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Fridays Letter from America: Developers, Sales Agents & Exit Companies

Welcome to the end of another week with Inside Timeshare and another Letter from America. We once again visit a subject that has been followed many times on our pages the culpability of the developers in the ongoing scamming of timeshare owners by the many fraudulent exit companies that have sprung up. All because of the lies by the sales agents and the difficulty in terminating any timeshare membership.

Why are Timeshare Developers not Concerned about those Harmed by Timeshare Sales Agents?

Organizational Chart of Exit Companies

April 30, 2021

Inside Timeshare routinely hears from those harmed by timeshare exit companies. The conglomerate chart above contains familiar names. Michelle in California reached out to her timeshare company to report allegations that she and her husband were sold points deceptively. The resort dismissed Michelle’s complaint, basically saying they were not responsible for the actions of their sales agents. Michelle retained Resort Release for $25,000. Not long after, Resort Release sought bankruptcy protection after Michelle’s timeshare company and others filed lawsuits against Resort Release and American Resource Management Group (ARMG). ARMG is at the center of the chart. Resort Release appears on the right. 

American Resource Management Group  

“A top priority for ROC is to ….help protect them from dishonest individuals or companies trying to take advantage of them,” said ARDA‐ROC Chairman Ken McKelvey. American Resource Management Group, LLC doing business as Resort Release, filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida under Case NO.: 19-14605-JKO.

Timeshare developers need to understand that a solution to the problem requires an acknowledgement that the developers and their sales agents are part of the problem. The Federal Trade Commission this year listed Timeshare Sales at #7 on their Top Ten Scams list. Timeshare Resales are #10 on the list. Timeshare resale scams are companies that contact you to say they have a buyer.   

Timeshare Freedom Group (to the left on the chart) has been running frequent advertisements on national television in the U.S. Measured in terms of dollars spent per second of advertisement, the average going rate for an ad on national TV is approximately $342,000 per 30 seconds of air time, according to WebFX.

Diamond Resorts filed a lawsuit against Timeshare Freedom Group–others-in-timeshare-cancellation-ring-for-allegedly-scamming-consumers-301136988.html

Help4TSO is at the top of the chart. A VA Chaplain and his wife attended an Allied Solutions Group presentation at a Joe’s Crab Shack in Las Vegas. Allied Solutions Group is not on the chart, but they refer to Help4TSO.  

“We paid Midwest Transfer $27,895 on May 17, 2017 for a Travel Club promised a release from our Bluegreen and Silverleaf timeshares, but now have a travel club we don’t need and the two timeshares. Allied Solution Group/Mid-West Transfer described their services as a Mortgage Relief Advocacy Process. They said an advocacy firm would be retained by Help4TSO.”–by-Irene-Parker-Fraud-181009-152.html

The other side of the coin

Michelle is not alone. Air Force veteran Adam Siler is reaching out to veterans and active duty service members, Tiffany Renee, the elderly, and Bernadette, those battling chronic health conditions. With so little done to help the consumer, in a largely self-regulated industry, an informed consumer is the best defense. Adam, Tiffany and Bernadette explain in this April 16 article why timeshare buyers need to record the sales session.

Bernadette’s Petition has 421 Supporters as of April 25

See the source image

Michelle’s report, followed by three other reports against her sales agent 

By Michelle in California

I signed Bernadette’s petition to protest the double standard. In January of 2018 we met with Diamond Resorts sales agent Adam D and his manager Billie B in Las Vegas. We already had 70,000 Diamond points. As Platinum members, this was more points than we needed. Anyone who has achieved Platinum loyalty level has likely spent over $200,000 on vacation points.

Adam informed us that our maintenance fees would go up every year unless we wrapped our prior loan into a new loan. He said that by refinancing, our maintenance fees would not increase for ten years because they would be included in the ten year refinance. Adam said he would GIVE us 15,000 bonus points if we refinanced. We received bonus points at prior purchases, so this seemed normal. 

