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Start the Week: Catching Up with the News

Welcome to the start of another week with Inside Timeshare, after a week away we have unfortunately missed some very important news. Today we have a quick look at the latest developments, we also issue yet another warning of a scam operation targeting Eze Group clients using the name of another genuine law firm. The using of the names of genuine law firms is causing not only the consumers themselves problems, it also has a very detrimental effect on the genuine law firm.

We begin with the latest scam using the name of a genuine law firm, Scudamore Law who have offices in the London, Madrid and Almeria. Their website is:

This morning Inside Timeshare contacted Jeremy Scudamore at his Madrid office with the information so far received, he informed Inside Timeshare that this is not the first time his company name has been used in this type of scam. His law firm has been operating for many years and has a good reputation, they have no involvement with any claims regarding timeshare or working on behalf of the courts in this area.

All information we have so far has been passed to Scudamore Law.

The email received by our reader was an unsolicited email, which is illegal under Data Protection Regulations, they use 2 email addresses:

[email protected]

[email protected]

As you can see, the email address is a free gmail service that is not used by the genuine law firm Scudamore Law.

The email itself which is signed by Georgina Bailey, contains the usual information that they are working on behalf of the Courts in Madrid from lists of Eze Group clients being held by the court. As we know the courts do not use or contract third parties for contacting potential victims of fraud, we also know they are not holding any funds seized from Eze Group or associated companies.

What we did find rather amusing was this extract from the email found about halfway down:




So the scammers are claiming they are not there to cheat anyone or “ripping people off”, well it certainly looks like they are!

The full email received by our reader:






Dear member of Eze Group, Regency Shores Holdings.

My name is Georgina Bailey I work for “Scudamore Law Services”​ we are a highly respected claims management company.

We specialise in Spanish law and our advice is delivered in English.

We were established in 1997 and for more than 20 years we have been dedicated to offering the highest quality representation and advice. Our mission is to provide high-quality, cost-effective services delivered to British standards of professionalism, with excellent client communication.

We have a friendly approach and we enable you to understand the issues and take decisions.

We have extensive experience in all fields and we are recognized by the many ex-pats we have helped over the years.

Our main offices are in Madrid, plus we have many Virtual associated offices scattered across​ Europe including the United Kingdom.

Our priority Is to keep our clients happy and if you look at the amount of​ repeat and Fixed clients that we have accumulated the numbers speak for themselves

The majority of the work that we do is for The High Court in Madrid…they are holding a list of all Eze Group members and this is how we come by your contact were listed as members of Eze Group, Regency Shores Holdings SL.​

If you are one of the many unfortunate ones who paid funds to Eze Group, Regency Shores Holdings SL and you have not yet been refunded your money then please carry on reading…

Firstly, we would like to make you aware of the recent closure of Regency Shores Holdings SL/​ EZE Group and also to make it clear that this will be your last opportunity to recover any funds that you may have paid to Eze Group, Regency Shores.

With the convictions of the father and daughter-in-law Dominic and Stephanie O’Reilly In a place, this now allows ALL MEMBERS of Eze Group,​ Regency Shores Holdings to claims their funds back REGARDLESS of how you made payment. (including bank transfers, cash payments, and loans)​.

**You may have been told that because you paid with a debit card you can not claim..this is no longer the case…contact us now we will get your money back.


The amount that you can expect from your claim is the amount that is stated on your subscription form from Eze Group… PLUS we can claim an additional 10% of the said amount as compensation.

For example,

If you paid £5,000 to Eze group, this would be returned to you plus a further £500 in compensation.

The total amount of your claim would be £5,500

Any queries please Contact us

[email protected]

To claim your refund, we will require your ID and your membership/subscription​ number which you would have received when you purchased with Eze Group…any problem with either please contact us.

We are well aware of the many Scammers operating on the Eze Group case and Others​ …please be aware and be vigilant!




Our preferred method of communication is email, We feel It’s not as intrusive as calling also you can go back over our conversation at any time…It’s there for you in “Blac


We are not a free service we have to make money the same as everyone, we think you will be pleasantly surprised when you hear of our fees. We do our best to be clear and fair.

YES, we are now offering our clients the opportunity of paying our processing fee when your claim is complete and the funds are clear inside your own Bank

ALL EZE Group claim funds are sent directly to you the client so please understand that for this option to work it takes 2 of us to be clear, fair, and understanding… we put our trust in you to pay the processing fee owed to us once the funds have cleared in your bank.

​All claim funds are delivered via courier Service..funds can also be debited directly to a bank account by prior arrangement​ providing the names on the account exactly match those on the subscription form.

We do understand it has been a very bad time for everyone and that the financial loss has been a great burden, many spending their life savings with Eze Group.

Please remember we will help in any way we can…speak to us…whatever situation you are in we will get your money back! We would like to see every member of the Eze group refunded!​ but if you don’t speak to us how can we help?

Remember – your refund is 100% guaranteed!! So contact us now!!​

..we make it as easy as we possibly can.

Contact us:​ [email protected]

We are now very close to the end of the Eze Group claims and our average processing time is down to only 7 days! Max!



