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Marriott: What is Your Timeshare Worth?

Inside Timeshare has recently been running a series of articles on rentals being made available on various booking sites to non-timeshare owners. Many of these are much cheaper than the average owner/member will pay in annual maintenance fees. This coupled with the main complaint from owners/members of never getting the availability is certainly causing many to reevaluate their financial commitment to their membership. Today we begin a new look at timeshare and its actual value on the resale market, beginning today with Marriott and Marbella Beach Resort.

Marriott Marbella Beach Resort is located in the heart of the Costa del Sol in the prime location of Elviria Beach, Marbella. It is considered one of the best timeshare resorts in the area, with superb access to the entire coast and beyond.

As with all timeshare, it is sold on the promise of luxury and exclusivity, it is also “pitched” by the sales staff to be a sound investment. The inference is that it will go up in value as it is property, well, we all know that is not the case along with many owners who eventually tried to sell and found that they were almost worthless.

Inside Timeshare has had a look at a couple of websites offering various Marbella Beach Resort membership, these range from Silver, Gold and Platinum. The two websites are:

Fab Timeshare is based just outside the resort and the owner and CEO is Julie Brett who was once the Regional Sales Director at Marriott. It is regarded as the No1 Marriott resale site.

The second website is based in Holland and is run by Karlijn de Beer, it is primarily a website run for and on behalf of owners. It is a place where you can rent direct from the owners and also a place where those owners can place their unwanted timeshare for sale.

On the FAB website, there are many weeks on offer, these range in price from 1000€ for a Silver Week with three advertised at this price for a 1 Bed, 2 Bed or 3 Bed apartment, with the most expensive being a 3 Bed Platinum at 19,000€.

The second website Rentals Resales again has prices ranging from 1000€ to a 3 Bed Platinum week for 19,000€, one difference on this particular website is they do actually show the current annual maintenance fees. So at least that will not come as a surprise.

Why do the prices vary so much I hear you ask?

The answer is simple, the lower prices are those who have probably tried on numerous occasions to sell over the years, more than likely being scammed by the old resale outfits that were prolific years ago. These are the desperate ones who just want out and so are basically giving it away.

The higher prices are what the owner actually believes their “membership” is worth, probably remembering the patter of the sales staff as to how it is a fabulous investment, not just for holidays but for the future as it was “property”.

Remember you actually own nothing, you are a member of a vacation club, you have restrictions on when it can be used and is also only subject to availability.

So the question now is where is this “investment” that purchasers were promised?

Answer: There isn’t one!

Did you purchase timeshare with this “promise”, have you tried to sell it and been ripped off, are you now looking to get out of it for good?

If you would like to know your legal options and how you may be entitled to take the case to court and have the contracts declared null and void along with the return of the full purchase price, then please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.