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Welcome to the start of another week with Inside Timeshare, just for a change, this weekend has been rather quiet with very few emails being received and no new “dubious” law firms or claims companies coming to light. Once again the emails we have received feature the same old names we have been publishing over the past few weeks such as Torcaz Abogados, JSD Group and Morales and Maxwell. All with the same wonderful news that the client has a substantial amount of money waiting for them in the courts, but as usual you must pay them first to release the money. You can see all the articles on JSD, Morales and Torcaz on the links below.

Having a look around the internet this morning at some of the other websites and forums, we could not help but notice the mindtimeshare website. They have still not published any new blog since 14 November 2019, this is highly unusual for mindtimeshare.

We do know that once Alberto Garcia was removed and they lost their funding from the RDO things have not gone well for them and they apparently reverted to using their own data to pass clients to other companies in order to survive. We just wonder if this is a sign that we may just have heard the last of mindtimeshare?

Late on Friday after we published our End of Week Roundup, the following news came in and yet another defeat at the Court of First Instance for Anfi Sales SL and Anfi Resorts SL.

Court of First Instance, San Bartelolmé de Tirajana

This case once again involved illegal contracts containing a duration of more than 50 years and was using the “floating weeks” system. The companies were also fined for the illegal taking of deposits within the statutory 14 days cooling-off period.

The original purchase price was around 70,000€ with the penalty payments this has been increased to 103,793.51€, that is almost 34,000€ more than what they originally paid. The court also awarded legal interest and declared the contract null and void.

The case was brought on behalf of the client by Canarian Legal Alliance with the original consultant being Lotta Nielsen and the two lawyers conducting the case being Eva Gutiérrez and Oscar Ojeda Suárez

So we have one very happy ex-Anfi timeshare owner and a very happy successful legal team. Congratulations to you all.

If you think you may have a claim for an illegal timeshare contract and would like to know more about your legal rights and options, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Please also remember to check any company that cold calls with the story that your timeshare company has been taken to court and they are now holding substantial sums for you. There will always be a catch.

Start the Week: More from Morales & Maxwell and the JSD Group

Welcome to the start of another week with Inside Timeshare, over the weekend we have received many more emails from readers who have been contacted by Morales and Maxwell and JSD Group. On Friday we highlighted a new twist into the JSD scam, a telephone call from Helen Jones claiming to be working for the British Government. This involved the “interception” of a cheque from Morales & Maxwell which Helen Jones needed to verify was genuine and not “money laundering”, this has now moved one stage further.

We have now received another email from a concerned reader after being contacted by Helen Jones, she claims that a bank transfer has been intercepted and is being held on suspicion of “money laundering”. Obviously she needs to verify that the transfer to the clients is genuine, I suppose that once she informs the clients it is genuine they are more than likely to pay what has been demanded, an initial payment of £2,400. She also gave them a contact number 0203 769 1182.

Helen also informs our reader that they must contact Julia Lopez who speaks English and is connected to the Malaga court, the telephone number is 0034 603 249 793, which is a Spanish mobile. Surely if Julia Lopez was connected to the court it would be a landline and verifiable as a court number.

Our reader is this instance refused to pay by bank transfer, only by credit card which they are unable to do. They were sent the bank details and when doing their own “due diligence” discovered that this is a “bogus” company. Our readers are certainly right there!

Another reader has also been contacted by Morales & Maxwell, once again the pitch is that Eze Group funds and assets have been seized by the court in Malaga and are now available to be paid out to former Eze clients.

But in order to have this money released, there is an upfront fee of again £2,400!

This reader explained that they were very insistent that it should be paid quickly as if it is not paid within 5 days, the court will return the money to the government and it will be gone.

Our next reader contacted Inside Timeshare on behalf of her elderly parents, once again being contacted by phone they too have been awarded a substantial amount by the Malaga court. Problem is it is a timeshare they gave up many years ago.

Once again the telephone for Julia Lopez at “Malaga court” was given and they also were given a “case” number which on checking is fake. Luckily, this reader also did some checks and believed it is a scam contacting Inside Timeshare for further information.

