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CUC Abogados: Update

Yesterday Inside Timeshare published a warning about another new “FAKE” law firm that has appeared in Tenerife, CUC Abogados, which we believe is part of the “FAKE” law firms we have nicknamed as the Litigious Abogados family. From further investigations, we have now confirmed that the company that apparently seems to be working with CUC Abogados is one we are already familiar with and has been around for a number of years, Solutions SL or previously known as The Solutions Group.

The Solutions Group was also known as Section 75 were very active several years ago contacting DWVC and ILG clients with promises of making claims using Section 75 of the Credit Consumer Act 1974. As far as we know not one person ever managed to get paid out for any claims made by this company.

They are still using the same email [email protected]

The address they use is:

C/ Luciano Bello Alfonso Nº5 Oficina 1 Las Chafiras 38639 Tenerife

This address is a residential street and shows no offices when checked on Google street view, this obviously gets the alarm bells ringing.

The telephone number they are using is 0203 137 3970 which is a London code and is predominantly used for businesses especially via the internet.

Solutions Group have used various names in the past including Section 75, Consumer Advisory Solutions and European Consumer Solutions, all based in Tenerife.

So now we have a link with CUC Abogados, who explains that there has been a court case against DWVC & ILG with money waiting to be paid out. CUC Abogados will be the law firm to pursue this payout, obviously, there is going to be a fee. No doubt as in the past the fee will be paid by a bank transfer into the bank account of a named individual and not to a company account. Again this fact should start your alarm bells to ring!

So far Inside Timeshare has not found any reference to any company called Solutions SL on the Spanish company register, nor have we found any record for CUC Abogados.

If you are contacted by any of the “companies” mentioned use our contact page and let us know the details, remember there have been no court cases in Spain and there are none that have been filed against DWVC/ILG. After all, DWVC/ILG was effectively closed down by the UK authorities many years ago and with the death of the owner Gary Peter Lee all his companies folded.

Once again it pays to do your homework before engaging with any company that contacts you out of the blue with promises of court cases pending or that money awarded is waiting for you. If you need help in identifying any caller contact Inside Timeshare.

Yet Another New Fake Law Firm Appears in Tenerife

Only last week Inside Timeshare published details of a new “FAKE” law firm based in Tenerife, SG Abogados (see link below) which as we pointed out is part of the Litigious Abogados family we have highlighted over the past 3 years. Today we publish another “FAKE” law firm from this family of “FAKES”, CUC Abogados.

The website is identical to the one used by SG Abogados and almost identical to all the past websites used. This one was only registered on 12 August 2019 so is only a month old and is due to expire on 12 August 2020. As usual, the registrant is hidden under privacy protection.

According to their home page, the firm Caneillo Utierros Ciusapi was founded by Mariano Manac Caneillo on Friday 20 November 1992 (very specific date), they show the CIF Number A21903488, which is a fake fiscal registration number.

The address they give is: 

Edificio Percy Plaza de Candelaria 38002 Santa Cruz Tenerife.

With the telephone numbers:

Tel. 0034822680798

Freephone 08009202491

They give the email as:

[email protected]

Which as we know is a free email provider.

Once again they also show photographs of all their lawyers and contact staff, these, as usual, have been downloaded from the internet and genuine law firms websites.

The founding lawyers are,  Mariano Manac Caneillo, David Lomerz Utierros and Chimmo Hernandez Ciusapi.

The other lawyers are, Alberto Faltaso Antolar, Amador Kirtabla Moltolas, Antonio Deleagao Raimo, Francisco Abbialet, Francisco Lubretan Terbilas, Juan Alonso Drialz, Miguel Spinellase, Ricardo Lankmonde and Raquel Hernandez Poza.

The legal secretary is named as Carlota Dertlan Etumalan with the secretary being Manuela Leguta Moharlo.

So far Inside Timeshare has identified 4 of those shown and they are all genuine lawyers from an eminent law firm based in Montevideo Uraguay.

The founder Mariano Manac Caneillo is, in fact, Carlos Alfedo Peña Clara

One of the other founders Chimmo Hernandez Ciusapi is identified as Pablo Bragard Cooper.

Alberto Faltaso Antolar is identified as Carlos Peña Rachetti.

Ricardo Lankmonde identified as Juan Martin Sapelli Sienra.

The secretary Manuela Leguta Moharlo is identified as Maria Sienra Reyes.

All these are from the Rachetti law firm in Uraguay and are being used illegally, below is a picture of the CUC Abogados team and also the team from Rachetti law firm.

CUC Team from their website
The genuine lawyers from Rachetti

This time our information is that they have been handed cases by another company which had previously scammed a client. They have been charged with collecting the money from the original case which the court has awarded a substantial amount of money. Problem is the company that was found guilty has not been in existence for around 4 years as they were closed down by the UK authorities.

As with all these “FAKE” law firms, the story is very plausible, all they are wanting is your money, they are not genuine lawyers they are fraudsters pure and simple.

If you have been contacted by any firm with a story of compensation or that your timeshare company is about to or has been taken to court, use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will help you to find out if they are actually genuine or just a bunch of criminal out for your cash.