeth was skeptical about the credibility so the reporters interviewed a total of 80 former students to verify the abuse.

“My answer was if it was just one person, that would be a legitimate argument — but we interviewed 80 people and we heard a consistently recurring story,” Golder said. “And it was troubling to me that the leaders of the order, sought to dismiss what we were saying based on the other problems in their lives,…but it was clear to me, as people told the same stories over and over, that it established a pattern that was factual.”

In 2008 I was practicing for a pipe organ exam at the cathedral for an American Guild of Organists exam. Patrick Cooney was Bishop then. Stunned after speaking with Peacemaker Paul, I wrote Bishop Cooney a letter asking if I could arrange a meeting. Peacemaker Paul resisted saying, “How will that help us?” I said it wouldn’t but it would help the Bishop because he cares and hearing directly from Peacemaker Paul could possibly help Bishop Cooney stop a potential abuser.  

Wounded Souls July 8, 2008

“There have been up to 400 reports nationally of sex abuse by nuns,” said David Clohessy, former national director and spokesman for SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. “The laws are written in Michigan to protect perpetrators and those who are doing the cover-ups. There have been efforts in the Michigan legislature over the past five years to get those laws changed, to be more victim-friendly, but in each case the bishops and the bishop’s conference spent a lot of resources to get those laws defeated,” Clohessy said.

After experiencing a timeshare bait and switch, I wrote to ARDA, The American Resort Development Association, explaining my concerns. I thought they would be grateful someone brought criminal actions to their attention. I did not hear from ARDA except for an auto-reply. Approximately 200 allegations of fraud have been sent to ARDA over two years – and no response. ARDA does not mediate disputes, but they have a code of ethics that is being violated, based on member reports.

According to Dr. Amy Grant, University of Central Florida, who presented at an ARDA World conference in 2017.

“A whopping 85 percent of all buyers regret their (timeshare) purchase (for money, fear, confusion, intimidation, distrust and other reasons). Forty-one percent of buyers never thought they would regret their purchase, but they did; another 30 percent were neutral prior to buying, but then regretted it.”

Victims need to file regulatory complaints, lobby lawmakers and reach out to the media. I attended a Catholic conference where victims and clergy met to address the problems. It is only through the courage and fortitude of the Sister Chittisters of the world, change happens. It is unclear if the Pope or ARDA have really accepted the reality of Social Media because victims no longer need be silenced and isolated.

This article does go to show that only by speaking up and working together can any real change happen, these cases of abuse, although very different in nature, in the church and timeshare have one thing in common, both want you to remain quiet and say nothing.

That’s all for the month of August, the courts in Spain are about to start hearing cases again so there will no doubt be some interesting news on the legal front. Also during September Inside Timeshare will not be publishing regular articles as I am on leave and spending some quiet time with a large family reunion.

Have a great weekend and remember, any company that contacts you regarding your timeshare, do your homework before you do any business with them.

Getting out of Timeshare: A Readers Story

Today’s article is from one of our readers, Andy contacted Inside Timeshare for help and advice regarding his timeshare, here is his story.

Like others on holiday we were approached in Bali and lured into the timeshare trap. It would be unfair to say that it was all bad, we bought a week in Goa, had some nice holidays out of the deal mainly on exchange basis. We were lead to believe we could use the week as we wanted, it would hold its resale value and if we eventually got to the stage of wanting to sell the timeshare there would be no problem.

Over the following years maintenance and exchange fees rose on a yearly basis, this coupled  with the availability of cheaper, easier to book and more adventurous  holidays the timeshare became more a burden than a pleasure. I contacted  the resort management company, which by then  had gone through a couple of name changes since we had acquired the original deal (Ivo, Royal Resorts  & Karma) . I enquired about the possibility of them  selling the lease on or returning it  back to themselves. They responded by saying  they do not do resale and forwarded a list of agents, none of which when contacted seemed that interested or would hold out much hope of a realistic sale price.

no value

I turned to the internet to do some research and learnt of people spending more money to get out of a similar situation and ended up only being further out of pocket with no meaningful result. I went through the process of filling out enquiry forms for a couple of companies, getting the same responses, “invest more cash and we guarantee that you will be free”, even promises of more money back than we invested initially, eg: Sell my timeshare. Cold calls in abundance promising everything you could imagine, even a call from a source claiming to be the  Timeshare Ombudsman recommending a company that would help.

I began to realise that getting any money back was probably  going to be a fruitless task and had got to the point of just wanting to get rid of the burden,  so I tried to find out more about  relinquishing my contract. Whilst investigating this further I came across the  Inside Timeshare web page and began  reading some newsletters and reports about different companies involved in timeshare scams and false promises of help. I decided to use their contact page to query a few of the companies who had contacted myself especially the so called ombudsman who had previously  been in  touch. I started a dialogue with  Charles Thomas who  confirmed my initial concerns about these so called good Samaritans. We continued our conversation, exchanging basic information of my timeshare company dealings and discussed what I was hoping  to achieve in the end. Once l confirmed I only wanted to relinquish my agreement Charles offered to draft  a letter for me to submit and told me not to pay that years maintenance fee. Once amended I both e-mailed and sent a hard copy to the  company. Within a short period of time I received a reply stating that as I defaulted on my payment, my membership would be cancelled but I would receive automated reminders and to ignore them. After consulting with Charles regarding this reply he confirmed that this was a common response and that I am now free from it.

Apart from escaping from the timeshare nightmare the most gratifying thing to come out of all this was to eventually come across Inside Timeshare and Charles Thomas. It was the first time I felt that I had spoken to someone who really understood how I was feeling,  trapped into paying out money yearly and how these companies operated. It was refreshing to find someone who wanted to help improve your situation and have a discussion that didn’t involve parting with more money to achieve it. I know I have not recouped my initial outlay but I now have peace of mind and no further annual outlay.

There are many people out there in the same horror story, all I can say is, don’t give up, there are a few people that really want to help and not scam you out of more money.

Thank you Andy, Inside Timeshare is glad we were able to help you, his story goes to show how careful you need to be when dealing with any company contacting you. If Andy had not done his homework, it may have cost him thousands, now he is timeshare and maintenance free, all for the cost of some time researching his options.

If you need help in checking any company that contacts you, or even one you have found on the internet, contact Inside Timeshare and we will point you in the right direction.

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Is It Resale?



On 9th March 2016 the TCA posted a piece by Harriet Cooke of The Sun newspaper, her article from February 2016 was about Sell My Timeshare, a resale website. In the article it stated that 2,250 timeshares had been sold or cancelled by them in 2015.


This to me seems very odd, as many people I have spoken to in the past have informed me that they had contacted this company when trying to rid themselves of their timeshares. What then has happened is a meeting has been set up with Glenmore Consultants at one of their offices; Bournemouth, York or Stratford upon Avon.


At this meeting the client is then pitched to purchase Monster Credits in order to be rid of their timeshare. These credits can then be used for future holidays, with no time limit, some have even been told they are able to sell the unused credits for a small profit.


So in order to be rid of the timeshare the client pays Monster Travel a hefty sum of money in return for credits. This is not a timeshare resale. It reminds me of the ILG DWVC and Club Class meetings.


Monster Travel is a registered business, it is part of Hollywood Marketing SLU based in Tenerife. Although according to their web site, from the 3rd March 2016 they have been renamed Monster Group (Travel) SLU.
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