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Anfi Members Complain.

Over the weekend Inside Timeshare has been receiving some comments from from various sources on availability at Anfi. Some have included links to many of the forums where owners are venting their frustration at not being able to book weeks they want, even though they are 12 months ahead.

The recurring theme is according to Anfi Vacation Club, they are fully booked, yet the member states that they could not start booking at that moment as they are not accepting the bookings until the following week. So the question is, if the member cannot book yet, how are they fully booked?


It is not for the lack of trying it would seem, with many members complaining they are not even getting replies to their emails, they are feeling ignored, even their questions of why is there no availability are not being answered. Some have even stated that when they are told no availability, just a few days later they have managed to book, yet when they arrive there are many apartments empty. So what is going on, are Anfi keeping those weeks for rentals?

According to one member that is the case, as they had commented previously that Anfi have block sales through agents and various website, apparently they did this when this member first bought 14 years ago. That was when TUI were involved, it would seem that the same is happening again.

Other comments are they are only being offered Emerald, with one commentator offering an explanation, maybe they are trying to sell you that!

The problem is a mixture of over selling floating weeks, which is one reason why the Supreme Court has made them illegal, and the ability to book through different websites is denying members the holidays they were promised when they were sold.

Moving away from availability, we have also seen many complaints on the standard of the place, with it looking dirty and badly maintained. One comment on a link we were sent explained the cleanliness of the pools at Emerald, with apparently the glass around the pool being absolutely filthy. According to this poster, it was not touched while they were there.

In a reply to that comment, which did make us laugh, it was blamed on the calima, that yes it did need more cleaning but not easy with only limited staff. It does make you wonder where your maintenance fees are going?

Is the once “5 star” status on the way out?

5 star

Going by the comments of these members, it certainly is. Yet the maintenance fees they pay are still for a “5 star” resort. This is not made up, it is from the members themselves, some very disgruntled members, who have paid thousands for membership and even more in maintenance fees over the years.

Click on the following links, they will certainly make you wonder why anyone would want to be a member.

This article is based on the views of members, not our own, Inside Timeshare is just reporting what you should know. These are public forums, members posting for all to see, in some respects hoping that Anfi will take notice and actually address the situation, not gloss over it with PR.

Floating weeks do not guarantee you anything, as we can seen from the above, availability is just not there for whatever reason. Could the move by Anfi to assign week numbers to owners be the way forward, unfortunately we don’t think so, there are probably more members than weeks available. Which would actually mean the same week number could be assigned to at least two members, still creating availability problems.

We leave it for you to decide, have you got a good deal or have you just got a millstone around your neck?


ANFI: Resale Vs On-site Purchase

Inside Timeshare has recently received many enquiries from readers regarding Anfi Resales, which have been private sales either through resale companies, ebay or advertised in newspapers. Would they be better buying those rather than direct from Anfi?


As we know, timeshare does not have a great resale value, which many owners who have paid upwards of £15,000 for a basic week have found out. With this also comes very hefty charges for maintenance, which tends to rise each and every year.


For those who have purchased privately for very low amounts they have found they do not qualify for any of the benefits which Anfi add on for those who purchase on-site at Anfi. These services such as the Anfi Vacation Club are included in the price when purchasing direct from Anfi, they are not free as many have been led to believe. It is also the case the annual fees are higher for these purchases than for the resale weeks, as these services will be included in the annual fees.

anfi-resale-pageWhat are these so-called benefits?

As a purchaser through Anfi Sales the following are part of the package:

  • Anfi Vacation Club Membership (this allows for internal exchanges)
  • Club and week exchanges (again internal exchanges)
  • RCI Worldwide Exchanges (You can join RCI privately and exchange through them)
  • Springfest 2 for 1 offers (very few and far between)
  • Bonus Weeks (available through RCI anyway)
  • Being able to bank or save weeks (Bank through RCI anyway)
  • Members week offers (never available)
  • Rental programme (only when available, very rare)
  • Anfi buy-back (only when available, very rare)
  • Discounts for on-site services (Restaurants, bars etc, prices are higher than off the resort anyway)

As you can see from the above, you are not actually getting anything for the higher price that you pay when purchasing direct.

Below are some examples of resale weeks advertised either privately or by resale companies.

These four are or have been posted on ebay and Timeshare Hypermarket, what needs to be remembered is that these prices are what the seller believes they can get, most of the time they will sell for a great deal less.


This is taken from a Norwegian resale website, a penthouse for week 3, sleeping 6. The price at the current exchange rate is 14,000€ this would sell on-site for upwards of 45,000€

Again this is the price that the owner and the resale company have agreed they believe they can get.

These two are advertised on a German resale website, Anfi Beach Club would sell for upwards of  15,000€, Club Monte Anfi for more. Again the prices shown are what the resale company and owner believe they can get, they will more than likely sell for a lot less.

So to answer the question is yes you are better off with a resale week, you can join RCI directly and receive the benefits of exchanges through them, purchase the bonus weeks that RCI offer, usually at a better price than Anfi would offer.

As for the so-called discounts, try going off resort to places like Patalavaca and Arguineguin where there is a wider selection of restaurants and bars at much more reasonable prices.

Then when you eventually decide it is no longer for you, you will not be making such a loss as the person you purchased from.

Remember the cost of the timeshare from any resort will always be more than it is actually worth. They do after all have large overheads like the sales staff and marketing costs, these are the bulk of the price that you pay. So if you can pick up weeks for as little as 1500 € which means Anfi over prices the weeks by 90 % ….which is also the reason why the maintenance fees are so high.