We noticed the Purchase and Sale Agreement showed 15,000 points. We asked Adam about it because we told him we didn’t want to buy additional points. Adam said not to worry as it would get fixed later. He added that if we ever wanted to sell points, “We can hook you up with another member. Diamond will charge $250.” We now know Diamond points have no resale value. You have to PAY Diamond $1,000 per contract to take points back. The meeting lasted over seven hours.  

It wasn’t until the next month we learned that we BOUGHT 15,000 points! Our loan amount increased to $183,582 and maintenance fees increased from $12,000 to $15,000. We called Diamond. A Quality Assurance representative named Dave said he would investigate. He never called back. Ultimately, Diamond’s attorney sent us a letter that basically said all that matters is we signed a contract.    

We retained Resort Release in June of 2018 because there was no way we could afford the additional purchase. After paying Resort Release $25,000, they filed for bankruptcy.  

Other Adam D Complaints

Complaint #2 Bonita in California

In May of 2017 we purchased 4,000 points from Adam and his manager Joey. Adam told us that since we had so few points, we were paying more for maintenance fees than we would if we purchased additional points. After the purchase, I received a bill for $661 for additional maintenance fees. Adam said that my fees would be $1,124 but after the purchase they were $1,541. When questioned, he responded that the $1,124 was the amount for the new maintenance fees as stated on the contract. That was not how he explained it. We were told the price of the points was going to go up, but learned points have no resale value. Adam also said he was going to add in a Westgate week so that we could be at Silver loyalty level at 15,000 points. We did not own a Westgate week.

Loan amount $22,829.44 financed @ 17.1558%

Diamond’s Response: 

“We must advise that it is specified clearly in the contract documentation that if you relied upon any verbal information given during the presentation you must ask for this to be put in writing. Likewise, if anything was said that was of particular importance to you, but which is not contained in the terms and conditions of the membership, this should have been requested to be implemented in the body of contract before documentation was signed.”

Adam D complaint #3  

Wanda and Douglas, ages 65 and 71 at time of purchase

Douglas is a Bronze Star Veteran 

We owned two deeded weeks. We purchased points from Adam D at Polo Towers. The purchase cost $2,400 per month in monthly loan payments and $13,000 in annual maintenance fees. We were told that we would be able to rent out the timeshare to make money to cover the monthly loan payments. That turned out to be impossible. We defaulted on the loans.    

When we called Diamond they said: We are not responsible for what a salesman tells you. I asked, “Doesn’t this salesman represent your company?” They just repeated, “We are not responsible for what a salesman tells you.”

Complaint #4 A former Criminal Investigator

We met with Adam and Rick at Polo Towers. They explained how Diamond Resorts had been taken over by Apollo Global Management and that Apollo, realizing that Diamond had failed to remedy failures, created a program that would provide financial relief – if we purchased additional points. It would be foolish not to join as it would “right all wrongs.” Rick produced a binder listing “The Club” benefits. Adam produced a card from his wallet. 

Benefits that failed to materialize:  

Benefit 1. When making reservations, 50% of the points used would be loaded onto a reloadable “Club Card” that could be used like cash, redeemable for $.10 to $.30 per point. The credit could be used for anything, INCLUDING PAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE FEES. Had this been true, it would have addressed our major concern – rising and exorbitant maintenance fees.      

Two weeks passed without receiving a “Club Card.” When I contacted Adam he said Diamond discontinued the card. When I asked what would replace it he said he was in a meeting and couldn’t talk. I never heard from him again. When we attempted to obtain the “50/50 split” we were told no such program existed.   

Benefit 2. Vice President of Sales Dan P would be our “Personal Travel Concierge.” Dan’s skills were described as being “like magic.” Dan gave us his business card and said he looked forward to working with us. Voicemail recordings were all that happened.  

I sent a letter to Diamond CEO Michael Flaskey. His agent recommended I use Diamond’s Barclay credit card explaining, “That is what ‘covered under financing’ means.” I have stopped payments. Nothing was ever mentioned about using Barclaycard to pay maintenance fees. Charging purchases to a Barclaycard offsets maintenance fees at only 1%, or 2% if used to charge Diamond-sponsored products. 

