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Mid Week Roundup

So far this week we have published the story on Marriott and the availability of weeks via various booking sites, these tend to be cheaper than the amounts paid by members in annual maintenance fees. This article was prompted by the many complaints received by Inside Timeshare from owners/members not being able to get the bookings they want due to “no availability”. We then published a warning on a new claims company C and J Legal Associates Ltd. As we reported this company has some rather dubious links. Even though the courts are now getting back to normal, so far we have received only two new results, as usual one is against Anfi, the other is against La Pinta Beach Club.

On Monday the Court of First Instance No 5 of San Bartelomé de Tirajana, declared another Anfi contract null and void with an award of over 18,000€

This is a very interesting case as it took less than a year, which also included the shutdown of the courts due to the pandemic. The pretrial hearing had to be delayed because of this, but when the preliminary hearing took place at the end of July, the judge on the evidence presented made the decision that a full trial was not necessary.

The evidence presented was sufficient for the judge to make a ruling in accordance with the Spanish Timeshare Law 42/98, that the contract which was in perpetuity was in breach of the maximum duration of 50 years allowed by law.

Once again the judge ruled in accordance with the numerous Supreme Court rulings on this subject, finding in favour of the consumer.

The following day at the Court of First Instance No1 of Arona, Tenerife, it was the turn of International Holiday Way Marketing to face the consequences of selling timeshare at La Pinta Beach Club in breach of the law. The contract contained the floating week’s system which guarantees the member absolutely nothing apart from a promise of accommodation subject to availability.

The contract was duly declared null and void with the client being awarded over 11,000€, so another happy ex-timeshare owner.

It now remains to be seen if Anfi does what they usually do and lodges an appeal to the high court to create more delays and stress for the client. We doubt if International Holiday Way Marketing will appeal, but we will have to wait and see.

Both these cases were presented on behalf of the clients by Canarian Legal Alliance.

On this note, Inside Timeshare has been made aware by several readers that many of the new “cold calling” “claims” companies are using tactics which can only be described as “dodgy”. In many of the calls, Canarian Legal Alliance is being accused of not taking clients cases to court, that it is all a sham and that no one has ever been paid. They also claim that CLA is dragging everything out and that the “cold callers” can get the case resolved within months.

Well, all Inside Timeshare can say is the cases we publish are genuine, the documents have been verified with their respective courts. CLA is doing the job they claim and with 130 successful cases at the Supreme Court (the only law firm to do so) proves the fact that they actually do the job.

We also know that cases can take a long time to be resolved, the wheels of justice do not turn very fast. It is also a fact that many timeshare companies resort to delaying tactics to draw out these cases with constant and frivolous appeals and motions to have cases dismissed on futile grounds.

The courts are fully aware of this and as we have seen with Anfi, extra penalties have been awarded against them in favour of the client.

Please remember that many of these new “companies” have only just emerged with websites and companies only registered a matter of ago, so ask yourselves one question, how can a company that has only been operating for a few months have all this success?

The answer is simple, they have not had any success, they have never relinquished a timeshare, nor have they ever had any cases in court. It is also very doubtful if they ever will, especially once they have your money!

If you have been contacted by any company and you would like to know if they are genuine, or if you would like to know your legal position and whether you have a valid and viable case, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.


New Legal Consultants Appear

Over the past few weeks Inside Timeshare has been warning about the proliferation of new “legal & claims” companies which have now started their “cold call campaigns”. Today we highlight one new company to come to our attention, but that is not all, there seem to be several companies all linked together by the same director and all being registered within a couple of years of each other. Three of them have the same address in Falkirk and one is based in Edinburgh.

We begin with the first company which came to our attention from our readers, C and J Legal Associates Ltd, Company Registration SC599970 and now registered at the following address:

Crichton House, Meeks Road, Falkirk, Scotland, FK2 7EW

Their original registered address which is still shown on the website is:

20 Meeks Road, Falkirk, FK2 7ES

Telephone: 01786 609 074

Email: [email protected]

The website was registered on 21 June 2018 and is due to expire on 21 June 2021 with the name of the owner/registrant being once again hidden.

The registered director is Christopher James Collins who is also the director of the following companies:

C and J Consultancy Ltd registered on 28 October 2019, Company Registration SC645442, with the registered address:

Crichton House, Meeks Road, Falkirk, Scotland, FK2 7EW

Website: but at present does not seem to be operational.

C and J Management Services Ltd registered on 14 June 2019, Company Registration SC633400, with the registered address:

Crichton House, Meeks Road, Falkirk, Scotland, FK2 7EW

Contract Litigation Services Ltd registered on 12 May 2020, Company Registration Number SC661004, with the registered address:

64a Cumberland Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 6RE


The website was registered on 7 May 2020 and is due to expire on 20 May 2021, once again the owner and registrant are hidden.

So what are the services being offered by these companies?

Well, it appears it is the usual termination of timeshare contracts and claims, but, considering these are very new companies we have to ask what experience they have and how successful have they been?

As of yet, we don’t have any answers, all we can say is that there is nothing on their websites to show any success and very little on the internet. Although the TCA (Timeshare Consumer Association) back in April did publish an article on C & J Management where Christopher Collins along with C & J Associates were mentioned.

According to the TCA article, Collins offered a 6-month money-back guarantee but the process had to start before Brexit as it would then be more complicated to terminate the contract. Well, we have heard that one before.

According to the TCA, the consumer who contacted them was being charged £12,000 for a TERMINATION!

Apparently this fee was high because the “lawyer” they subcontracted charged over £250 per hour!

Well, it seems as though this price has now gone up as our readers have been told the cost is £14,000!

Another link which was discovered by the TCA is Amaryllis Associates, Company Registration 11449932, registered address:

71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ

Now the most intriguing fact which the TCA published is the director of Amaryllis Associates is the director, Sabrina Kaur Kumar, who was also once a director of Lansdown Financial Ltd, another of the previous Mark Rowe companies.

Just on the information we have and the link with Kumar gives Inside Timeshare grave cause for concern on several points:

  • The time these companies have been operating;
  • The costs involved;
  • The use of “Brexit” as a reason to sign up now;
  • The link with a Mark Rowe associate and director.

Once again this does show how careful you the timeshare owners must be when being contacted by these types of companies. They may appear to be genuine, but it is not until you start to delve into what they actually say and who they are linked with that the alarm bells begin to ring.

Have you been contacted by any of these companies or any other company offering termination or claims services?

If so, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Within minutes of publishing, Inside Timeshare received a message from a very reliable source, it seems that Christopher Collins is known in Tenerife and worked with Jeroen Martijn Brussel at Sim Legal Services. This is a company and person who has figured on our pages many times.