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Start the Week: Another Fake Law Firm Comes to Light

Welcome to the start of another week with Inside Timeshare, as our regular readers know, Inside Timeshare is always quick to report the latest names to emerge with regards to timeshare claims and exit. Today we highlight yet another “fake” law firm to come to our attention, this time it is not directly from a reader but the Timeshare Consumer Association. They contacted Inside Timeshare to find out if we had ever heard of this “law firm” and what we thought of the letter they had received from a concerned consumer.

As some of our readers are now aware, Inside Timeshare has been collaborating with the TCA by sharing information on the proliferation of “fake” law firms and claims companies. The latest is called Sanchez Abogados Services, claiming to be “Legal Services & Re-claim Specialists”.

So far, Inside Timeshare or the TCA have not found any “law” firm with this name, there are two which we have found with similar names based in Barcelona and Murcia. Both are genuine law firms and have nothing to do with any timeshare cases.

The letter received by the consumer gives no company details, address, telephone number or website, but does have an email address:

[email protected]

Once again it is a free Gmail account which anybody can set up, not what you would expect from any genuine law firm.

The letter itself is what can only be described as familiar and not very business-like, it does not even begin with Dear Mr or Mrs, but “Good Morning, Thanks again for getting in touch”. It then begins:

“Ok, I’m going to explain how the process works and let you know the costs/fees involved…What you read here is 100% correct and not a penny more than the amount quoted.”

It then goes on to say:

“Firstly, I would like to mention that we do not expect any of our processing fee/payment to be paid upfront or during the process.”

So far so good, but then they require the client to make a refundable “surety deposit” amounting to £185 to begin the process which is “refundable” in full after “7 days” on completion. 

The letter goes on to explain the reason for this “surety deposit”, it seems that “people” have not been paying them once the claim is processed on a “no win no fee” basis:

“We have had problems with a few people over this..Basically the management are hoping the surety payment may deter this sort of thing from happening again and encourage people to stay around for the duration of their claim.”

Again not very business-like, they want the client to trust them but they don’t trust the client!

The basis of the claim is a purchase with Eze Group with a Timeshare being taken from them so they are then maintenance-free. We have seen this with many of these discount holiday clubs, credit-based clubs such as Monster Credits etc. In other words, the only way you the consumer can get out of your timeshare is to purchase our product and we will take over your timeshare.

It appears that these people also know the exact date the purchase with Eze Group was made as they actually place that in the letter along with the exact amount paid. Again, something does not seem right here, how have they managed to get that information?

This could be yours!

The total amount for the claim is £21,215, plus according to Sanchez Abogados they are also “entitled to 10% of this amount as a form of compensation”. This amounts to £23,336. Apparently, this is due to the amount of time the client has waited. Waited for what we ask as the client did not instigate any legal action or claim?

The letter then goes on about “fees/your payment to us”, where they “actually have 3 payment options”. Apparently 2 of these involve upfront payments, “so we will concentrate on option 3 where no upfront payment is needed”.

The processing fee will be £750, but the £185 initial surety payment will be deducted from this leaving £565 which will be invoiced once the “claim funds have cleared in your bank”.

They certainly work very fast as they say the claim will be completed within 10 days, apparently, this is down to the “amount of time the court allows us to process a claim”. It then goes to say “as you know we are at the end of the Eze Group claims so this is more likely to be 6 or 7 days”.

Payment made by the client at the start or during the process will be payable to a “third party, UK Escrow, holding account”.  Apparently this account has been verified by the High Court.

In order to give the “client” some peace of mind, the funds are not accessible by them and are held for a maximum of 10 days, if they (Sanchez) do not complete within the 10 days the funds will be returned to the client. What funds are we talking about, the claim amount or what?

It also goes on to say:

“All monies that you will be receiving are being settled to you by the successful outcome of recent court proceedings against Regency Shores (Eze Group) Holdings SL, where upon you were listed as one of their members.”

“All monies and procedure are contractually and fiscally guaranteed by our long standing relationship with the High Court In Madrid and the Central Bank of Spain.”

So they have a long-standing relationship with the High Court in Madrid and the Central Bank of Spain. Wonderful credentials if they were true.

In the closing paragraphs they also state that they are now “out of time” for claims against Eze Group, but wait a minute, “the court does normally allow us a couple of days grace”. Isn’t that lovely of the court!

In the same paragraph, they also advise the client to “get your foot in the door”!

The letter ends:

“If you need any assistance in the future please do contact us. 

Any questions, please ask..sorry if I’ve made it sound complicated..sometimes think I go into to much detail 😚”

“We look forward to your reply,”

“Have a lovely day,”

“Warm Regards,”

“Ms Maria Santos (Admin)”

The footer of the page has these wonderful words to end with:


Please note any spelling mistakes etc are direct from the letter.

We just love the part where Maria Santos apologises for making it sound complicated and that she thinks she goes into too much detail. Well we know the reason for that, make it complicated so it confuses the clients, most of which are going to be elderly pensioners!