If you would like more information on proceeding with your claim simply reply to this email…We are waiting for you but we are running out of time!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our advert,​

We look forward to speaking with you!

Whatever you decide, we wish you all the best for the future and hope you have a very pleasant day!​

Warm Regards, Stay Safe,

Georgina Bailey


So once again we have to urge all our readers to be very careful when dealing with any cold call or email claiming that you have a claim or that the courts are holding money that you are due. Look carefully at the email addresses, are they free email providers, does the email address connect to a firms website or is it slightly different from the one on their website? These are usually good signs that a scam is being perpetrated.

We now move to the news from the US and the Hilton purchase of Diamond Resorts, this piece of news has taken many by surprise and is still being analysed as to how it may affect Diamond members.

As we know Apollo Global Management purchased Diamond Resorts in 2016 for $2.2 billion, Hilton is reported to have paid just $1.4 billion!

Quite a reduction in price.

Links to the original Apollo buyout and the latest on the Hilton purchase.

In another story, this time it revolves around the founder and former CEO of Diamond Resorts, Stephen J Cloobeck. It seems that he himself has been taken in by a “confidence trickster”, who he claims “conned” him out of $1.3million worth of gifts.

Stephen J Cloobeck, Founder & Former CEO of Diamond Resorts

Nice to know he has been “done” and to be honest do we really care?

He is not the first to be taken in by a younger rather attractive girl, lavishing money on them as though there was no tomorrow.

According to reports Cloobeck was totally infatuated with her and ‘spent nearly every waking moment with’ the young model and splurged to buy her jewellery, lavish parties, private jet trips as well as paying her lease for a luxury apartment in Beverly Hills.

Well, I think there will be many Diamond victims who will be taking great pleasure in his demise, the full report as published in the UK press is below.

That is all for today we will be back tomorrow with some more catchup news from the Spanish Courts.

Latest on Iconel Administration and Important Court News

As always Inside Timeshare has received many emails and also follow-up emails regarding the many “fake” law firms that are operating, today we add the latest information to one we have highlighted before Inconel Administration SL. We also bring the latest court case against Puerto Calma in Gran Canaria, this time it is not the Court of First Instance or the High Court but the Mercantile Court.

Back in March 2020, Inside Timeshare published two articles on Iconel Administration SL, at the time of writing they had only been registered as a company in Spain for 7 months. The date of their registration is 8 August 2019, at that time there was not a CIF Number on the registration, this is now B93705606, also at the time of writing the registered address was:

C/ Coronel Ripollet Edificio Santos Rein 3a 29640 Fuengirola Málaga

They have since updated their address to:

C/ Victoriano Beamud 19 Arenales de San Gregorio Ciudad Real Spain

They also show the following address on their website:

Plaza de la Iglesia Local 9 planta 2 Primera Puerta 29631  Arroyo de la Miel  Málaga

Which as you will see from the picture taken from Google Street View is a residential street located nearer Madrid than Malaga. It is also a very small place with a population of under 1000.

The registered address for Iconel Administration SL

Our reader this time was contacted by Lawrence Klein, who said he was not a lawyer, (probably the only truthful thing he did say), but a “legal advisor” with a “team of lawyers” and “forensic accountants” for Iconel.

He was offered the “guaranteed opportunity” to receive around £12,000 in compensation from the “directors” of Eze Group. The cost would be“only” £1,750 plus 10% commission on “receipt of compensation”.

Now, remember, the directors Dominic O’Reilly and his daughter Stephanie were convicted at Birmingham Crown Court and eventually Dominic O’Reilly was jailed and Stephanie received a suspended sentence (she was pregnant). The court also ordered an investigation under “The Proceeds of Crime Act”, this has not yet been completed.

So we ask how Iconel is going to get the money from the “directors” considering the case was in the UK and the investigation is not yet complete. That is if they can find any money, as no doubt the O’Reilly’s will have ensured their “cash has been stashed in a very safe place”!

In the past payments to Iconel were to be made by bank transfer, this client wanted to pay by credit card, even if his request is accepted, it will more than likely not protect him under Section 75. From what we have seen in other cases including from the list of associated companies, they will use a third party to take the payment, such as Paypal or a money transfer agency. This then becomes a third party transaction and is not covered by Section 75, sorry you lose your money!

In the links below you will find all the associations with other entities, some even go back around 10 years and include some of the most prolific “fake lawyers” at the time, including our old friends Ramirez and Ramirez with his association to many other companies.

2016 article on the return of Ramirez and Ramirez

Yesterday it was announced that the Mercantile Court Number 1 of Las Palmas Gran Canaria, declared a Puerto Calma contract null and void, with the judge awarding over 28,000€.

Usually, these timeshare contract cases go through the Courts of First Instance which are civil courts, but this case is different in that Puerto Calma filed for liquidation. Therefore the case had to be taken to the Mercantile Court in order to have the client recognised as a “preferential creditor”.

This means the client has been recognised as a creditor and will take priority over other debts which the company may have outstanding.