See the source image

More need to join our efforts to reach out to lawmakers, regulators and the media to raise awareness and provide consumer education. A simple disclosure provided before the sales session alerting the buyer that anything a sales agent promises will not be honored – due to one sentence in your volume of documents: 

“I did not rely on oral representations to make my purchase.”

A Diamond member-sponsored Facebook

Thanks to Michelle and all our contributors from across the Great Lake, your problems are very similar to those experienced by timeshare consumers in Europe and most probably anywhere in the world that timeshare is sold. Hopefully, these articles will help to create a change in the industry that is well and truly needed.

That is all for this week, Inside Timeshare will not be publishing for a short while due to personal reasons, but we hope to be back with you within a couple of weeks.

Have a great weekend.

Friday’s Letter from America

Welcome to this week’s Letter from America, once again it is Diamond Resorts and the tactics employed by sales agents including the use of the Diamond Barclaycard. It begins with Bernadette and her campaign to have the Diamond CEO Michael Flaskey’s YouTube video to be removed. Please use the link below to sign the petition with

See the source image

After learning about Bernadette’s petition, asking to have a YouTube taken down featuring Diamond Resorts CEO Michael Flaskey, pointing the finger at exit companies, one of our readers reached out to share his experience after he suffered a disastrous arbitration outcome. 

Bernadette’s timeshare company refused to believe that she had been deceived by timeshare sales agents at three different sales centres. She attended meetings looking for a way to be released from her timeshare due to her husband’s debilitating medical condition. The Missouri Attorney General’s Office suggested she retain an attorney after the timeshare company dismissed her complaint. Please sign Bernadette’s petition.

Frank and Betty, ages 88 and 89, ended up with a $197,000 timeshare loan and $19,000 in maintenance fees. Their interview is almost identical to the couple in the YouTube above complaining about their exit company.

Inside Timeshare has followed arbitration experiences shared by a number of timeshare owners. So far none of the reported outcomes have benefitted the timeshare consumer. In October of 2017, we published an article about arbitration referencing an article by Chris Parker, a reporter for City Pages.  While much of the content of the 2017 article is outdated, some things have not changed. Inside Timeshare has heard from various attorneys that arbitrators hired by the timeshare companies in the U.S. can charge up to $400 to $800 per hour. Mr Parker’s article states arbitration fees estimated at $300 to $400 an hour.   

“Should a dispute arise, arbitration forces consumers out of the court system and into arbitration where appeals aren’t allowed, corporations historically wield a huge advantage— when not outright rigging the system—and details of misconduct are kept private”

Former Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson: “To think that millions upon millions of consumers are forfeiting their fundamental right to have their day in court because of fine print in a contract….” 

“Though arbitration may sound preferable to the expense and anguish of court, it hands a major advantage to companies. The costs savings aren’t much: Arbitrators usually charge $300-$400 per hour minimum and some bill into the thousands of dollars. But arbitration clauses typically bar the consumer from joining class-action suits. The strategy has emboldened fraud on a massive scale.” 

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) told the Wall Street Journal that such clauses are “a windfall for the companies, in terms of how you settle their cheating.” 

“Even when someone does challenge them, arbitration rulings are usually private, with no appeals and little documentation. Like a tree falling in a vast forest, Wells Fargo’s customers didn’t hear the millions of other victims, and the press remained none the wiser.”

A staggering amount of money has been made by the financial elite since private equity seized timeshare. The wealth and the lifestyle of current and former Diamond CEOs – beginning with Diamond Resorts Founder Stephen Cloobeck:

Millionaire Wants Ex to Give Him Back Over $1M in Gifts After He Says He Learned She Posed on OnlyFans

Interim Diamond CEO David Palmer and Stephen Cloobeck earned a fortune when Diamond was taken private by Apollo Global Management in 2016:

Diamond’s top executives and directors beneficially owned almost 23 million shares in the form of options and company stock. If the transaction is completed, a filing stated, those 15 people “would be entitled to receive an aggregate amount of $624,131,129 in cash.” The bulk of that will go to Stephen J. Cloobeck, Diamond’s founder, and Mr Palmer, the chief executive. Mr Cloobeck would be entitled to $384 million and Mr Palmer would receive $173 million.

