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Another Suspicious Company Emerges

Welcome to another edition of Inside Timeshare, yet again another new company has emerged and is already contacting timeshare owners. The problem is that there is no record of this “company” registered in either Spain or the UK, despite the fact they show a CIF Number (Spanish company registration) on the website CIF B-831920-D. The problem, this is not a genuine CIF Number, it is not even close to being a NIF or DNI number.

The “company” is called Canarian Consumer Alliance, or CCA, yes, it could be confused by some as being part of Canarian Legal Alliance but has nothing to do with the genuine law firm which is at the forefront of timeshare litigation in Spain.

According to the website they were established in 2009, and claim to have “over a decades worth of  experience in protecting the rights of UK consumers in Spain.” Yet, according to the website registration, it was only registered on 2 April 2020 and is due to expire on 2 April 2021, so it is only registered for 1 year. This does appear to be very strange for a company that claims it has been running for over 10 years!

As for the registration itself, the actual owner of the website is hidden with the site itself being registered by proxy through J Murray Solutions, which is a Business IT Support & Service Provider apparently based in Tenerife. No company registration for this company has yet been found either in Spain or the UK.

They do give two addresses with a telephone number and email address.

Canary Islands

Calle la Palma 14 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife España


7 Bell Yard London WC2A 2JR United Kingdom

Telephone 0203 656 5465

Email [email protected]

The Tenerife address is a main shopping street in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and no office can be seen. The London address is just off Fleet Street and right next to The Royal Courts of Justice, giving the impression they are a legitimate firm at the heart of the legal world.

It should also be noticed that there are a series of logos of official bodies on the website, these cover the Ilustre Colegio de Tenerife and Madrid and for various associations of Asesores Fiscales. Obviously these have been placed to give more credibility to the “company”.

In the News section are just 5 items, with 2 using the name of Canarian Legal Alliance and obviously taken direct from the CLA website. One article about Diamond is word for word the article published by CLA back in March so confirms that it is a “cut & paste” job.

Just going by this scant information, it is clear that this “company” is in it for the short term and should not be trusted. After all, if they were genuine, why would they use a fake CIF Number, have the website registered for 1 year only, not be registered as a company and to cap it all stealing articles from another company without permission or giving any acknowledgement of use.

So the question now remains of who is behind this “new scam”?

If you have been contacted by this “company” Inside Timeshare would be pleased to hear from you, please use our contact page and let us know what “deal” they are offering.

Once again this does reinforce our advice that you should do your homework before you engage with any company that cold calls.

What a Cheek: ABC Legal Sends in Debt Collectors to Clients

Well, we thought we had seen everything until now, it appears that the “scammers” are now sending in the debt collectors to clients who wanted to cancel and refuse to pay or have not paid because they do not believe their timeshare contracts have been terminated. ABC Legal is the company involved and yes, it is the “crook” Mark Rowe who is once again behind it. Also, remember that Mark Rowe and several of his other companies are under criminal investigation in the UK and Spain.

Over the past few weeks Inside Timeshare has been receiving many emails on this subject. The first few were all clients who decided they wanted to cancel the services to terminate their timeshare because they felt pressured into signing and subsequently found some very disturbing news on the internet. Yet now they are being bullied into paying with threats of legal action and County Court Judgements.

Mark Rowe

The latest involves two clients who had taken on the services of ABC Legal or one of the other Mark Rowe companies, Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL and ABC Lawyers Ltd.

Both were sent letters on ABC Legalheaded paper telling them that their timeshare contracts had been terminated, both asked for proof as they had not heard anything from their respective resorts. Plus they are receiving demands for past maintenance fees and for next year.

ABC Legal refused to send any written evidence that the contracts had been formerly terminated. All they have done is refer the clients to this clause in their contract:

To clarify, by “Exit” we mean one of two things:

a) an agreement with the Resort Owner under which your Timeshare Contract is terminated on terms you approve in advance; OR 

b) receipt by you of a letter from us stating that we consider that, in all of the circumstances, including the legal context and any legal notices served, that the Resort Owner is likely to treat the Timeshare Contract in effect as if it had been terminated (though in fact it has not been formally terminated) and that in our opinion the Resort Owner is unlikely to take any legal action against you. 

