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It’s Friday & We End the Week

Welcome to the end of another week with Inside Timeshare, this week began with the article A Little Known Name but Integral to Silverpoint. It is a name that has appeared over the years but was hidden in the shadows, attention was very much on others. The full story of Diana Aitchison and her involvement is only just beginning to surface.

On Tuesday we published yet another warning on the FAKE law firm from Tenerife stealing the good name and website of a rather prominent and respected lawyer from Madrid. The story of this FAKE law firm has been a regular feature over the years, highlighting the many changes of name, but, their recent use of genuine law firms names and websites has taken it to a whole new level of fraud.

The article on Wednesday was really prompted by the many emails received with questions about claims. Our readers were somewhat confused at what they were being told, one response to the article was just what we expected. One former Anfi owner was told he had a claim, it didn’t matter that he had not paid maintenance or received bills since 2006, with no contact whatsoever. He still had a case as the contract was illegal, to get a case in court it would cost £5000+ for legal fees. Our reader, we are glad to say, didn’t fall for that one.

There was no article on Thursday as it had to be shelved due to a legal settlement, all I can say is that it was mutually beneficial to both parties. Although it would be nice to publish a “good news” story, we respect the wishes for no publicity.

We now end the week with some news from the courts, yes, you have guessed it, Anfi once again takes a prominent part. But first, we begin with Silverpoint.

This is one company that is going to be in the news for quite some time, for one Norwegian client their battle with Silverpoint has moved a step closer to completion. The Court of First Instance of Arona has declared their contract null & void, which was to be expected considering the fraudulent nature of the Silverpoint products.

The Judge also ordered the client to receive 257,552€ plus legal interest and legal costs. This award included the payment of double the amounts taken illegally during the statutory cooling-off period.

Due to the liquidation process of Silverpoint, the clients lawyers will now be making legal representation to the Mercantile Court in order to secure the amount for the client. This is the first stage to becoming a “Confirmed Creditor”, now considering the amount to be repaid has been ordered by the court, I would have thought this was now just a formality.

Always in the News, for all the wrong reasons!

Moving from Tenerife to Gran Canaria, more specifically, Anfi and their constant appearances in the courts.

There was one result from the High Court this week, again it was due to another frivolous appeal by Anfi. I know this gets a bit boring, but the Judges at the High Court once again “DISMISSED” the Anfi appeal.

In their ruling they endorsed the original sentence of the Court of First Instance 100%, as we have stated before, this is all in accordance with Spanish Law and the rulings of the Supreme Court.

The client’s contract was declared null & void with the return of 54,749€ plus legal interest and legal costs.

At the Court of First Instance Number 4 of San Bartolome de Tirajana, an English client had their contract with Anfi declared null & void, along with the return of 22,055€ plus legal interest and legal costs.

Usually, we would say that we expect Anfi to appeal, but, due to recent events and the ordering of “necessary liquidation” by the Mercantile Court, we wonder if they can appeal?

Another case involving German clients was also heard at the Court of First Instance of SBT, this time Court Number 1. Again the judge in accordance with Spanish Law declared the Anfi contract null & void, also ordering the repayment of 54,749€ including interest and costs.

The same question as above also applies to this case, but the lawyers from Canarian Legal Alliance who represented the clients will be ensuring that these cases and awards are filed with the Mercantile Court

If you would like more information on any article published or just have a comment, please use our contact page or leave a comment on the appropriate article.

Have a great weekend and join us again next week.

The Tuesday Slot: Legal News, Silverpoint & Anfi

Welcome to The Tuesday Slot and yet another public holiday in Spain, this one is called Fiesta Nacional de España or Día de la Hispanidad. This National Holiday has its roots in 1492, it was on this day that Columbus first set foot in the Americas. So as you will have already guessed, everything is going to be closed today, that includes the courts. But we do have some news from the courts, one item about Silverpoint and the other is important information regarding Anfi and the administration of two companies.

First Silverpoint, as we already know, although Silverpoint is in the process of liquidation with the Mercantile Court, there are still cases running in the Civil Courts, these will be Courts of First Instance and The High Courts.

These cases are going ahead as the aim is to release clients from their timeshare contracts and in many cases as “shareholders” in the “Company Participation Scheme” set up by Silverpoint themselves.

This scheme was designed from the outset to deceive, many clients who bought “shares in these companies” believing they were purchasing weeks or actual properties are now stuck in a very complex situation. They have no control over these companies but they do have all the responsibilities that go with them. In our thinking, this should not have been a civil matter but is clearly criminal in its intent.

The Court of First Instance Number 4 of Arona, Tenerife, has had the dubious pleasure of studying these contracts in the past, declaring them null & void as with other timeshare contracts. In this case, the Swedish Client has also had their contract terminated plus the return of over 650,000€, this also includes double the amount of illegally taken deposits.

This client will now have their claim processed by the Mercantile Court along with other clients which Canarian Legal Alliance is representing in order to safeguard their rights to payment and be confirmed as creditors.

Moving now to Anfi, following on from our previous news of Anfi Sales SL and Anfi Resorts SL being placed into “necessary administration” by the Mercantile Court, the Boletin Oficial del Estado, which is the source for official announcements, has now issued their bulletin on this matter. As soon as a copy is available, Inside Timeshare will publish it.