So to recap, a law firm that cannot be traced, a free Gmail account, no company address, company registration number, lawyers bar association numbers or names and no website.

All the details you would expect from a legitimate and genuine law firm, our conclusion, yet another scam with the lure of thousands coming your way.

Once again this reinforces what Inside Timeshare has been saying for years, do not believe what you are told in cold calls, unsolicited emails or normal post. Check and check again, if you don’t know where to start or how to make these checks, then contact Inside Timeshare using our contact page and we will help you get started.


Start the Week: Yet Another Fake Law Firm Emerges

Welcome to the start of another week with Inside Timeshare, we start this week with yet another new “Fake Law Firm” which has come to our attention, Suarez and Simpson. But, there is something familiar about them which cannot just be a coincidence, it is the Modus Operandi and the documentation which they use. Once again, this “Fake Law Firm” is targeting ex-Club Class members, but how long before they begin to target other timeshare owners and members of now-defunct “Discount Holiday Clubs”?

On 24 June, Inside Timeshare published the first warning to readers of the “Fake Law Firm” Morales Maxwell, who began targeting clients of Eze Group. According to Morales Maxwell, a recent court case in Málaga had found Eze Group guilty and seized sizable assets on behalf of clients in excess of £20,000 per client. But in order to release this money, a fee of around £2,400 was required.

In “fake” documents sent by Morales Maxwell they name the Judge who presided over the trial, His Honorable High Judge Dr Jose Mario Savantes, as yet we have not been able to verify if this is indeed a real judge whose identity has been illegally used or if he is just a fake name.

In this latest incarnation, the same judge has been named, which obviously leads us to believe that this new “Fake Law Firm” Suarez and Simpson are the same people as Morales Maxwell, as they are using the same format for the documents and also the name of the presiding judge His Honorable High Judge Dr Jose Mario Savantes.

Their website:

Was only registered on 30 June 2020 and is due to expire on 30 June 2021, again only registered for one year. Yet according to the “Testimonials”, it appears they have been around much longer.

The registrant of the website is also hidden which is usually a good indication of a scam operation.

So far no company registration has been found either in Spain or the UK, but according to the “court” document the “prosecution lawyers from Suarez and Simpson” work under “autonomo” which is self employed. This may just explain why there is no company registration.

There is also no mention of who the lawyers actually are or any bar registration numbers on the website.

The address given is:

Planta 2 2A 79 Calle Carreteria Malaga 29008 does exist although anyone familiar with Spanish addresses will spot that the order is incorrect.

Their telephone number is 0034 951 667 450

The email addresses they use are:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

The email (below), signed by Megan Lowe, explains that the courts have been working on skeleton staff due to the CoronaVirus. But she is pleased to inform the client that their settlement offer has been finalized at £21,850.

It also goes on to say “Please do not hesitate to contact the Court of Malaga Maria Rodriguez on 0034 604 189 749. This is a Spanish mobile telephone number and is not likely to be used by any court or court official for any official business.

Along with the email, there was a “court” document signed by Judge Savantes and the Duty Registrar Maria Ramirez. (seems to be a lot of Maria’s).

As well as explaining the “lawyers” work under autonomo, the document states that the “accusations of fraud by way of deception, gross mis-conduct and missold product/services were brought to the Tribunal Superior de Justicia Sala de lo Social de Málaga num 1 by the Spanish Securities Market Commission by (name and address of the client)”.

It then goes on to say that the Tribunal Superior has awarded compensation in favour of the client to the tune of £21,850, not including reimbursed costs and compound interest. This is dated 10 March 2020.

The address given on the “fake” document from the court is:

Avenida de Manuel Augustine Heredia 16 29001 Málaga.

With the telephone numbers:

0034 951 04 55 50

0034 604 103 308

Again the last number is a Spanish mobile.

Below is the PDF of the “Fake” court document.

According to information supplied by our reader who became suspicious and began a search, finding our previous warnings on Morales Maxwell, he was told that the money is being held by ITI in London. If he did not respond within 5 days, the money would be returned to Spain!

Now that is putting on the pressure to pay!

So far Inside Timeshare has not found any firm using the initials ITI in London who would be involved in holding any money from Spanish courts.

Now one of the points which aroused our reader’s suspicions was the fact they had never instigated any legal action through the court and had never taken on the services of any lawyer. So again the question is if this case was genuine how was our reader named as one of the accusers?

This is a very valid point, unless you have personally instigated legal action, how did they have the clients details?

Obviously somewhere along the line, these people have managed to get hold of protected client data. Our guess is they either worked for Club Class and stole the data, or they have purchased it illegally from an ex-employee.

Another point which our reader found very strange was that they called one of the numbers and explained that they would be travelling to Málaga in the very near future. They offered to attend the office of Suarez & Simpson to discuss the matter and pass on all their documents.

The response was not surprising, the person told them that would not be possible due to the restriction imposed by the CoronaVirus.

Now if that does not raise your suspicions, I don’t know what would!

Once again, this is a very good example of why you need to be extra vigilant when receiving cold calls or unsolicited emails. This also holds true for any company that you may have found on the internet when looking to exit your timeshare or reclaim money for mis-sold timeshares.

