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Timeshare Claims: Update New & Old

Over the past few days Inside Timeshare has been receiving many emails from concerned timeshare owners being contacted by claims companies and law firms. Some are ones we have highlighted in the past some are very new indeed. The one thing they all seem to have in common is their approach, everyone has a claim and that they can cancel the contracts. It has also come to our attention that the names of other companies are being used by cold callers which is adding to the confusion.

We now move to our old friends CUC Abogados which are just another incarnation of The Litigious Abogados Family. It would appear they are now doing all they can to get those “clients” who have actually fallen for their “scam” to pay even more money. Could this be that they are now coming to the end of their “shelf life” as all those before?

We do know that there are already two more that have begun operating with the same Modus Operandi, Torcaz Abogados and Paloma Abogados.

Unfortunately, one reader was taken in as he had been dealing with them since January and actually stated he had “no complaints with them” up to this point. But now he is having second thoughts especially after reading all the articles published on Inside Timeshare.

It now looks like CUC Abogados has changed how they operate, as we know, in the past the “money awarded” by the court was sent by cheque. This duly arrived by post, but the envelope was open and the cheque missing. This left it open for yet another company to claim they had been appointed by the court to recover the “stolen” money. The cheque was apparently stolen and cashed by a gang of East Europeans and 16 postal workers were under investigation for stealing the cheque and passing it over. Obviously, this “new” company needed payment to recover the money.

The latest ploy is that the money has been lodged with a Notary called Flanagans Notary Services, based in Canary Wharf. On checking for notaries in that area, no notary of that name has been found.

According to CUC Abogados, the awarded money is for a Westgate timeshare, as Westgate was taken to court in Tenerife and found guilty. Not bad considering that Westgate is a US timeshare company and does not sell or operate in Spain. So we have to ask how the Spanish courts could have any jurisdiction for a timeshare purchased in the United States!

If that does not convince you that this is a fraud we don’t know what will.

Our last item is a warning that you must be extremely careful on who it is that is cold calling.

We have been informed that calls are being received from Tenerife on various numbers with the caller stating that they are calling from Timeshare Support Services, one number we have been given is 0203 670 2306.

The caller insisted that the consumer had a legitimate claim and would receive “compensation”, regardless of the fact the consumer has not owned the timeshare for years.

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The problem here is the name Timeshare Support Services, is also the name that is used by TESS. The consumer even asked repeatedly for his name and number to be removed, which obviously has not been done. We also know that TESS does not operate from Tenerife and if a client asks to be removed and not to be called again, we know that TESS would do so. Does this look like yet another case of using another company’s name in order to confuse?

To end today’s article we have also been receiving more emails regarding SPS Claims, a company we highlighted last year. It now seems they are getting desperate for cash and have come up with an amazing story. Tomorrow Inside Timeshare will give you the latest on this company and what they are saying.

Once again, Inside Timeshare gives you the same old warning:


End the Week

Welcome to the end of another week with Inside Timeshare, this week we published news regarding the liquidation of Azure Services and Azure Resorts. FNTC (First National Trustee Company), has now set up a new company registered in Malta to take over the management role for members at Golden Sands Resort. This may well be good news for those members. We then published the story of the latest incarnation of the Litigious Abogados Family, Paloma Abogados. For those who have been following this particular series will remember that over the past four years these fake law firms have been setting up new websites and “law firms” every few months or so. Once again the story is a familiar one, your timeshare company is being taken to court and you can be part of the case for a fee. We then gave an update on JSD Group which again is cold calling ex-Club Class members.

We begin today with an update on Sim Legal who have featured on our pages before (see links below).

Jeroen Martijn Brussel, Director Sim Legal

According to our Belgian reader, he has received a cold call from Sim Legal regarding his timeshare with Diamond Resorts purchased in Greece. According to Sim Legal, they can help him get his money back and also have his contract cancelled, obviously, there is a fee to be paid first this amounts to just over 2000€.

From the information received, this fee is to cancel the contract and then make a claim. Our question is, how are they going to make a claim in Greece or even make a claim once the contract is cancelled if it does get cancelled.

As we know Diamond have their own exit program and will not deal with any third-party company, so it looks like the old scenario of taking the money and running!

We now move to some of the latest news from the courts, with cases against Anfi and Silverpoint.

On Monday a sentence was issued by the Court of First Instance San Bartelomé de Tirajana. The case involving an English client is rather interesting as the court decided that no trial was required. This case is one of the quickest we have seen and took only 9 months to conclude.

The clients contract was declared null and void with the return of over 44,000€ plus legal interest. The judge also condemned Anfi for the illegal taking of deposits within the statutory cooling-off period.

