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It’s Friday and the End of Another Week

Welcome to the last article for this week and what a week it has been, the number of emails being received from readers who have had dealing in the past with Eze Group and ABC Legal and ABC Lawyers has been huge. All are coming up with the same story and unfortunately, some have been taken in and have now lost up to several thousands of pounds. We also give a round-up of the legal news from the courts around Spain this week.

We begin with the readers emails regarding Eze Group, ABC Legal and ABC Lawyers, as we have reported on these pages over the last year or so and especially recently, there are a number of companies that have emerged who are targeting the “victims” of the above companies.

All are very similar in that they inform the client that they have a case in court or the money is held by the court waiting to be claimed. The only problem is there is a fee to pay to either have the money released by the courts or for other “legal” fees such as translations.

The most disturbing fact about these companies is the links they have with each other and also with past “fake” law firms. The companies are:

O1C Leisure and Legal Solutions SL

Inconel Administration SL

Platinum Services and Administration SL

Litigation Services SL

The fact is the director of Platinum and O1C is Jose Miguel Muñoz Cañas along with the director of Litigation Services Calle Guden Daniel Ernesto are very much linked with past “scam” companies on the Costa del Sol:

Fastline Legal Services SL, Greenges 2005 SL and are also known to have been involved with the most notorious “fake” law firm Ramirez and Ramirez, along with the ex-director of Platinum Sharifi Dadvar Mahmoud Reza were also involved with other very dubious companies from the past:

Fuengirola Servicios 2002 SL

Key Property Town Advisory (KPTA)

The Justice Group Direct

Other factors are the shared addresses of these companies plus the fact they all come up with a very similar story, “we have been appointed by the courts”, funny thing is that is exactly what Ramirez and Ramirez said years ago!

See links at the bottom of the page for previous articles.

On Monday we published the news from the Supreme Court that they had rejected an appeal by Anfi on a sentence that went against them at the Court of First Instance and the High Court. This news confirmed that the Supreme Court which has issued 130 rulings on the timeshare law was not going to act any differently than before. They have ruled and set the laws which came into effect in January 1999, which needed to be tested, are now set in stone. This was a great blow to Anfi but a great result for the client and their lawyers.

On the 11 March, the news broke that Marriott who had lost a case at the Court of First Instance in Palma de Mallorca had lodged an appeal. This was then swiftly followed by Marriott VOLUNTARILY paying a considerable sum into the court in accordance with the sentence. It is believed that they have also withdrawn the appeal, we are awaiting confirmation of this.

This could also be in line with the announcement back in 2018 that they had set aside $16.3 million to cover litigation costs as they admitted losing in the Spanish courts. This was published in Market Exclusive.

This morning the news arrived of yet another bank transfer as ordered by the courts, this time it involves Anfi.

Due to the work of the Provisional Execution Enforcement Team of Canarian Legal Alliance, one German client is about to receive over 68,000€ plus his contract is now null and void leaving him timeshare free.

No doubt as the day goes on there will be more news coming from the courts which Inside Timeshare will publish next week.

All that remains is to say have a great weekend and remember to do your homework before engaging with any company that promises the world to you.

Wednesday Report: Marriott in the News

Due to unforeseen circumstances Inside Timeshare was not able to complete the article for publishing yesterday, this has been postponed for another day. We have also been hearing from various readers regarding their Marriott ownerships and the news they have been given that Marriott Timeshare is in imminent danger of collapse. Well, things couldn’t be further from the truth, as you will see with the latest developments from the courts regarding Marriott.

We begin with Claims Solutions Group Ltd based in Aberfeldy, Scotland, this company came to light several years ago when they began contacting Diamond Resorts owners under the company name of Timeshare Solutions Group Ltd. Since then they have moved on to other timeshare companies including Silverpoint, now they appear to be targeting Marriott owners.

We don’t see a problem with this but it is what these owners are being told is what makes it worrying. In the call, the member is told that due to the number of cases that Marriott are losing in the Spanish courts the collapse of Marriott Timeshare is imminent.

So one of the largest timeshare and vacation companies in the world is in danger of “collapse”!

Marriott has many interests including the ownership of one of the largest timeshare exchange companies in the world Interval International, they are also a public listed company and as such have a duty to shareholders. So it is very strange indeed that none of this has been made public!

We suspect that this is yet another ploy to scare owners into taking up a legal service.

