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Abogados Alitas: Another Fake Law Firm from the Litigious Abogados Family

Once again Inside Timeshare along with our friends at the TCA has identified yet another website for a fake law firm that is linked to the Litigious Abogados Family. This group of crooks have been operating now for several years, every few months or so they change the name and open a new website. Their modus operandi though, has not changed nor does the website apart from the name and the names of the “lawyers, paralegals and secretaries”. This is the information Inside Timeshare has uncovered so far.

The new name is Abogados Alitas and according to their website they were formed on Tuesday 9th May 1995, the founder being Manuel Carimba Dertalso. They show the CIF Number A-43681392, which again is a fake company/tax registration number.

As yet the genuine person is unidentified

As usual, they show their “lawyers, paralegals and secretaries” on various pages, all have been taken from other websites or image banks on the internet, with the names being obviously made up.

According to the information received they also claim that their “lawyers” are “legally authorised to operate in any Court of Law in Spain, Portugal, Italy & Malta”. Not bad for a “law firm” that has only just been identified.

Their website was only registered on 3 November 2020 so is only just 6 months old and is due to expire on 3 November 2021. So for a “law firm” that claims they are 26 years old, there is no mention of them anywhere with a very new website being registered for only 1 year!

In their letter to “clients”, which we would rather call “victims” they go into great detail about their CIF Number, the type of company they are registered as and include the names, DNI and NIE numbers of their “shareholders”.

These are:

Alberto Terizal Rimerol DNI: B35984872

Amador Linatom Lanomo DNI: S78721104

Francisco Beludor Rilmoran DNI: C04685987

Fernando Goinaba Doleban NIE: Y2035891G

These are obviously fake numbers as they are unique to the individual and can identify the person.

In our searches, we have found no trace of any company registration or link to the above numbers.

The address they give is Avda Emilio Calzdilla Número 5 38002 Santa Cruz Tenerife.

Interestingly enough this address is for a Genuine law firm called ADL Abogados SL, the only difference is that the genuine law firm gives a floor number and office numbers. The telephone numbers are also Spanish landlines and mobile, not a UK freephone number 0800 802 1774 or as on their emails +34 822 684 655 where apparently English speaking staff “will gladly assist you”. No doubt they are as they want your money.

As usual, the email address they give is a free email address provider and not linked to their website which you would expect from a “genuine” law firm:

[email protected]

As for the photographs of their “lawyers” we have so far been able to identify 4 of them to the original persons and these are very surprising.

Alberto Terizal Rimerol is actually Adriana Zapata

 Fernando Goinaba Doleban is Arturo Solarte who we have identified as a Supreme Court Judge.

Fuela Golazo Roliban identified as Juan Ignacio Navas Marqués

Gabriel Selameten Alfontoh identified as Dr Victor Lucas Ticona Postigo

There also seems to be a rather interesting play on names as well, both Inside Timeshare and the TCA think that one of the secretaries going by the name of Yurena Lamamel Conioh is a play on the Spanish word Coño, which is used either as a swear word or between friends in a non-insulting manner.

The other secretary is named as Maria Corretem Ibocha, as yet both genuine persons have not been identified-

Just as we have seen before with all the other previous incarnations they claim they have lodged a case with the courts against a well-known timeshare company, in this case, Club la Costa SL and Paradise Trading SL. All this without the “client” ever having filed a case with the court or ever having appointed a Spanish law firm to carry out a claim.

In this case, the sum is 17,221€ with a “refundable Procurator fee” of 675€, to be paid directly to the Court Procurators, at present we have no details on the bank account but we do have the name of the “Procurator for this case”, Juan Carlos Morales. So far we have not yet identified any Procurator going by that name, well, to be honest, we did not expect to.

We can also be very sure that this fee will not be the only one required, if they follow their previous modus operandi, there will be further fees required for various “taxes and notary fees”, again paid to named individuals.

This case according to Alitas is scheduled for Tuesday 11th May 2021, well we know for a fact that there is no case scheduled by this law firm as the court documents as usual are fake and so is the case number.

Once again these crooks have set up a very elaborate fraud, with very “plausible” information and very good fake documents which would be difficult for people to spot as fakes, especially when most timeshare owners have no idea what genuine legal documents and case numbers look like.

Rest assured if you are contacted by these fraudsters or any company with a similar modus operandi, you can be sure it is not genuine.

Other “lawyers” pictured on the Abogados Alitas website.