Michael Flaskey has been CEO since 2017. The most recent compensation figures available are from when Diamond was a publicly-traded company. In 2016 his total compensation including Salary, Bonus and Stock awards was $6,766,664.

My Arbitrations Resulted in a $95,000 Judgment Contesting $16,000 in Loans

By a victim of predatory arbitration, age 70

March 19, 2021

After hearing about Bernadette’s petition about timeshare companies blaming exit companies, I decided to share my story. I am one reason why there needs to be an Elder Senior Court due to the surge in FINANCIAL ASSAULTS on seniors, including HOME THEFT, IDENTITY THEFT, FAKE ARBITRATION SCAM, GRANDCHILD NEEDS MONEY SCAM, LAWYERS INFLATED FEES SCAM, THE TIMESHARE SCAM, The LONG TERM INSURANCE SCAM and many more

I first purchased timeshare points in 2016. On August 2, 2017, we attended a meeting at one of the company’s resorts in Las Vegas. Our sales agent Benito asked about our concerns. We responded that we were concerned that maintenance fees had risen to over $2,000 a year. Benito asked us, “What if you could vacation and not have to pay annual maintenance fees?” This attracted our attention. He explained that by using a resort-issued Barclaycard to charge purchases; we could offset annual maintenance fees at a rate of $.20 per dollar charged. Benito told us that he offset most, if not all his maintenance fees by charging almost everything to his Barclaycard. We bought a trial product from Benito to make us eligible to use points to pay maintenance fees. We were told we could start booking reservations for 2018 after 14 days (which was after the contract cancellation period).

After receiving the Barclaycard, I learned that the actual accrual cash value redemption rate was $.01 for general purchases or $.02 per dollar charged if charging items offered by the timeshare company. Benito had said the reimbursement rate was $.20 cents for Silver members and $.30 cents for Gold. Offsetting a $3,000 maintenance fee would require charging $150,000 to $300,000.

At the next meeting, we went to in 2018, we complained about the misrepresentation. The agents sympathized. They said Benito was one bad apple and not representative of their company. We purchased additional points to have access to more desirable inventory. They said they would wrap our old loan into a new loan, but the loans were never consolidated. As a result, we were required to have two separate arbitrations. 

I complained to the timeshare company before contacting an exit company. The company dismissed our complaint in 2019 basically saying we signed a contract. I contacted an exit company that had good reviews. I paid them a one-time upfront fee of about $6,500 and was promised a money-back guarantee. I also paid a $750 retainer to the law firm that works with the exit company. 

Early in 2020, we were surprised to learn that the timeshare company compelled us to engage in mandatory binding arbitration in Las Vegas. My stomach dropped because I had read that arbitrators favour the timeshare developers. We were further alarmed to learn that there would be two arbitrations, one JAMS and one AAA, because of the two contracts. My lawyer assured me that it would not be that bad since our arbitration would be in Nevada where laws are more favourable to my case. In speaking with other timeshare members I have learned that Nevada does little if anything to help the timeshare consumer. 

The first (JAMS) arbitration concerned the points we purchased in Arizona after being duped by Benito. The loan amount for the first loan was about $13,000. The arbitration fees I was ordered to pay totalled $81,737. The loan amount to upgrade was $10,421.

The second (AAA) arbitration concerned our original purchase from 2016. Although the arbitrator ruled in my favour in this arbitration, I was ordered to pay an additional $13,941 for the timeshare company’s arbitrator fees. The arbitrator ruled that the company could not pursue me for the first loan because it had been cancelled due to nonpayment. He said they could not have it both ways and felt I had paid in enough as the loan balance was down to $3,371.04. 

