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Start the Week: Yet Another Fake Firm

Welcome to the start of yet another week in the world of timeshare, yes, it is only Monday and we have yet another fake firm. Once again it looks like a genuine lawyers name and Colegio registration number are being illegally used to perpetrate this fraud against members of Eze Group. There is also a very disturbing aspect to this one, they seem to know the client’s precise details from how much they paid to the date they purchased and their membership number. This leads us to believe that the details have come directly from the Eze Group client database, most likely from an ex-employee.

The name of this particular “scam” company is Gonzalez Abogados Services, with the address

Calle Valez Malaga 29016

This is actually the wrong spelling. It should be Calle Vélez Málaga 29016, the address also does not show any building number so it would be difficult to actually locate them.

They also use the email address [email protected] which as you can see is a free Gmail account.

The contact number given is +44 1173 180515 which is a UK code for Bristol.

The email received is introduced and signed by a Caroline Brooke’s, yes, you have seen it correct, an apostrophe in the name! 

The email begins with

My name is Caroline Brooke’s, 

The Intent of this email is to make you fully aware of the recent closure of the week Regency Shores (EZE Group) Holdings SL and also to stress that this will be your last opportunity to recover any funds from the aforementioned company.

It then goes on with the story of the Birmingham case against Dominic O’Reilly and Stephanie O’Reilly, outlining the sentences they received. It then goes on to explain how much the client is to receive and that:

The details we have are in line with EZE GROUP records that are now held by the court.

This is where we get your details from as obviously, you are listed as a  member of Eze Group and we work directly for the High Court.

Well, this particular paragraph certainly increased the noise from the alarm bells, as we have stated before, the courts do not employ any outside firm to contact “victims”, they will certainly not divulge any details of contracts or membership. It is also a case that the High Court of Malaga is not and has not heard any case against Eze Group, Regency Shores SL or the O’Reilly’s.

The email also has two paragraphs designed to try and put the client at ease:

We realize you have probably received Countless other calls regarding claiming against EZE Group:…*PLEASE BE WARNED-Some of these calls may be genuine but we do know there are many Fictitious companies preying on Eze Group please be aware and be vigilant!



This last paragraph really did make us laugh, I have never known any law firm use this type of language and as you can see from the snippets published here their spelling has a lot to be desired!

They then introduce the lawyer, giving a very brief history of the law firm, the lawyers Colegio (bar association) number and also a NIF number.

Gonzalez-Abogados is a totally legal company founded by Maria Gonzalez in 1964.

González Abogados is now headed by José María González López, collegiate lawyer nº 2959 of the Illustrious Bar Association of Malaga, with NIF 33367739-Y.

The email ends with the following:

**Please note this is your last chance to process a claim as all cases will be closed after 28th JANUARY 2020**

The Colegio registration number given is for a lawyer named José María González López, who was first registered as a lawyer in 1993. One fact of the email is genuine and that is the date the law firm was founded, 1964 by José María González Carrera.

Lawyers details from
Abogacía Española CONSEJO GENERAL

Calle Linaje nº 4 7ºA ES 29001 Málaga


+34 95 221 98 99


[email protected] 


Looking at the website there is a biography of the lawyer and he certainly is what can be only described as a very upstanding lawyer who also co-founded InterLaki Spain Finland in 2009. This firm gives comprehensive advice on legal matters for those with interests in Spain and Finland.

The lawyer concerned has been contacted and informed of the situation by email, as soon as we receive a reply it will be published here. But we are absolutely sure what that reply will be!

This once again shows that you need to be on your guard when receiving any telephone calls or unsolicited emails such as this just as this particular reader has done.

If you receive any calls or emails regarding Eze Group or any other timeshare related company giving you information on court cases or the fact money has been awarded or set aside for you, please use our contact page and let us know. We will help you find out if they are genuine or not.

Remember doing your homework is a vital step in not losing your money!

End of a Dismal Week for Anfi

It’s Friday and it is the end of another very expensive week for Anfi. We ended last week with the news which came in after publication that the courts awarded over 213,000€ against Anfi del Mar for seven clients. This week has not been any better for Anfi Sales SL and Anfi Resorts SL, with even bigger awards being made by the courts along with all contracts being declared null and void.

On Monday 20 January, six sentences were issued against Anfi with over 174,885.56€ going back to clients. Once again contracts containing floating weeks, contracts of more than 50 years and the taking of deposits within the statutory cooling-off period being deemed illegal under Spanish law.

Wednesday saw another five sentences being issued by the courts against Anfi with over 235,440.75€ being awarded to these clients. The courts also declared all contracts null and void for contravening Spanish Law.

All eleven of these clients were represented by the very able legal team of Canarian Legal Alliance.

The Lawyers of CLA with Judith 2nd from right and Cristina 4th from right.

