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Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Monster Clients Targeted

At the start of this year Inside Timeshare published an article on the latest scam which was then targeting Eze Group clients, only this was not coming from Spain but Greece. Clients were being contacted supposedly by The Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, well, they seem to have switched their targets, it is now clients of companies owned and operated by Mark Rowe.

The scam is just as before, the clients are contacted by an unsolicited email claiming their case which is part of a “Class Action Lawsuit”. According to the email which from Panagiotis Chatzitheofanos, another familiar name and is signed by none other than Stavros Mpotsari who we have already mentioned in the previous articles, the case was originally heard in another “European member” state, where the “initial crime” took place. But unfortunately, the assets had already been moved so there was no “compensation” for the claimants.

The email address being used is [email protected]

Now for the good news, thanks to the “tenacity” of the lawyer who worked on this clients behalf he found a link between several new companies formed in Greece. We just wonder who the lawyer is?

Well, our guess is it is yet another name linked to Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and dubious companies in Spain, namely Platinum Services and Administration SL, Litigation Services SL and a name from the past Greenges 2005 SL. All are using the name of Jose Lara Cabello, who we do know is a lawyer registered with the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Málaga.

Inside Timeshare has in the past published his name, emails have been sent to him to verify if he is aware that his name is being used or if he is working with these companies, no reply has ever been received. Again Inside Timeshare leaves you the reader to draw your own conclusions.

With the email, there was also an “official court summary” with English translation, which begins with “The Honourable High Judge Dr Nikos Paraskevopoulos sited at court room 1a of the Court of Cassation, chosen by the Cabinet of the Council of State under the Articles 87-100A of the constitution”.

There is a Dr Nikos Paraskevopoulos, he is actually a very eminent criminologist who was also at one time the Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, being appointed after being elected an MP in 2015 Professor of criminal law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s Law School and is also Vice President of one of Greece’s largest drug rehabilitation and social integration clinics. We wonder if he knows his name is being used?

See link to Wikipedia entry for Dr Nikos Paraskevopoulos

Dr Nikos Paraskevopoulos

The companies named as appearing in court are:

Now we do know that these companies which are part of the Mark Rowe “empire” (albeit crumbling), are under investigation in Tenerife and the UK, but as yet no case has been brought, which makes a mockery of the claim made in the email.

The Greek version of the “summary” includes the Signature of  Dr Nikos Paraskevopoulos which you can see in the PDF below, we have also found a letter from the good Dr to the European Commissioner for Human Rights with his signature. They are very obviously different.

Now considering that Eze Group were originally targeted by the Spanish companies we mentioned and also by Hellenic Republic, then the switch to Monster clients, along with the name of the Spanish lawyer Jose Lara Cabello, it is now looking like this “fraud” is being perpetrated by the same people. The links are too close to be just a coincidence, again we leave you the reader to decide!

If you have been contacted by any of the companies mentioned, especially Hellenic Republic please use our contact page and let us know.

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It’s Friday and the End of Another Week

Welcome to the last article for this week and what a week it has been, the number of emails being received from readers who have had dealing in the past with Eze Group and ABC Legal and ABC Lawyers has been huge. All are coming up with the same story and unfortunately, some have been taken in and have now lost up to several thousands of pounds. We also give a round-up of the legal news from the courts around Spain this week.

We begin with the readers emails regarding Eze Group, ABC Legal and ABC Lawyers, as we have reported on these pages over the last year or so and especially recently, there are a number of companies that have emerged who are targeting the “victims” of the above companies.

All are very similar in that they inform the client that they have a case in court or the money is held by the court waiting to be claimed. The only problem is there is a fee to pay to either have the money released by the courts or for other “legal” fees such as translations.

The most disturbing fact about these companies is the links they have with each other and also with past “fake” law firms. The companies are:

O1C Leisure and Legal Solutions SL

Inconel Administration SL

Platinum Services and Administration SL

Litigation Services SL

The fact is the director of Platinum and O1C is Jose Miguel Muñoz Cañas along with the director of Litigation Services Calle Guden Daniel Ernesto are very much linked with past “scam” companies on the Costa del Sol:

Fastline Legal Services SL, Greenges 2005 SL and are also known to have been involved with the most notorious “fake” law firm Ramirez and Ramirez, along with the ex-director of Platinum Sharifi Dadvar Mahmoud Reza were also involved with other very dubious companies from the past:

Fuengirola Servicios 2002 SL

Key Property Town Advisory (KPTA)

The Justice Group Direct

Other factors are the shared addresses of these companies plus the fact they all come up with a very similar story, “we have been appointed by the courts”, funny thing is that is exactly what Ramirez and Ramirez said years ago!