The case was brought on behalf of the client by Canarian Legal Alliance with Jake Kaiser being the Claims Consultant and the Lawyer Oscar Salvador Santana Gonzalez.

The 14 July a double sentence was issued by the Court of First Instance of SBT, again both against Anfi. These cases were brought on behalf of the Norwegian client by Canarian Legal Alliance.

Both contracts were declared null and void with the court awarding in total over 43,000€ plus legal interest.

Once again the court decided that there was no need for a trial and both cases were concluded within 9 months. The courts are obviously adhering to the rulings made by the Supreme Court which no number 130.

The Claims Consultant was Michael Gadman with the Lawyer representing both clients being Oscar Salvador Santana Gonzalez.

On 16 July, it was announced that the High Court of Las Palmas (appeals), two appeals lodged by Anfi have been dismissed with the original sentences from the Court of First Instance being upheld.

In total, the clients have been awarded over 35,000€ with both contracts being declared null and void. So we have two more very happy English clients.

Again the case was brought by Canarian Legal Alliance with Jake Kaiser being the Claims Consultant and the Lawyer Eva Gutierrez.

We now move to a case at the Court of First Instance of Arona, Tenerife against Silverpoint Vacations SL:

In this case, brought on behalf of a Dutch client by Canarian Legal Alliance, the court again declared the contract null and void with the order that Silverpoint repays the client over 16,000€ plus legal Interest.

This case is now being submitted to the Mercantile Court for the recovery of the funds.

The Claims Consultant for the client was Michael Gadman with the Lawyer representing the client being Eduardo Alamo.

All in all, it has been a very successful week for CLA and some very happy timeshare free clients.

Have a great weekend and remember to always do your homework before engaging with any company that makes contact or one you have found on the internet.

News Update: JSD Group & Anfi Back in the News

Today is just a short update on the new “claims” company and JSD Group and the ongoing saga of Anfi and the movement of funds to avoid paying court awarded costs to clients. Yesterday we published the story of yet another “fake” law firm which is part of the long-running fraud we have dubbed Litigious Abogados Family. Inside Timeshare has already received several emails from readers Who have already been contacted by Paloma Abogados, thank goodness we published, one reader was about to transfer around 1000€, when for some reason they decided to search the internet. According to the email it was within half an hour of publishing, this does show how important it is not believing what you are being told over the phone and to do extensive checks first.

We have again heard from several readers who are ex-Club Class members that are being contacted by JSD Group. This time the story is rather different, these readers ended their membership years ago with one reader ending it almost 20 years ago.

It appears now that they are insisting that even though the membership has ended and Club Class is no longer around, that does not stop JSD from making a claim. The question is how is this claim going to be made?

According to the caller that is not a problem, the claim will be made against the bank the money was paid through. They then email a form which the “client” must tick “the box” to allow them to start the process of the claim. Our reader has not and will not be doing so.

At this point no money is asked for, so when does the “sting” appear?

We suspect that JSD will then end up asking for a “processing” fee or some kind of “tax” in order to release the funds. As if that is really going to happen.

To recap on previous articles which can be found on the links below, JSD Group was only registered as a company on 10 March 2020 with the website being registered on 15 March 2020. The director is James Scott Deakin.

As you will see from the links this is a company where we have uncovered some very dubious links, even though the name of James Scott Deakin does not appear connected with any other timeshare scam. But as usual, the people behind these scam operations tend to stick front men as directors to act as stooges. Unfortunately for James Scott Deakin (if that is his real name) as the registered director, he is the one who will go to jail when the authorities finally catch up with them. Somehow, I and our readers don’t really care!

We now move on to Anfi, on 2 July 2020 Inside Timeshare published the article “Uncovered: Anfi Attempts to Avoid Embargoed Accounts”, see link below The story explains how Anfi is using different bank accounts including foreign accounts to hide money from the courts. This has been the subject of many articles and has also been picked up by the Spanish press and television news.

It has also been brought to the attention of the Provincial State Prosecutors Office, who have launched a very thorough investigation. This may also lead to criminal charges being brought.

Much of this has come to light due to the investigations into Anfi accounts by Eva Gutiérrez of Canarian Legal Alliance.

The story has now been picked up and published by El Diario a prominent Spanish Daily, no doubt it will be picked up by many more and by television news.

For the full El Diario article please see the link below.







Link to previous Inside Timeshare article

That is all for today, due to personal family reasons Inside Timeshare may not be able to respond to enquiries in our usual quick way, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt and a full reply will follow. Thank you.

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