If you have been contacted by Abogados Alitas or anything similar, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.


Start the Week: Are They Genuine?

Welcome to the start of another week with Inside Timeshare, today we have a look at how to spot a possible scam, what to look for and the warning signs to be aware of. Over the past months, there have been numerous new “fake” law firms, claims and exits companies appearing, with Inside Timeshare issuing many warnings. Unfortunately, many timeshare owners have been taken in by them only to find they have been scammed after they have paid.

One of the first points that you should consider is the initial cold call, although cold calling is not illegal, you should be very cautious about who they are and how they have your details. What information are they holding, do they know what and where you own, do they also know about any previous contact with “fraudulent” companies? These are usually telltale signs that the data they hold may have been obtained illegally, either it has been stolen from the timeshare resort or has been passed on by other fraudulent entities, usually the same people behind the new company.

During the call it is up to you to do the questioning, what is their full company name, where are they registered, do they have a company registration number and can this be verified. This point does not guarantee they are legitimate, anyone can register a company for very little outlay, just because they are registered does not mean they are not scammers.

What is the company address, is it a permanent office or one of the virtual offices often used to register short term companies. How long has the company been registered, does this correspond with what you are told, such as they have been operating for say 5 years, yet the company was only registered 1 year ago!

Does the company name appear on any searches, or does it show many companies with the same or similar name?

Many of the new cold callers are using names of genuine law firms or variations of them, even down to a similarly named website. A good example of this point is one article published last week on the law firm Cabrera Ayala Abogados, where a genuine lawyer’s details are being used. Even down to the address being very similar. The other example is of a Spanish Registered Lawyer and UK Registered Barrister, Jeremy Scudamore, both of these can be seen on the links below.

What is their website, is it a new one or one that has been operating for a number of years, When was it registered and for how long? Is the registrant hidden by a privacy protection service, hiding the people behind it? Again another point to give concern. 

What telephone numbers are they using, have they appeared on sites such as Who Called Me, and what comments have been made?

Are they landlines, mobile or VOIP used mainly on internet telephone systems from third-party providers?

Does their email address go to the website or is it a free email service such as Gmail, Yahoo or ones that we have seen regularly with our friends the Litigious Abogados Family from Tenerife, such as or

Any email that is not directly attached to their website is usually a very good sign of a scam operation.

On the website itself, does the website show any company details, such as company registration numbers, Solicitors Regulation Authority registration, for Spain are they registered with their local Colegio de Abogados?

If they are processing claims they may also need to be registered and regulated under claims management with the Financial Conduct Authority. This does depend on the type of claims management they are undertaking. Do they have an FCA registration number?

Even if this number appears on the website, it does not mean they are registered, especially if they are a new company. They may have applied and only have “temporary” approval, permanent approval is not given straight away, there is a period where the FCA will be investigating them before they finally approve full authority, this can take at least one year.

On the website, is the information shown correct, how is it written, does it look like it has been cut and pasted from another “legitimate” website?

How is it written, is it full of spelling and grammatical errors, are they trying to use legal terms to make it look like a genuine law firm?

What services are they offering, is it a fully legal claim which will for Spanish purchased timeshares need to go through the Spanish legal system with a genuine and registered Spanish lawyer?

Or, are they offering a relinquishment first (for a fee) and a “compensation” claim on a no win no fee basis, remember once you have cancelled your contract no case can then go through the courts. The contract must still be running with all maintenance paid to date, so the question is how is the “compensation” going to be claimed

How do they expect you to make a payment?

Do they have Credit Card facilities, if so who is the payment made to, is it the company that is carrying out the work or a third party?

If this is the case you may not be covered by Section 75 of the Credit Consumer Act 1974 under the third party payment rules. As an example, you pay company A, the work is supposedly carried out by company B, which does not do the job, you have no claim against either party. Third-Party Rule.

Another point to consider is the use of third party payment companies using your credit card, these are money transfer agencies such as PayPal and Transferwise. Using your card to pay using these methods also invalidates your rights under Section 75.

If you are requested to make a payment by bank transfer, who is the payment being made to, is it a company account or to a named private individual?

Lastly, have they sent you any documents, do they look genuine?

Many of these fake documents including court rulings have been published on Inside Timeshare over the years, some are exceptionally good, especially if you have no experience of any legal documentation. There will always be telltale signs, the most common for court documents is the “case number”, these can be checked and verified, with our experience we can tell them to be fake at a glance. You unfortunately may not be so lucky.

