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Anfi Lose Another Appeal & A Consumer Warning of Fake Information

In today’s short article we publish yet another Anfi appeal which the courts have rejected and a warning on some information being given by “cold callers” which is nothing but a fabrication. This is nothing unusual, we have highlighted this problem in the past, the tactics are to “scare” you the timeshare owner into signing up for a “claim or exit” with one of the very dodgy companies that have emerged.

We begin first with the news on Anfi.

Once again the High Court of Las Palmas has rejected an appeal by Anfi on the sentence passed by the Court of First Instance. This has become a very familiar occurrence, every time Anfi lose their case they automatically appeal to the High Court. The stupid thing is they lose in every appeal yet continue to do use this legal procedure in order to delay the inevitable, having to pay out to the client.

The case was conducted on behalf of the Swedish client by the Canarian Legal Alliance Lawyer Eva Gutierrez with the client being assisted by the Claims Consultant Michael Gadman.

The High Court confirmed the original sentence and once again ordered that Anfi repay the client 54,137€ plus legal interest. The High Court also agreed that in calculating the award, the Court of First Instance was correct in demanding that the deposit which was illegally taken within the statutory cooling-off period must be paid back in double.

It is quite clear from all the recent appeals that Anfi has made that their game of delaying the inevitable is not doing them any good, in fact, it is costing them more in legal fees and in some cases, the High Court is actually increasing the award. One day they may just decide to accept the verdicts of the lower courts and payout. Well, we can live in hope!

Over the years that Inside Timeshare has been publishing we have come across some very wild stories from our readers about the information they have been given by “cold calling claims & exit” companies.

Recently we published several of these wild claims such as Mark Rowe of Monster Rewards, ABC Lawyers and sell my timeshare infamy was arrested, tried and convicted in a Malaga court. That over 40 million Euros had been seized and he had been sent to jail.

Then we had a series of emails where our readers who own Anfi, have been told that Anfi is in liquidation and will be closing, that unless they moved quickly and signed up they would lose everything. Well, we do know that one half of the Anfi partnership, the Cazorla Group, have their own financial difficulties, Anfi itself is pretty sound, after all, they do have IFA Lopesan as the other 50% owner.

The latest to come through from our readers, but unfortunately, they have not yet been able to provide a company name, is the story that Club la Costa and Marriott are going into liquidation.

In fact, one reader has even been told a date when this is happening, this Friday 16 October 2020.

As far as we have been able to ascertain, neither are going into liquidation, this has also been confirmed by our enquiries with law firms handling cases against both the timeshare companies.

These tactics are designed for one thing and one thing only, to scare you the owner/member into signing up with these scam companies, paying their high fees because they have managed to convince you that you are about to lose everything. Well, you just have, you paid them!

It may be a fact that one of the subsidiary companies might be folding, after all these timeshare companies do tend to have many of them, but that doesn’t mean the whole of Club la Costa or Marriott are going under.

Once again this goes to show how vigilant you must be when dealing with many of these “cold calls”, never believe them, do your own research first. Make checks on the company that contacted you and told you the information, check the internet for any other news on what they have told you. If you are not sure how to do these checks, then use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Don’t believe what you are told, do your homework first, it will save you money.

Mark Rowe: Lansdown Financial

The name Mark Rowe is not an unfamiliar name to these pages, for those of you who have had dealings with the myriad of companies under his ownership, from Monster Credits, Monster Rewards, ABC Lawyers, ABC Legal, Jive Hippo and not to forget Lansdown Financial Ltd. As we know along with the many “clients” who engaged the services of Rowe’s “legal” firms to “relinquish” their timeshare and then being passed on to Lansdown Financial for a “compensation” claim on a no win no fee basis. A new twist in the story has now appeared and it is rather disturbing.

Lansdown Financial Ltd, Company number 09742346 is another Mark Rowe company, he resigned as director in May 2019 but in February 2020 reinstated himself as a director with the resignation of the previous one.

It now appears that Lansdown Financial Ltd is the “Trading Name” of Mellor Solicitors, Company number 10620587, incorporated 15 February 2017. They are also registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, SRA No 639178 and have been registered since 19 June 2017.

Inside Timeshare has received several emails from readers expressing concern over an email they have received from Lansdown Financial, this email begins with a “quote” from the Financial Ombudsman. It begins:

“I’m getting in touch about your complaint”.

“I know you’ve asked a claims management company to represent you. However, all claims management companies must be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority”.

“We’ve now found that your claims management company is no longer authorised to provide this service – so, unfortunately, this means we can’t talk to them about your complaint. But please don’t worry – we can still help you”.

In their reply to clients Lansdown Financial signing off as Mellor Solicitors – Timeshare Team is as follows:

“First and foremost your claim is being dealt with by Mellor Solicitors and we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, we are not a Claims Management Company and do not require authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority.”

“For many of you the claim has been with the Ombudsman for 2 years and they have done virtually nothing, apart from sending you a letter stating that we are sorry and will revert back to you at some point.”

“As a Law Firm we can actively pursue your claim both with the Lender and the Ombudsman. We have recently had some great success stories with Barclays Partner Finance, Natwest and GE-Money. In many instances, we have managed to succeed where the Ombudsman has failed and achieved a better result for our clients.”