If you have received any calls or emails from Suarez & Simpson, Morales Maxwell or any other “dubious” company or law for, please use our contact page and let us know. Inside Timeshare will also help you to research these companies to check if they are indeed genuine or fake, this service is provided free of charge and without any obligation.

Keep your money safe and do your HOMEWORK!

If not you lose!

Previous articles on Morales Maxwell:

End of Week Roundup

Welcome to the last article for this week and what a week it has been, our email inbox has once again been busy with enquiries from readers trying to find out about companies that have cold-called them. Thankfully most are ones we have highlighted on these pages in the past with some new information which clearly points to a scam. Before we begin the roundup of this week’s news we begin with some new information about the “fake” law firm Morales and Maxwell.

Morales and Maxwell first came to our attention in mid-June, they appear to be targeting Eze Group members stating that the Málaga Courts have seized assets of Eze Group and there are substantial amounts of money being awarded by the courts to their clients.

These are quite substantial amounts all around £20,000 plus, but as usual, there are fees of around £2,400 which need to be paid to allow the courts to release the funds. Clients are being given a Spanish Mobile number which is supposed to belong to the Málaga courts to verify the facts. Well, we do know that the courts will not be using mobile telephones for this type of enquiry.

It has now transpired that Morales & Maxwell are now sending a document supposedly from the Oficina Judicial de Andalucia, very strange indeed considering the courts are part of the Ministry of Justice which is a National Government Ministry. We at Inside Timeshare have never seen any document like this in all the years we have been running.

The document is attached below as a PDF file, so far we have not been able to identify the Judge, His Honorable High Judge Dr Jose Mario Savantes, or if he is indeed genuine and as usual his name is being used without his knowledge. More information will be published as and when it is available.

Previous articles on Morales Maxwell.

On Tuesday we reported on the Tenerife fake law firm Torcaz Abogados, yet another incarnation of the Litigious Abogados Family we have reported on over the last 4 years. This article highlighted the same Modus Operandi as the previous incarnations right down to the “stolen” cheque from the post by a gang of “Bulgarians”, and the investigation and questioning of the post office staff as the “law firm” claimed it was an “inside job”.

The envelope with a letter from the court which the cheque issued by the court was missing.

You can read the full story on the following link:

On Wednesday we highlighted the continuing story of Mark Rowe and his companies and that one of them of which he is still director Lansdown Financial Ltd is now the “Trading Name” of Mellor Solicitors. A relatively new law firm only registered on 19 June 2017, and supposedly doing the “claims” for Mark Rowe’s previous clients of ABC Legal & ABC Lawyers whose claims were then passed to Lansdown Financial. The full story can be read at the following link.

Mark Rowe

On Thursday a breaking news story was published titled “Uncovered: Anfi Attempts to Avoid Embargoed Accounts”. This article highlights the tactics being employed by Anfi to divert funds from Spanish accounts that are or may be subject to embargoes by the Spanish courts.

Although the beneficiaries of the payments are Anfi, these accounts are with banks in the UK, Germany, Denmark and elsewhere. Inside Timeshare has in the past published many stories on the Anfi practice of diverting funds between accounts in order to delay or prevent payment to clients who have won their cases. This story is likely to come to the attention of the Spanish press who are very keen to publish when it does Inside Timeshare will bring you their findings.

The full article can be seen at the following link.

We now move on with the latest news from the courts this week.

On 30 June yet another sentence was issued against Anfi Sales SL and Anfi Resorts SL, by the Court of First Instance No. 4 of San Bartolomé de Tirajana GC.

The court declared the contract null & void due to the duration of the contract being for more than 50 years, containing floating weeks and the illegal taking of deposits. The court, in this case, awarded the client 102,427.91€ plus legal fees and legal interest. This is a whopping 30% more than his original purchase price.

The Norwegian client was represented by Aroa Cathaysa Martin of CLA, so another happy ex-Anfi timeshare owner and another victory for Canarian Legal Alliance.

Aroa Cathaysa Martin

On the first day of the month in another case at the High Court of Las Palmas (appeals), CLA won on behalf of another Norwegian client against Palm Oasis Tasolan.

The appeal was brought by Palm Oasis who lost at the Court of First Instance, with the High Court dismissing the appeal. They confirmed the sentence of the lower court which declared the contract null & void and awarded over 22,000€ back to the client.

The client was represented by the CLA lawyers  Miguel Angel Melian Santana and Oscar Salvador Santana Gonzales, so it is congratulations to the client and also to CLA and their legal team.

These cases do show that the courts are now firmly behind consumers of timeshare and are following the law to the letter. It just amazes us that the timeshare companies still refuse to accept that their contracts are illegal and that the Supreme Court has interpreted the law incorrectly and continue to drag the case out with frivolous appeals.

On the point of the fake law firms and dubious claims companies, it is very important that you do your checks before believing what you are told on a cold-call or engaging their services. If you do not want to lose any further money then


Have a great weekend and join us again next week.