Malaga Court

We now move to more emails being received from readers regarding JSD Group, yet another “fake” firm with some very dubious past connections.

In this call from Anna Clark, she explained how they could get back over £15,000 our reader “lost” in past timeshare dealings in the 1990s and 2000s. She seemed to know a great deal about our readers’ past purchases especially those of Club Class and Marina Leisure. It does not take a genius to guess where they got that information.

This time the fee to claim back the money is £600, but this was very quickly reduced to £350 when our reader said they would not pay anything upfront. Again a sure sign this is a scam!

A very similar story came from another email, this time several more names have been provided, Michel Harper, Kathryn Clarke and Suzanna Tate. Again our reader felt suspicious especially when the “fee” was again reduced, they searched the internet for any information and came across our initial post on JSD Group. Thankfully this convinced them not to deal with JSD.

In another email one reader was contacted regarding a timeshare they gave up in 2000, that’s 20 years ago!

There was a substantial “compensation” claim including “interest”, and the cost to recover this money is only £600, again this was reduced to £350 as they refused to pay by bank transfer. Again they decided something was not quite right and did a search coming up with our articles. Thankfully they have been prevented from paying anything.

These examples are a clear sign that you must be very cautious when dealing with any “company” that cold calls you especially if they have very accurate information on past dealings. You should also take precautions before filling out any forms on websites you may come across, many of these are what are known as “lead generating sites”. This information is collected and then sold to various companies most of which will end up on these pages.

The problem is once you fill out the form and provide all the information then hit submit you have given your permission for them to “pass/sell” that on to the many bogus scam operators out there.


Eze Group Clients Being Targeted & JSD Update

Over the past few months Inside Timeshare has been following the various “fake” law firms operating out of Malaga and targeting former clients of Eze Group. All have the same story, there are substantial funds being held by the Malaga courts seized from a recent trial of Eze Group. For a fee which ranges from 600€ to 2,400€, they can have this money released to your own account. First, we bring you an update on another “fake” firm JSD Group.

Inside Timeshare first reported about this “company” on 10 June and again on 17 June, it does not make good reading. It becomes very apparent that this company has been set up with the sole purpose of depriving unsuspecting timeshare owners of thousands.

The latest email from one lucky reader shows how careful you must be, they received a cold call from someone representing JSD Group informing them they could get a full “refund” for their timeshare. The cost is only 600€.

JSD Group Bank Details

Our reader informed them they had not owned the timeshare since 2000, that is 20 years ago! Not to worry about that, said the caller, you can still claim the refund.

So who is going to pay the money?

It is also a fact that the purchase of the timeshare was well before the current timeshare laws were put into place on 5 January 1999, so the contracts are not illegal as they do not come under the new laws so could not have even been taken to court.

Links to the previous articles:

We now move to the latest “fake” law firm to come to our attention, Morales Maxwell, located at:

Av. de las Americas, 3, 2b Malaga 29006


0034 951 120 443


[email protected]

[email protected]

Morales Maxwell Office

We have located a website for a Morales Maxwell:

The website was registered on 25 November 2019 and is due to expire on 25 November 2020, so once again we have a website for a “law” firm registered for only 1 year!

The website itself shows no company details such as company registration numbers, lawyers names or bar association registrations. Our searches have not revealed any company records either in Spain or the UK.

Once again the story is the same as the others, the courts in Malaga have seized assets (vast sums of money) after a recent trial of Eze Group. Morales Maxwell has been charged by the courts to contact Eze Group clients to facilitate the return of in this case over £20,000!

Of course, this is not done for free, in order to get the funds released by the court the client has to pay £2,400 first!

As for the supposed trial, Inside Timeshare is not aware of any trial being held in Spain especially in Malaga against Eze Group. We do know that there was a trial held at Birmingham Crown Court where the O’Reilly’s were convicted. We also know that no money was seized by the cour but an investigation under the Proceeds of Crime Act was launched, As far as we know that is still ongoing.

Have you been contacted by either of these companies or any company with a similar story, if so please use our contact page and let Inside Timeshare know? It is your information that will help others to be aware of the potential scams that are emerging.