It was back in November 2019 that the first case was reported and this “opened the door” for other claims to be lodged. Inside Timeshare believes there are still many more cases pending and will bring that news when it comes in.

This case was prepared and presented on behalf of the English client by Canarian Legal Alliance.

Further to our mention in previous articles on the continuing story of Barclays Partner Finance, the Financial Conduct Authority and Azure, Inside Timeshare again calls for any member who purchased from Azure with a BPF loan agreement between 1 January 2018 and the end of January 2019 to contact Inside Timeshare.

Unfortunately, due to legal restraints at present we are unable to publish some very significant news on BPF loan agreements, but suffice it to say it is probably very good news for those consumers. More when we are able to publish.

If you require any information on your timeshare, your legal rights and options then please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

The Tuesday Slot

Welcome to the first Tuesday Slot of the year, today have a look at the re-emergence of our old friends at Mindtimeshare. As we know they stopped publishing in November 2019 but came back recently, the unfortunate thing for them is that their news and information is not what you could call reliable. There is also a message for all members who purchased a timeshare through Azure Resorts in Malta, using Barclay Partner Finance loan agreements brokered by the sales staff, more on this below. We begin today with yet another blow and it is a huge financial one for Anfi.

Yesterday the High Court released their ruling on yet another appeal by Anfi against the sentence and ruling issued by the Court of First Instance Number 2 of San Bartelomé de Tirajana.

In the original ruling, the court of SBT declared the Anfi contract null and void, which is what we have now come to expect in all cases, the court also awarded the Norwegian client 105,061€ plus legal interest and the return of all legal costs.

This huge award has been calculated that the clients be repaid 46,031€ which is what they originally paid for their timeshare. The court also added a further 59,030€ to be paid back, which is double the amount illegally taken in deposits during the statutory cooling-off period.

The High Court agreed with the ruling and sentence of the Court of First Instance rejecting and dismissing the appeal confirming the original sentence. The case is now back for the execution of the order which, as we have already seen in past cases, has a “provisional execution order” already in place. So we hope that this client has a speedy payout.

The case was prepared and presented by the Canarian Legal Alliance Lawyer Oscar Salvador Santana Gonzalez with Claims Consultant Michael Gadman assisting the client throughout the process.

We now move to the continuing saga of the Financial Conduct Authority and their validation order to “legalise” loan agreements made by Azure Services Ltd. This company brokered loan agreements on behalf of Barclay Partner Finance yet they were not an “authorised” agent.

This has affected over 1,400 clients, whose loans were not enforceable under the law if the client defaulted on the loan. With the validation order, these loans were effectively legalised and BPF could enforce payment through the County Courts in the event of a default.

Although the FCA has issued a validation order, this is now subject to appeal as it appears that no client detriment was taken into consideration.

A group has now been formed on the following Facebook page:

If you would like to know more or join the group in their appeal then please do check this page out and join. (See below for links to previous articles).

We now move to Mindtimeshare, as you all know, Mindtimeshare went through quite a dramatic couple of years following Alberto Garcia’s demise with the subsequent removal of funds from the RDO.

Due to financial constraints, Mindtimeshare stopped publishing back in November 2019, they re-emerged only back in December 2020, just over a year without publication.

Obviously being out of circulation for that amount of time has left them well behind on all the scam operations, this is seen by some of the posts published over the past couple of weeks. Most of the “fake” law firms they have highlighted were the subject of several articles published by Inside Timeshare months ago.

Two, in particular, stand out, Morales Maxwell and Suarez and Simpson, both were highlighted for the first time in June and July 2020, with all websites working and a barrage of “cold calls” and unsolicited emails.

Unfortunately, by the time Mindtimeshare began publishing, these two have seemed to have disappeared into thin air with their websites no longer functioning.

The other cause for concern is their publication of a “fake” law firm Century Abogados, which had begun an email campaign targeting Eze Group members. They are using the following email address:

[email protected]

All credit to them for highlighting this “fake” law firm, but, unfortunately, it seems that their research has not been carried out completely. According to their article, there is no law firm or offices with the name Century Abogados.

There is a firm based in Malaga, with offices in Torremolinos, Marbella, Madrid and Barcelona, they use the website:

Which was registered on 5 May 2015 and is due to expire in May 2024, not the usual length for a scam company.

Entrance to the Malaga Office of Century Abogados

Inside Timeshare has contacted them and confirmed they are a genuine law firm with no interest in timeshare matters.

In fact, there is plenty of information on this law firm when searching the internet such as the one below:

As we said, all credit to them for highlighting the emails as being “FAKE”, but their research has let them down somewhat and this could have some serious consequences for the law firm as well as Mindtimeshare.

Inside Timeshare has also received this picture from a reader which appears to come from Mindtimeshare:

Well, all we can say is now we know where some of your new stories have originated and actually thank you for publicising Inside Timeshare, if Mindtimeshare is following, then we must be doing something right in our research!

That is all for today, please remember that in Spain, tomorrow is the Day of the Kings and is a public holiday, so unless some important news appears over the course of today there may not be an article tomorrow.