The newspaper El Diario, yesterday published an article by Ivan Suarez on the liquidation of these two companies, which are subsidiaries of the Anfi Group. Suarez reports that at the end of September Anfi Sales and Anfi Resorts entered the process for “necessary bankruptcy”, this was at the beginning of 2020 and on the application submitted by Isla Marina SL, (a Lopesan subsidiary), the debt was huge and probably underestimated. This is maybe due to the fact that the court claims had not been factored in by the petitioner.

The Judge Alberto López Villarrubia, presiding at Mercantile  Court 1 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ruled in his order that these companies were insolvent, that they were unable to pay these obligations from their accounts or from any ordinary income, (remember our articles on the movement of funds?) placing them in the hands of a bankruptcy administrator, he will supervise their accounts, control expenses, negotiate the return of debts and, ultimately, attempt to prevent bankruptcy and full liquidation.

One of the entities that may just become the “main creditors” is the law firm Canarian Legal Alliance, which represents around 1,300 clients with claims at various stages of the legal process, with an estimated total value of over 56 million euros. That is an average of 43,000€ per client.

CLA Lawyer Eva Gutiérrez, who is the leading expert on Anfi and its accounts has been instrumental in the investigation of movements of funds, She is confident these resolutions will be ratified by higher authorities and is working to ensure that all clients are represented and have their payments secured.

CLA Lawyer Eva Gutiérrez,

Inside Timeshare has been informed that CLA is contacting their Anfi clients with all the latest updates and have already begun to prepare these claims. They also report that their legal team is time-limited on preparing their request for “credit recognition” and presenting it to the court-appointed administrator.

More on this story as and when it comes in, no doubt there will be plenty in the coming weeks.

If you have a contract with Anfi and would like further information as to its legality and on taking out legal action to have the contract declared null & void plus the repayment of your purchase costs, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you. Investigate now before it is too late.

El Diario Articles by Ivan Suarez

An insolvent company or “a dream” for the banks ?: two experts draw opposite realities of the Anfi Group

English translation








Great News from the Courts to End the Week

We started this week with the article, Timeshare How it Has Changed and What is the Future? It seems it has caused some debate among our cousins across The Great Lake, one comment that did stand out on one platform was very surprising, in the past they extolled the virtue of points, now it is an about-face. Let’s hope the industry takes a close look at their product and sales techniques before it is too late. On Wednesday, we published Silverpoint: News from The Mercantile Court. It was our attempt to explain the situation without using too much “legal jargon”, from responses so far it seems to have succeeded. Well, it is a very complex subject, certainly worthy of a Hollywood Blockbuster. Yesterday, Timeshare: The Road to Being Scammed was a look at how the purchase of a timeshare began a series of scams against consumers. It was based on the many emails we have received over the years. We end this week with news of two more cases from the Spanish courts.

The first case, and no prizes for guessing who it is and what court, to be honest, these have become so boring, yes it is Anfi again!

The Court of First Instance in SBT originally declared the clients contract null & void, plus the return of the full purchase price of 8,435€ also adding a further 11,098 for illegally taking payment as a deposit within the statutory cooling-off period. Legal Interest and Legal Costs were also awarded.

Now, this is where we start getting bored. Anfi in their hair-brained scheme of things did what they always do, waste more of the courts time, plus all the costs involved, (we still wonder if the member’s annual fees are paying for all this), APPEALED!

The High Court Number 3 of Las Palmas, was once again tasked with dealing with this frivolous appeal from Anfi, they must be getting as bored as we are!

I think the answer to that question is in the court’s ruling, once again, the Judges dismissed the appeal and confirmed the original sentence.

In fact, the Judges agreed 100% with the sentence of the Court of First Instance, as they always do, and another result for the lawyers of Canarian Legal Alliance. They will now begin to proceed with the recovery of these funds through the Mercantile Court due to recent events.

The English client was represented by CLA Lawyer Eva Gutierrez and Cristina Batista, Claims Consultant Jake Kaiser liaised with the lawyers on behalf of the client.

We now travel around 1,400 km to the Court of First Instance Number 3 of Marbella, where the Judge presided over a case against Marriott, with MCVI Management and MCVI Holidays in the dock.

Following the letter of the law set down by the Supreme Court, commonly known as jurisprudence, lovely word that, sounds better in Spanish; jurisprudencia, and declared the contract null & void. Marriott was also ordered to repay over 26,300€ plus legal Interest.

The main point of the case was the contract exceeded the 50 years maximum allowed by Spanish Timeshare Law 42/98 & 4/12, being an unlimited duration contract with no end date.

We now wait to see if Marriott continues to be quick off the mark and pay the due sums into the court as they have been doing recently. Can’t help saying this, but, Anfi, take a leaf out of their book!

The German client was represented by Canarian Legal Alliance Lawyers Christine Ihmann and Eva Gutierrez, with German Claims Consultant Evi Richter working with the client through the process.

That’s all for this week, we hope you have found the articles informative and also enjoyable, at the moment there is nothing specific planned for next week, a few things in the pipeline but sometimes something catches my eye over the weekend.

Join us again next week and remember, if you have any comments or questions relating to the published article or you would like more information on the legality of your contracts, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Have a great weekend.