“We would remind all our clients that we will not ask our clients for any monies upfront and that we are operating on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.”

“For those of you that have returned the Letter of Authority a big thank you, and those that have not please contact us as a matter of urgency.”

“For all those clients who are refusing to do so, please note that you are still under contract and this would constitute a breach. Please let us pursue this matter on your behalf as you have nothing to lose and potential compensation to receive.”

It is the last three paragraphs that have given rise to concern from our readers, that if they refuse to sign the “Letter of Authority” to pursue a claim, then they will be in breach of contract. Surely if you are engaging a firm for any legal matter such as filing a claim especially one that is supposed to be a firm of solicitors, is it not the clients right to cancel the claim if they so wish?

Is this yet another case of the bullying tactics of Mark Rowe, just as we have seen in the past with his other ventures?

Mark Rowe

When having a look at the “Mellor Solicitors” website, we came across something that Inside Timeshare finds rather disturbing. Under the heading of “More” on the menu bar is a drop-down box with a link to the following page:

It appears that Mellor Solicitors (Lansdown Financial owned by Mark Rowe) is pursuing claims where the client purchased using a credit card, in other words, a Section 75 claim under the Credit Consumer Act 1974.

There is obviously something not quite right here, one company sells the product Jive Hippo (replaced Monster) which we already know is not worth a thing, then another company still owned by Rowe makes a claim for “compensation” from the credit card company!

Surely, this cannot be right, do the credit card companies not realise that a claim is being made by one company against them for payments to another, yet to all intents and purposes they are one and the same being owned by the same person?

Do the “lawyers” at Mellor know the full story behind Mark Rowe, or, is he attempting to pull the wool over their eyes?

As usual, we let you the reader decide.

Links to company records.

Quiet Thursday

Hello all, just in case you have lost track of what day it is, it’s Thursday, (I think!). Even though most of the world is on lockdown or as we prefer to call it “house arrest”, it seems that the scammers are still operating. Inside Timeshare has received more emails regarding some of our old friends such as O1C Leisure and Legal Solutions SL along with Iconel Administration SL and Perez Alonso Abogados y Asesoria part of the CUC Abogados scam. But, it is not just timeshare which you have to watch out for as you will see.

We begin with O1C and Iconel, as usual, our reader has received a “cold call” from them with some wonderful news, the courts are now holding over £50,000 “seized” from the Mark Rowe companies ABC Lawyers, Monster Rewards, Jive Hippo and Staycation Lodges.

According to O1C & Iconel the money has been seized by the courts and put aside to payout “victims”, the £56,000 is just what our reader has been awarded, yet he had no idea he had a case in court!

In order to have this money “released” there is a charge of £2,500 to be paid first, there is no indication what this money is for. Now one thing which has changed is the caller explained that it should be paid by credit card so the “client” is covered. All previous payments have been demanded by bank transfer. So, have they managed to convince the banks to allow them credit card facilities?

I doubt it, the chances are it will be through some payment app like PayPal, or you will be told the credit card payment did not go through for some technical problem and then they will send bank details to by bt transfer.

Thankfully our reader did ask himself if this was genuine and the answers to these questions gave him his answer:

  1. They cold called me
  2. They want money up front
  3. How did they have the information of what I had paid to ABC Lawyers and related companies

Very valid questions which you should all think about when being told the wonderful news of courts holding money for you.

Our second reader has been contacted by Perez Alonso Abogados y Asesoria which as we know is part of the CUC Abogados and Solution SL scam.

As usual, it is the same old story, there is a court case against your timeshare company or another company you have dealt with and you can be part of it, for a fee. Then within a few weeks, you will be informed that your case has been heard in court and the directors have pleaded guilty.

The court has now seized assets and is holding thousands of euros on your behalf, you can get this back, but, yes you guessed it, there is a “tax” or “administration” fee that has to be paid first.

Please be aware that the courts do not contract third parties, there is no “tax” to release the money and most importantly, you do not have a case in court unless you have yourself instigated legal proceedings. One important point on this is if you did take out legal proceedings the chances are you would have to attend court.

Unfortunately, it is not just timeshare owners that are “targets” for the scammers, the following are the latest warnings posted on various social media sites since the start of the current situation.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly these people get these scams up and running.

I got a call this morning from Sky , This very nice woman said as I haven’t called out an engineer in 4 years they changing me to a low risk account, at 33% less per month. Wow great I was over the moon, this person was very articulate and very amiable, then she asked for bank details to set up a new direct debit, I told her they already had my details and refused to give them on the phone, still plausible she gave me a phone no. to call the Sky helpdesk and check this out…. I called Sky on 150 and they have said it’s a brand new scam, they had never heard it before, its now reported to police and Sky’s offices, so if you get a call, it is really plausible but don’t fall for it.

Then the North Yorkshire Police issued this warning:

Then this one was then published today.


A new thing circulating now. People are going door to door handing out masks. They say it’s a new initiative from local government. They ask you to please put it on to see if it fits. It’s doused with chemicals which knocks you out cold. They then rob you!! Please DO NOT accept masks from strangers. Remember friends, it’s a critical time and people are desperate, the crime rate will spike. Please be cautious & safe!

There will always be some unscrupulous people who will do what they can to use any situation to make money.

Stay safe and remember to do your homework and beware the scammers!