See links at the bottom of the page for previous articles.

On Monday we published the news from the Supreme Court that they had rejected an appeal by Anfi on a sentence that went against them at the Court of First Instance and the High Court. This news confirmed that the Supreme Court which has issued 130 rulings on the timeshare law was not going to act any differently than before. They have ruled and set the laws which came into effect in January 1999, which needed to be tested, are now set in stone. This was a great blow to Anfi but a great result for the client and their lawyers.

On the 11 March, the news broke that Marriott who had lost a case at the Court of First Instance in Palma de Mallorca had lodged an appeal. This was then swiftly followed by Marriott VOLUNTARILY paying a considerable sum into the court in accordance with the sentence. It is believed that they have also withdrawn the appeal, we are awaiting confirmation of this.

This could also be in line with the announcement back in 2018 that they had set aside $16.3 million to cover litigation costs as they admitted losing in the Spanish courts. This was published in Market Exclusive.

This morning the news arrived of yet another bank transfer as ordered by the courts, this time it involves Anfi.

Due to the work of the Provisional Execution Enforcement Team of Canarian Legal Alliance, one German client is about to receive over 68,000€ plus his contract is now null and void leaving him timeshare free.

No doubt as the day goes on there will be more news coming from the courts which Inside Timeshare will publish next week.

All that remains is to say have a great weekend and remember to do your homework before engaging with any company that promises the world to you.

Late News on Tuesday

Yes, Inside Timeshare is a little late with today’s article due to other matters which had to be dealt with, so this will be a short one. Today we update on a “law” firm we have highlighted before, Litigation Services SL and the latest emails to Eze Group clients. We also report on the latest from the courts regarding cases against Anfi.

We begin with yet another email received by one of our readers, this came from [email protected]

Which we know is used by Litigation Services from a previous email received by another of our readers and was signed by one Sarah Palmer.

This latest one is using the same email address is from Legal Services and Property Re-claim Specialists, giving their address on the email as 

Calle Miraflores 29016 Bristol United Kingdom.

Very strange indeed, using the first part of a Spanish address but then stating they are in Bristol. Not looking too good so far!

The email which is very long-winded begins with an introduction from Jennifer Diaz:

My name is Jennifer Dias.

I work for “Litigation Abogados Services” or “Litigation Lawyer Services”we are a claims management company who provide legal services and specialize in complexclaims, normally involving freehold or timeshare properties.

Now, we have tried to trace the names of the law firm and also the name for Legal Services and Property Re-claim Specialists and yes, you have guessed it, nothing!

Once again the email which is targeting Eze Group clients goes on to give the story of the O’Reilly’s and their court case in Birmingham, it then states what we know to be false that they have got their information from the courts:

The vast majority of the work that we do is for for the High Court, This is how we have your contact details you were listed as an Eze Group Member.

We work directly for the Courts and so have certain guidelines which we must follow.

In order to claim your refund your photo ID will be required and your membership/subscription number which you would have received when you purchased with Eze Group.

As we have said before the courts do not work in this way.

It then goes on to state:

We realize you have probably received Countless other offers & calls regarding claiming against EZE Group:…PLEASE BE WARNED – whilst some of these calls may be genuine we do know there are a number of Fictitious companies preying on Eze Group members with the sole intention of cheating people out of their money…so please be aware and be vigilant!

Then it introduces their “lawyer”:

*Litigation Abogados Services* is a totally legal company founded by Maria Gonzalez, in 1964 and is now owned by Jose Gonzalez Lawyer no.C2=BA 2959 of the Illustrious Bar Association of Malaga with NIE NUMBER 33367739-Y

Once again we have not been able to trace this lawyer.

Now, this paragraph is the one that really got everyone laughing, it is a warning from the scammers to be vigilant of scammers!



Well as we always say, you don’t need better proof of a scam than this email from this lot.

It looks like the lawyers at Canarian Legal Alliance have been hammering Anfi with the courts yet again.

This morning 4 sentences have been received from the High Court of Las Palmas, with all contracts being declared null and void and the repayment of over 204,800€

Then came the news from the Courts of First Instance of San Bartelomé de Tirajana, with 5 sentences being issued. The total value is over 143,783€ with all contracts being declared null and void.

So in all, Tuesday has been a bit of a black one for Anfi to the tune of over 348,583€

That is all for today and remember that doing your homework will prevent the scammers from getting your money.