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Limora Investments Ltd (BVI)

Keys Concierge Winding Up Order

Yesterday 25 September 2019, The Gazette which is the Official Public Record published the Winding Up order of Keys Concierge. We published in July the fact that Keys Concierge had filed a petition for winding up, with Alex Lawson of Alvarez and Marsal replacing Franz Markus Deutsch as Director on 14 May 2019.

Keys Concierge is just another in the group of companies which come under the Limora Group which Lawson is placing into liquidation. This is obviously bad news for the hundreds of consumers who have paid hundreds of thousands for membership to this dubious club. It is now obvious in the light of recent events and now the actual winding up order that the whole operation was a money-making machine.

Alex Lawson is liquidating many companies within the Limora Group including Limora Investments Ltd (BVI) the parent company which was owned by the late Bob Trotta and now owned by his family. For the whole story and reasons behind these liquidations read the articles on the link below especially the 6 part article which highlights the Ultimate Beneficial Owner/s.

There may be a glimmer of hope for some consumers who paid by credit card, now that the Keys Concierge has been officially wound up, they may have recourse to claim via their credit card provider under Section 75 of the Credit Consumer Act 1974.

Section 75 covers, not receiving the goods or services paid for, faulty goods or goods not fit for purpose and the most important the company is no longer in operation due to liquidation. The last is the most important as now those consumers will never receive the service promised and paid for. For more detailed information on Section 75 please follow the link to the Martin Lewis website. This gives very good advice and template letters to pursue a claim yourself.

Inside Timeshare now warns the many “members” of Keys Concierge that they will no doubt be receiving many “cold calls” from dubious companies now seeing an opportunity to make money out of those already in distress. They will probably use the “carrot” of no win no fee but with a very hefty fee on completion.

If you receive any calls to this effect please use our contact page and give us all the details that you have, Inside Timeshare will publish this information to warn other readers.

Inside Timeshare will also help with advice and writing of letters FREE OF ANY CHARGE, Section 75 can be done yourself but we appreciate that not everyone has the ability to do this and may need help.


The Paramount – Club Paradiso Clients Left Without Holidays

Over the past few weeks, Inside Timeshare has been receiving many emails regarding Club Paradiso, it seems that they all have one thing in common, they are not able to get into their resort and use their weeks. As we know, Club Paradiso has closed its doors, the website is down as is the website for Excel Hotels & Resorts the company which manages the resorts. It also appears that telephone calls are not being answered.

The latest email involves a member who has “invested” in several weeks, being elderly and now unable to travel abroad they decided to use their weeks and book an associated resort in the UK. Unfortunately, they have just received a call from the resort that their booking has been cancelled, the reason given is that Excel is not honouring the payments to the resort. This is despite being up to date with their maintenance fees.

This particular reader was supposed to be checking in this Sunday 7 July, now they have been left without their holiday with no other alternative to using their weeks anywhere else.

Other readers have also informed us that they have been moved to other resorts sold by Silverpoint, but have been told they would have to pay if they wanted to check in, despite already having paid this year’s maintenance fees. These resorts are also managed by Excel Hotels & Resorts.

The Paramount – Club Paradiso

We do know Silverpoint and Excel are in the middle of a dispute, what the reasons for this are is not actually apparent,  but it is affecting many members of Club Paradiso who are now losing out on weeks they have purchased and paid the annual maintenance fees. This does not seem fair at all.

What we must also point out is that both companies are part of the same group of companies owned by the late Bob Trotta and the parent company Limora Investments Ltd (BVI). The following companies are filing for liquidation along with Limora Investments Ltd, Excel Overseas Holdings Ltd (BVI), Keys Concierge and we believe others will be following suit.

Although there are reports that Silverpoint has filed for liquidation it must be pointed out that so far they have not and due to the reasons surrounding this, it may be impossible to do so. If they do file for liquidation, this could result in criminal charges being brought as the reasons for the other liquidations has been fully explained in the link below.

These liquidations are an attempt to save the Trotta family finances, you can read the full story behind this in our six-part series Exclusive Breaking News: The Truth Behind Silverpoint Exposed (Part Six), on the link below.

This should put you the members in no doubt as to why you are likely to lose everything that you have paid for with your hard earned cash and in some cases with high interest loans brokered by the sales staff.

If you purchased any product sold by Silverpoint form standard timeshare weeks to the “investment packs” and the “company participation scheme” and would like to know where you legally stand, then use our contact page, Inside Timeshare will then point you in the right direction to help you decide on your options.