It is a fact that in July 2018, Inside Timeshare published the article “Marriott Admit Losing in Spanish Courts”, this article explained that in their public statement to shareholders they did admit they were losing but they also set aside $16.3 million to cover these cases. No doubt with more cases entering court they will set aside even more.

Link to the original article and to the report published in Market Exclusive.

Following on from the above today Inside Timeshare received the news that Marriott who lost a case at the Court of First Instance Number 7 in Palma de Mallorca, decided to appeal the sentence. The companies involved in the case were MVCI Holidays SL and MVCI Management SL the successor to MCVI Management Europe Ltd.

The twist in this story is that they then immediately paid voluntarily the original amount awarded to the court. It is believed that they have also retracted the appeal. Obviously they have realised that they really do not stand a chance of overturning the original ruling and have bowed out “gracefully”. This can only be good news for Clients with cases already underway and for those contemplating taking out legal action.

In this case, the court declared the contract null and void as it contained floating weeks and the contract was over 50 years in duration, the German client of Canarian Legal Alliance is now set to receive over 48,000€ and is also timeshare free.

The lawyer representing this client was Adrián Diaz-Saavedra Morales of Canarian Legal Alliance, so congratulations on a job well done.

Adrián Diaz-Saavedra Morales

That is it for today, but please remember to check for yourself any information that you are given regarding your timeshare, much of it is scaremongering to make you sign up for a service that is unlikely to ever happen. As we always say:


Semana Horribilis for Timeshare Operators

Welcome to the last article for this week and what news we have for you today! Inside Timeshare has received the following news that 37 sentences have been received against timeshare companies in 3 different courts in Spain. This is an amazing result in just one week and the amounts are truly staggering.

In the Courts of First Instance of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and the High Court of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, it has been one hell of a blow for Anfi Sales SL and Anfi Resorts SL. This week alone there have been 32 judgements against them released by the courts.

These cases have been a mixture of contracts longer than 50 years in duration, containing floating weeks or point systems and of course the illegal taking of payment within the statutory cooling-off period.

In total, the courts have ordered that the client be reimbursed a total of 1,280,295.12€ with all contracts being declared null and void. This is very good news for these clients and all Anfi members who have been sold contracts which are illegal under Spanish law. The next stage will be to enforce the court’s rulings and ensure that all these clients received what they are now owed.

In Tenerife at the Court of First Instance of Arona, the company Carpe Diem Resorts SL were in the frame.

The court ordered that Carpe Diem pay the clients over 31,000€ and also declared the contract null and void. The infringements of Spanish Timeshare law, in this case, were the contract was in perpetuity when the law states very clearly that it should be no longer than 50 years, plus the illegal taking of deposits.

Staying with the Court of First Instance of Arona, there were three more sentences released against our old friend’s Silverpoint. Once again there were several infringements which covered the duration of the contracts, points or floating week systems and the illegal taking of payments within the statutory cooling-off period.

All contracts have also been declared null and void leaving the clients timeshare free.

Moving now the Court of First Instance of Palma de Mallorca, it was the turn of Marriott to be on the receiving end of a judgement.

The case was brought against MVCI Holidays SL and MVCI Management SL. This revolves around the purchases of two timeshares at Son Antem in 2001 and again in 2006. The purchase was for Flexible Gold and Gold Holiday Weeks. These are illegal under Spanish Law and have been confirmed by the Supreme Court.

The court has declared the contracts null and void with the repayment of 11,520€ for the 2001 purchase and 35,372€ for the 2006 purchase. A grand total of 46,892€, the client will also receive legal interest.

In total the courts have in this one week awarded 1,601,523.23€, This is a staggering amount and certainly sends out the message that the courts are not tolerating breaches of the timeshare laws designed to protect consumers.

All these cases were brought on behalf of the clients by none other than Canarian Legal Alliance, who are the market leaders in this field of law with 130 Supreme Court rulings under their belt.

So we end this week with congratulations to the clients involved and a very big congratulations to the team at CLA.

If you would like to know if the timeshare you purchased in Spain is illegal under Spanish law, then please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Please also remember there are a lot of companies which are promising the earth and have no intention of delivering on those promises, many of these are set up with the sole intention of depriving you of your hard-earned cash. If in any doubt contact Inside Timeshare and give as much information as you can on the company in question, we will then help you to check their validity.

Have a great weekend.