Example of a Fake court document sent out by the Litigious Abogados Family.

These are just the basic rules to be safe when dealing with either cold callers or any company you may have found on the internet. If you require any help in verifying these companies, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.


Orebandel Arm & O. SA: The Fake Notary From Tenerife

Over the past few years Inside Timeshare has been highlighting the “FAKE” law firms and notaries which are all part of the Litigious Abogados Family along with our old friends Solutions Group. As we have published before, it appears that Solutions Group, a company that is well known for operating many scams in the past have now found another way of scaring people into paying them. Today we highlight the latest in this long-running scam.

Our readers first encountered Solutions Group many years ago with the promise of a claim against Incentive Leisure Group SLU, DWVC SL and Personal Travel Group SL, companies owned and operated by the late Gary Leigh. At the time they used the email address:

[email protected]

And the website

This company was very prolific at the time and used several names, Simple Solutions, this was part of the Solutions Group registered as XYZ Solutions SL. This company is based in Tenerife and was registered at Avenida Del Claudio Delgado Diaz 101 Las Chafiras San Miguel De Abona 38620. CIF Number B76558519.

According to our readers, it was Solutions Group who passed on their details to the “FAKE” notary, regarding a claim against ILG, DWVC and Personal Travel Group. Obviously, this is a continuation of the scam which our readers got trapped into years ago.

The Fake Notary Logo

After yet another call they received the following email:

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Sent: 16 March 2021 16:05

To: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Subject: Mr & Mrs Names Redacted

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Names Redacted

Further to our telephone conversation of this afternoon. I hereby attach a letter from our head lawyer Mrs Victoria Zeralde, together with a copy of the official court order appointing us.

Please to confirm that your have safe receipt of this email,and as promised I shall telephone you tomorrow with the good news, and to discuss any further questions or queries you  may have. 

We are aware that the UK is on lockdown, please be advised that it is business as usual for us here in the Canary Islands so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We trust you and your family are keeping safe and well during these times.

Kind Regards.

Charlotte Millington

Court Trustee

0034 822684530

You will notice that the grammar and English are not that good, especially for an “official”.

So, Charlotte Millington is the Court Trustee, somehow I doubt if a UK national going by the name, would be working as a trustee for the court unless she has lived in Spain for many years and is very very fluent in the language. Not impossible but highly unlikely especially in the Canary islands!

According to the attached letter Orebandel Arm & O SA has been appointed by the Santa Cruz First Instance Court Number 5, and they are very specific with the date and time they were appointed, Friday 12 March at 09:23.

Well, we do know that is a complete fabrication as the courts do not appoint any outside company, let alone one that forges court documents.

According to the letter they have been awarded 32,000€, this is the exact same amount that all our other readers who have been contacted have been awarded. This is very strange indeed as no two clients of DWVC ever paid the same amount for their membership or the amount which they were to receive on the “Cashback” certificate which was supposed to pay for their timeshare which they handed over.

Now the worrying thing in the latest development is the use of Brexit in order to rush the “victim” into paying. We also expect that this will also be a pretext to “extort” even more money from “victims” in the way of unforeseen “taxes and duties”, with the promise of a refund once the case is complete.

According to the letter, now that the UK has left the EU this has “created a significant shock for the International Banking system”. According to Orebandel on the letter signed by Victoria Fita Zeralde, now makes the transfer of funds very complex. Very strange considering that there seems to be no problem with transferring money to the scammers!

This letter is also backed up by yet another forged “Court Document”, which when translated is just full of gobbledegook and gibberish, trying to give the impression of “legal speak”.

This document when imported into another program clearly shows that it is fake, the signatures can clearly be seen as a cut and paste job along with all the “official stamps”.

Orebandel use the email address

[email protected]

When we do a search on the we come up with the following website which provides email addresses,

so once again an email address not linked to any company website. Their address according to the letter is:

Avenida 3 de Mayo 3 Planta 2 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

And using the telephone number 0034 822 684 530.

Below are PDF files of the documents sent to our reader including a translation of the Court document.

Translation of fake document

2016 Article on Solutions Group

Once again this does show how very careful you must be when dealing with any cold call with the good news that the courts are holding substantial sums for a case you never knew you had filed.

If you have been contacted by any “law firm or notary” with a similar story and documents then it will be a scam, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.