In total, this week alone has added a further 410,326.31€ to the debts that Anfi are now incurring due to these judgements, the question is how long can they actually sustain these huge amounts?

In further news, the specialized court enforcement and execution of sentence team consisting of Judith Diaz Pascual and Cristina Batista have made yet another client happy with their dedicated hard work.

The German client has now received 14,712.66€ into his bank account, this is the balance of his total claim which amounted to 50,737,59€. There is unfortunately still an outstanding amount to be paid to the client. This consists of legal interest and his legal costs, these will be subject to yet another enforcement action by the specialist team.

It must also be noted that this particular payout was made voluntarily by Anfi as a result of the huge legal pressure from the execution and enforcement team, so is very good news for clients of CLA.

To end this week Inside Timeshare issues a further warning to timeshare owners especially clients of Eze Group. More emails are being received from readers desperate to find out if the claims they have received in calls regarding a court case in Malága against Eze Group and Regency Shores SL are genuine.

By far the most prolific are those from Platinum Services and Administration SL, followed closely by  01C Leisure and Legal Solutions SL. both are claiming that cases have been filed against the companies in the Malága courts. As we know a case against Eze Group was held at Birmingham Crown Court in 2017, where Dominic O’Reilly and his daughter Stephanie O’Reilly pleaded guilty. They were sentenced in January 2019 with Dominic receiving a custodial sentence and Stephenie having hers suspended.

At this trial, no money was set aside by the courts for victims of Eze Group, but the courts did order an investigation under the Proceeds of Crime Act. This particular investigation is ongoing and is not likely to be concluded in the near future.

As for Regency Shores SL, Inside Timeshare has no information that any cases are filed or even being filed with the courts in Malága, in fact, any cases against this branch of the company must be heard in Tenerife which is where the company is registered and where the sales took place.

These are just two of the companies that have joined the bandwagon of “scam” operations preying on Eze Group clients who are desperate to get their money back. If you have had a call with the good news of a case from any of these or any other company then please do get in touch with Inside Timeshare, it is your information that is vital to help others.

That is all for this week if you require any further information on any article published or would like to know your legal position with your timeshare contract, please use our contact page and get in touch.

Have a great weekend and remember to do your homework.

Start the Week

Welcome to the start of another week in the world of timeshare, we begin today with yet another company that has sprung up in relation to the recent Eze Group court case. Again the same old story, appointed by the courts to get victims their money back, for a fee that is.

The company name is H&K Limited, apparently based in Walthamstow East London, however, there is a company registered at Company House by the name of HK Limited, but it was dissolved on 12 December 2017.

The company number was 10334162 and the registered address was located at 18 Janeston Court 1-3 Wilbury Crescent, Hove, England, BN3 6FT

There does not seem to be any website and the email address they give is [email protected]

Again this is a free email address providers such as gmail, yahoo and hotmail, so it is not linked to any website.

The company directors were Abdul Haseeb and Yousaf Shah, Haseeb has no links to any other company but Shah was a director of another dissolved company called Helping the Children.

It may be that the persons behind the latest scam could just be using the company name, as when it is googled it does come up on the listings as a registered company. So unless you click on the link you would think that it is genuine.

Now as we have reported on another similar company A&K Advisory Limited, very similar name, the story is the same. Regency Shores, one of Eze Groups Tenerife based companies have recently lost in the High Court. Low and behold along comes H&K with the great news that money has been set aside and they have been appointed by the courts to pay it out to victims.

Problem is they need a £725 advanced fee to do so. No doubt the money will need to be paid by bank transfer to the “Escrow Account”, the only thing is the account will obviously in the name of a private individual.

The important point to remember is that Birmingham Crown Court trial was against Dominic O’Reilly, Stephanie O’Reilly and Eze Europe Ltd, the court did not set aside any money for victims. There is however an investigation under The Proceeds of Crime Act.

As for Regency Shores, there has been no court action either in Tenerife or in the UK, even though they are under investigation. No charges have yet been brought.

Remember, no court will appoint, instruct or allow any private company or third party to contact any victim of fraud, this would be down to the investigating authorities before the trial ever takes place.

The recurring question from all enquiries Inside Timeshare has received on this matter is how have they got such accurate details, such as what was purchased, how much for, when purchased, full names, addresses along with home and mobile numbers?

The answer is very simple, these scams are either being setup and run by ex-employees who have stolen company records or they have been purchased from existing or ex-employees. I would actually suspect that these scams are being run by ex-employees, the reason, they seem to know the workings of the company very well.

So to recap, there is no money waiting or being held at court, courts do not use third party companies, payments are never paid to private individuals, emails should always be linked to company websites and never pay any money upfront especially by bank transfer.

If you have been contacted with a similar story by a company with another name, Inside Timeshare would like to hear from you. If you require any further information on how it may be possible for you to get something back by doing it yourself, use our contact page and we’ll get back to you.