At the depositions and hearings that took place fall of 2020, the timeshare company lawyer spent significant time asking questions about the exit company. They scheduled a supplemental deposition after asserting that we did not provide all correspondence related to the timeshare company. However, all the claims and questions were essentially the same in the second deposition. 

I believe I was used as a pawn in the legal actions the timeshare company has taken against the exit company. They filed a lawsuit against the timeshare company in January of 2020.  

The total judgment against me for both arbitrations is $95,678. The difference of $79,678 is the timeshare company’s arbitrator and attorney’s fees. This amount seems punitive and unfair. 

That is all for this week, join us again next week with more news and information on the very murky world of timeshare.

Inside Timeshare would also like to remind all Veterans and Serving Military Personnel who have been affected by unscrupulous sales tactics to contact Adam Siler on:

[email protected]

If you have any questions or comments or would like further information on timeshare matters, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.

Start the Week: Catching Up with the News

Welcome to the start of another week with Inside Timeshare, after a week away we have unfortunately missed some very important news. Today we have a quick look at the latest developments, we also issue yet another warning of a scam operation targeting Eze Group clients using the name of another genuine law firm. The using of the names of genuine law firms is causing not only the consumers themselves problems, it also has a very detrimental effect on the genuine law firm.

We begin with the latest scam using the name of a genuine law firm, Scudamore Law who have offices in the London, Madrid and Almeria. Their website is:

This morning Inside Timeshare contacted Jeremy Scudamore at his Madrid office with the information so far received, he informed Inside Timeshare that this is not the first time his company name has been used in this type of scam. His law firm has been operating for many years and has a good reputation, they have no involvement with any claims regarding timeshare or working on behalf of the courts in this area.

All information we have so far has been passed to Scudamore Law.

The email received by our reader was an unsolicited email, which is illegal under Data Protection Regulations, they use 2 email addresses:

[email protected]

[email protected]

As you can see, the email address is a free gmail service that is not used by the genuine law firm Scudamore Law.

The email itself which is signed by Georgina Bailey, contains the usual information that they are working on behalf of the Courts in Madrid from lists of Eze Group clients being held by the court. As we know the courts do not use or contract third parties for contacting potential victims of fraud, we also know they are not holding any funds seized from Eze Group or associated companies.

What we did find rather amusing was this extract from the email found about halfway down:




So the scammers are claiming they are not there to cheat anyone or “ripping people off”, well it certainly looks like they are!

The full email received by our reader:






Dear member of Eze Group, Regency Shores Holdings.

My name is Georgina Bailey I work for “Scudamore Law Services”​ we are a highly respected claims management company.

We specialise in Spanish law and our advice is delivered in English.

We were established in 1997 and for more than 20 years we have been dedicated to offering the highest quality representation and advice. Our mission is to provide high-quality, cost-effective services delivered to British standards of professionalism, with excellent client communication.

We have a friendly approach and we enable you to understand the issues and take decisions.

We have extensive experience in all fields and we are recognized by the many ex-pats we have helped over the years.

Our main offices are in Madrid, plus we have many Virtual associated offices scattered across​ Europe including the United Kingdom.

Our priority Is to keep our clients happy and if you look at the amount of​ repeat and Fixed clients that we have accumulated the numbers speak for themselves

The majority of the work that we do is for The High Court in Madrid…they are holding a list of all Eze Group members and this is how we come by your contact were listed as members of Eze Group, Regency Shores Holdings SL.​

If you are one of the many unfortunate ones who paid funds to Eze Group, Regency Shores Holdings SL and you have not yet been refunded your money then please carry on reading…

Firstly, we would like to make you aware of the recent closure of Regency Shores Holdings SL/​ EZE Group and also to make it clear that this will be your last opportunity to recover any funds that you may have paid to Eze Group, Regency Shores.

