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End the Week

Yes, it is Friday and the end to yet another busy week in the world of timeshare, it has also been a costly one for some of the timeshare companies. Also going by the many emails Inside Timeshare has been receiving it may also have been a costly one for some owners/members who have been on the receiving end of the many “scams” and “fake” law firms out to get your money.

On Monday we highlighted yet another new “claims” company using the name Refund Solutions, which as we reported is actually the trading name of a genuine claims company called Rightpath Insurance Claims Ltd. Inside Timeshare contacted this company and was told categorically that they had no dealings or interest in Timeshare. They are a specialised claims company dealing with travel insurance claims such as cancelled flights.

Once again we see the “scammers” using the name of a genuine reputable company to give them credibility when consumers try to check on them. This does reinforce the fact that your “homework” needs to be very thorough indeed.

We also once again highlighted Solutions SL from Tenerife and their attempt to deprive timeshare owners/members of their cash. In this article, according to Solutions, they have just won a momentous case against Incentive Leisure, Personal Travel Group, DWVC and their directors. Well, this is really fantastic considering the companies went after the death of Gary Leigh, so the question is who was in court?

In the “fake” court document (above) there are the names of around 67 people, several of them readers of Inside Timeshare who had no dealings with the above companies. Yet all those named have been “awarded” 32.000€, but to get this they have to pay 3000€ each, that is a staggering 201,000€!

Have you ever thought you are in the wrong job!

We now move to genuine news from the courts, the first is yet another case against Anfi Sales SL and Anfi Resorts SL. in a similar case to the one we highlighted last week, the High Court in Las Palmas overruled another Court of First Instance judgement, this again involved contracts sold after the timeshare laws came into effect on 5 January 1999.

The case was brought before the Court of First Instance where Anfi declared that the contract was legal as it fell within the “two year” period of grace. The judge agreed and the case was found in favour of Anfi.

The lawyers of Canarian Legal Alliance did not agree and subsequently lodged an appeal with the High Court. The Judge once again ruled that the contracts were illegal and that the 2 year period of grace was not intended for the continued selling of contracts which contravened the new laws.

The High Court Number 2 also ruled yet again that any payments made within the statutory cooling-off period must be paid back double, this amounts penalizing Anfi for the breach of the law.

In this case, the client UK client will now receive over 26,000€, with the court also ruling that the client receives back the costs of the First Instance Court and for the appeal be returned to the client including legal interest.

During the week we also received the news of yet another cash payout of over 45,000€ by Anfi. This is a result of yet another “enforcement action” by the Provisional Enforcement and Execution Team at CLA, headed by Judith Diaz Pascual and Cristina Batista

This morning the news came in of a case heard in the Court of First Instance of Palma de Mallorca, this case involves Restotels SA which is part of the Ona Group.

Once again the court has declared the contract null and void and awarded the UK client 31,449.60€. The court also penalized Restotel SA for the taking of illegal deposits within the statutory cooling-off period to the value of 40,320€.

The case was brought on behalf of the client by the Canarian Legal Alliance lawyers Miguel Ángel Melián Santana and Óscar Salvador Santana González.

So it is a big congratulations to the happy clients who are now ex-timeshare owners and to the lawyers and legal team at CLA.

As a side note, Restotel SA is a part of Ona Group who have recently purchased Excel Hotels and Resorts SA. This company was part of the Bob Trotta timeshare empire and was closely linked to Silverpoint who as we know have many claims in court against them. We have also reported that there is an investigation in progress regarding the many irregularities in the internal trading between Silverpoint and other companies in the Trotta group.

That is all for this week it now just leaves us to remind all our readers to ensure that you do your homework when contacted by any company giving you great news regarding your timeshare.

Have a great weekend and join us again next week for more insights into the scams and murky world of timeshare.

Start the Week: Another New Claims Company and Latest News on Nordic

Welcome to the start of another week in the world of timeshare, today we bring you the news of the latest company to start contacting timeshare owners with a view to making a claim. Yet something does not look right with this company, it smells scam all over. We also bring you the latest information on Nordic Consulting supplied by several readers. Looks as though they are now going in another direction.

We begin first with the latest company to make our readers suspicious with a cold call, it is called Refund Solutions and what we have found does not make this company look very genuine.

Beginning our research we find agenuine website, and unrelated company of the same name website called

According to this website Refund Solutions is the trading name of Rightpath Insurance Claims Limited, registered at company house on 29 October 2007, with the Company Registration 06411430.

The registered address of the genuine company is:

New Century House New Century Road, Laindon, Basildon, England, SS15 6AG

They also have a second website:

Yet both websites clearly show that this company has nothing to do with any timeshare claims, they appear to specialise with “Travel Insurance” claims, helping clients to obtain the refunds for cancellations via the clients travel insurance.

Having contacted the genuine company Refund Solutions and Rightpath Insurance Solutions Ltd, this has been confirmed that they do not deal with any timeshare related cases and that their trading name is being used without their knowledge.

So this is a genuine company, especially in the light the above information and of the emails received by our readers.

These emails are the usual confirmation of the telephone conversation regarding a timeshare claim, they also confirm the time and date for the appointment to see one of their “claims advisors”.

Now this is the interesting part, the email which is signed by Michael Mulberry, Senior Appointment Coordinator, Refund Solutions and giving the telephone number 0113 490 0623 with the addresses given on the website as:

St Paul’s House, 23 Park Square South, Leeds, LS1 2ND

Compliance Office – Park Row House, 19-20 Park Row, Leeds LS1 5JF, United Kingdom

This also gives the website:

As you can see it is very similar to the one we know is genuine, yet this website was only registered on 20 August 2019 and is set to expire on 20 August 2020, only a mere 6 months away. As usual, the person behind the website has used a privacy registration to hide who they are.

This company is in our mind very dubious indeed, not only do they not show any company registrations they are certainly not part of the genuine company, the advice of Inside Timeshare is to have no dealings with the fake Refund Solutions using the refund-solutions website or the addresses and telephone number.

Once again Nordic Consulting has been the subject of several more emails from concerned readers, this time they are from another resort and not Silverpoint clients.

It would now appear that Nordic Consulting is now cold calling Anfi owners, yet they do not appear to be giving any information, in fact, one of our readers explained that the call was very odd indeed. The call just confirmed that he was the person and the owner, the caller then just hung-up after saying thanks and have a nice day!

Obviously our readers in this instance now believe that they will be hounded with constant calls regarding making a claim against Anfi.

Well, this was to be expected as they will have no more Silverpoint owners to chase in the light of the current situation with Silverpoint.

It will also be very interesting what court documents they will use and claim as their own, using the names of the lawyers who represented the clients on behalf of another law firm as they already have done with Silverpoint and Supreme Court judgements.

Now considering that they are only just contacting Anfi, it would be very unwise for them to use any cases from the past, especially in light that we have no knowledge of Nordic even filing against Anfi.

Another question which has been asked in many emails, has anyone who went with Nordic actually been paid out?

Once again there is no evidence of this to date, so we must assume that no one has ever been paid out. In fact, not one email has been received from any reader that has told us they had a case through Nordic and won, considering that Inside Timeshare has published about this company on many occasions we do find the lack of comments very strange indeed. We leave you the reader to decide on that question!

That is all for today, the first part of the article is once again a very stark reminder of the lengths these people will go to get hold of your money.