Both (Name of Resort) and (Name of Resort) have failed to engage or respond to the legal notices served.

Now there is a very telling point in the second clause:

(though in fact, it has not been formally terminated) and that in our opinion the Resort Owner is unlikely to take any legal action against you.

They actually admit that the contract has not been “formerlly terminated”, that the resorts failed to engage or respond to legal notices served.

The question is what “Legal Notices”?

As we have pointed out on many occasions, most timeshare companies will not engage with or recognise these third party terminations, they will deal directly with the member only. It is also a fact that timeshare companies will pursue owners/members for arrears in maintenance fees. Many of these companies will use the services of Daniels Silverman based in Liverpool, this is the prefered choice of Diamond.

The debt collection agency employed by ABC Legal is CCI Credit Management Ltd, The CCICM Centre Snowdonia Business Park Portmadog.

It is also a fact that ABC Legal and ABC lawyers are in liquidation, with ABC Legal filling on 8 February 2019 and ABC Lawyers also on 8 February 2019.

So another question has to be asked, how can companies in liquidation employ a debt collection agency to recover unpaid invoices for them?

If anyone out there knows a good answer I would love to hear it.

So there we have it, the “Scammers” are still at it but trying to use legal means. One thing we can say to Mark Rowe, you certainly know how to rip people off.

We all hope that you end up getting your just deserts and are thrown into prison for a substantial time just for all the misery that you have heaped on the unsuspecting.

If you have been contacted by CCI Credit Management Ltd or have had dealings with any of these companies and are still receiving your maintenance bills, then please use our contact page and get in touch.

More on the Fake Law Firms

Inside Timeshare has been receiving further information on SG Abogados and it does now appear that Solutions Group in Tenerife is working with this fake law firm. This company has been around for a number of years and was also known as XYZ Solutions SL and Simple Solutions.

They used the website  which is no longer available, they also used the email address  [email protected] which is now appearing on the letters being sent to “clients” regarding recent court cases and claims awarded.

One reader has sent us copies of the letter and also a “fake” court documents showing that she has been awarded a substantial amount against Incentive Leisure Groups SLU, DWVC SL and Personal Travel Group SL. Now, remember, that none of these companies exist anymore so it is strange how Solutions and SG Abogados are able to have court cases against them let alone get payouts from them.

The letter from Solutions begins with “As you are aware the recent hearing went ahead as planned on Wednesday 25th September”. It then goes on to say “Although you chose not to appoint a collection agency to represent you, it would seem that a favourable outcome was also reached on your case”.

This is then backed up by the “fake” court document.

The letter also goes on to say that a “managed payment plan of 12 to 32 months has been set by the court, meaning that the defendants must compensate all members of the action group within this period”.

The letter also lays out other stipulations set by the court on of which is that the court will “review the progress of the pay-outs every 3 months”. It also explains that the defendants and their representatives appear in person to testify to the progress made. Well, it would be very difficult for the owner of the companies to appear as Gary Peter Lee was killed in a cycling accident in Marbella many years ago.

The letter is signed on behalf of Solutions by Julia Garcia.

In another email from a regular reader, he has now been contacted again by SG Abogados, the email from Manuel Jalvo Liorento another fake lawyer who we named in an earlier article. According to the email, another “new” lawyer Carlos Loubtito says that “after the lodgement of the claims on 1st October, the conclusion to the hearing on 17th October was successful and compensation available”. They now require the client’s bank details to pay the awarded amount.

Now, this is very speedy action, the case lodge on the 1st and the conclusion on the 17th a mere 16 days!

This particular readers case is against Diamond, he did not ask SG Abogados to proceed yet they still maintain that his case went to court. He even contacted Diamond to ask if they were aware of any action in the courts in Tenerife were being brought by SG Abogados, I think you all know the answer to that!

These are very well organised and planned frauds, the standard of the documentation is very good, especially if you have never seen the genuine article. This really reinforces what Inside Timeshare tells all readers, you must do your homework, don’t be taken in by the huge sums these fraudsters are telling that you have won, never send them any money for procurator fees, court taxes or any other tax. You will never see a penny from the award and you will have lost all that you pay them.

If you are contacted by any company with a similar story and need help in checking if they are genuine or frauds, use our contact page and we will point you in the right direction.