With the convictions of the father and daughter-in-law Dominic and Stephanie O’Reilly In a place, this now allows ALL MEMBERS of Eze Group,​ Regency Shores Holdings to claims their funds back REGARDLESS of how you made payment. (including bank transfers, cash payments, and loans)​.

**You may have been told that because you paid with a debit card you can not claim..this is no longer the case…contact us now we will get your money back.


The amount that you can expect from your claim is the amount that is stated on your subscription form from Eze Group… PLUS we can claim an additional 10% of the said amount as compensation.

For example,

If you paid £5,000 to Eze group, this would be returned to you plus a further £500 in compensation.

The total amount of your claim would be £5,500

Any queries please Contact us

[email protected]

To claim your refund, we will require your ID and your membership/subscription​ number which you would have received when you purchased with Eze Group…any problem with either please contact us.

We are well aware of the many Scammers operating on the Eze Group case and Others​ …please be aware and be vigilant!




Our preferred method of communication is email, We feel It’s not as intrusive as calling also you can go back over our conversation at any time…It’s there for you in “Blac


We are not a free service we have to make money the same as everyone, we think you will be pleasantly surprised when you hear of our fees. We do our best to be clear and fair.

YES, we are now offering our clients the opportunity of paying our processing fee when your claim is complete and the funds are clear inside your own Bank

ALL EZE Group claim funds are sent directly to you the client so please understand that for this option to work it takes 2 of us to be clear, fair, and understanding… we put our trust in you to pay the processing fee owed to us once the funds have cleared in your bank.

​All claim funds are delivered via courier Service..funds can also be debited directly to a bank account by prior arrangement​ providing the names on the account exactly match those on the subscription form.

We do understand it has been a very bad time for everyone and that the financial loss has been a great burden, many spending their life savings with Eze Group.

Please remember we will help in any way we can…speak to us…whatever situation you are in we will get your money back! We would like to see every member of the Eze group refunded!​ but if you don’t speak to us how can we help?

Remember – your refund is 100% guaranteed!! So contact us now!!​

..we make it as easy as we possibly can.

Contact us:​ [email protected]

We are now very close to the end of the Eze Group claims and our average processing time is down to only 7 days! Max!



If you would like more information on proceeding with your claim simply reply to this email…We are waiting for you but we are running out of time!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our advert,​

We look forward to speaking with you!

Whatever you decide, we wish you all the best for the future and hope you have a very pleasant day!​

Warm Regards, Stay Safe,

Georgina Bailey


So once again we have to urge all our readers to be very careful when dealing with any cold call or email claiming that you have a claim or that the courts are holding money that you are due. Look carefully at the email addresses, are they free email providers, does the email address connect to a firms website or is it slightly different from the one on their website? These are usually good signs that a scam is being perpetrated.

We now move to the news from the US and the Hilton purchase of Diamond Resorts, this piece of news has taken many by surprise and is still being analysed as to how it may affect Diamond members.

As we know Apollo Global Management purchased Diamond Resorts in 2016 for $2.2 billion, Hilton is reported to have paid just $1.4 billion!

Quite a reduction in price.

Links to the original Apollo buyout and the latest on the Hilton purchase.

In another story, this time it revolves around the founder and former CEO of Diamond Resorts, Stephen J Cloobeck. It seems that he himself has been taken in by a “confidence trickster”, who he claims “conned” him out of $1.3million worth of gifts.

Stephen J Cloobeck, Founder & Former CEO of Diamond Resorts

Nice to know he has been “done” and to be honest do we really care?

He is not the first to be taken in by a younger rather attractive girl, lavishing money on them as though there was no tomorrow.

According to reports Cloobeck was totally infatuated with her and ‘spent nearly every waking moment with’ the young model and splurged to buy her jewellery, lavish parties, private jet trips as well as paying her lease for a luxury apartment in Beverly Hills.

Well, I think there will be many Diamond victims who will be taking great pleasure in his demise, the full report as published in the UK press is below.

That is all for today we will be back tomorrow with some more catchup news from the Spanish Courts.