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Welcome to the start of another week with Inside Timeshare, just for a change, this weekend has been rather quiet with very few emails being received and no new “dubious” law firms or claims companies coming to light. Once again the emails we have received feature the same old names we have been publishing over the past few weeks such as Torcaz Abogados, JSD Group and Morales and Maxwell. All with the same wonderful news that the client has a substantial amount of money waiting for them in the courts, but as usual you must pay them first to release the money. You can see all the articles on JSD, Morales and Torcaz on the links below.

Having a look around the internet this morning at some of the other websites and forums, we could not help but notice the mindtimeshare website. They have still not published any new blog since 14 November 2019, this is highly unusual for mindtimeshare.

We do know that once Alberto Garcia was removed and they lost their funding from the RDO things have not gone well for them and they apparently reverted to using their own data to pass clients to other companies in order to survive. We just wonder if this is a sign that we may just have heard the last of mindtimeshare?

Late on Friday after we published our End of Week Roundup, the following news came in and yet another defeat at the Court of First Instance for Anfi Sales SL and Anfi Resorts SL.

Court of First Instance, San Bartelolmé de Tirajana

This case once again involved illegal contracts containing a duration of more than 50 years and was using the “floating weeks” system. The companies were also fined for the illegal taking of deposits within the statutory 14 days cooling-off period.

The original purchase price was around 70,000€ with the penalty payments this has been increased to 103,793.51€, that is almost 34,000€ more than what they originally paid. The court also awarded legal interest and declared the contract null and void.

The case was brought on behalf of the client by Canarian Legal Alliance with the original consultant being Lotta Nielsen and the two lawyers conducting the case being Eva Gutiérrez and Oscar Ojeda Suárez

So we have one very happy ex-Anfi timeshare owner and a very happy successful legal team. Congratulations to you all.

If you think you may have a claim for an illegal timeshare contract and would like to know more about your legal rights and options, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Please also remember to check any company that cold calls with the story that your timeshare company has been taken to court and they are now holding substantial sums for you. There will always be a catch.

End of Week Roundup

Welcome to the last article for this week and what a week it has been, our email inbox has once again been busy with enquiries from readers trying to find out about companies that have cold-called them. Thankfully most are ones we have highlighted on these pages in the past with some new information which clearly points to a scam. Before we begin the roundup of this week’s news we begin with some new information about the “fake” law firm Morales and Maxwell.

Morales and Maxwell first came to our attention in mid-June, they appear to be targeting Eze Group members stating that the Málaga Courts have seized assets of Eze Group and there are substantial amounts of money being awarded by the courts to their clients.

These are quite substantial amounts all around £20,000 plus, but as usual, there are fees of around £2,400 which need to be paid to allow the courts to release the funds. Clients are being given a Spanish Mobile number which is supposed to belong to the Málaga courts to verify the facts. Well, we do know that the courts will not be using mobile telephones for this type of enquiry.

It has now transpired that Morales & Maxwell are now sending a document supposedly from the Oficina Judicial de Andalucia, very strange indeed considering the courts are part of the Ministry of Justice which is a National Government Ministry. We at Inside Timeshare have never seen any document like this in all the years we have been running.

The document is attached below as a PDF file, so far we have not been able to identify the Judge  His Honorable High Judge Dr Jose Mario Savantes, or if he is indeed genuine and as usual his name is being used without his knowledge. More information will be published as and when it is available.

Previous articles on Morales Maxwell.

On Tuesday we reported on the Tenerife fake law firm Torcaz Abogados, yet another incarnation of the Litigious Abogados Family we have reported on over the last 4 years. This article highlighted the same Modus Operandi as the previous incarnations right down to the “stolen” cheque from the post by a gang of “Bulgarians”, and the investigation and questioning of the post office staff as the “law firm” claimed it was an “inside job”.

The envelope with a letter from the court which the cheque issued by the court was missing.

You can read the full story on the following link:

On Wednesday we highlighted the continuing story of Mark Rowe and his companies and that one of them of which he is still director Lansdown Financial Ltd is now the “Trading Name” of Mellor Solicitors. A relatively new law firm only registered on 19 June 2017, and supposedly doing the “claims” for Mark Rowe’s previous clients of ABC Legal & ABC Lawyers whose claims were then passed to Lansdown Financial. The full story can be read at the following link.

Mark Rowe

On Thursday a breaking news story was published titled “Uncovered: Anfi Attempts to Avoid Embargoed Accounts”. This article highlights the tactics being employed by Anfi to divert funds from Spanish accounts that are or may be subject to embargoes by the Spanish courts.

Although the beneficiaries of the payments are Anfi, these accounts are with banks in the UK, Germany, Denmark and elsewhere. Inside Timeshare has in the past published many stories on the Anfi practice of diverting funds between accounts in order to delay or prevent payment to clients who have won their cases. This story is likely to come to the attention of the Spanish press who are very keen to publish when it does Inside Timeshare will bring you their findings.

The full article can be seen at the following link.

We now move on with the latest news from the courts this week.

On 30 June yet another sentence was issued against Anfi Sales SL and Anfi Resorts SL, by the Court of First Instance No. 4 of San Bartolomé de Tirajana GC.

The court declared the contract null & void due to the duration of the contract being for more than 50 years, containing floating weeks and the illegal taking of deposits. The court, in this case, awarded the client 102,427.91€ plus legal fees and legal interest. This is a whopping 30% more than his original purchase price.

The Norwegian client was represented by Aroa Cathaysa Martin of CLA, so another happy ex-Anfi timeshare owner and another victory for Canarian Legal Alliance.

Aroa Cathaysa Martin

On the first day of the month in another case at the High Court of Las Palmas (appeals), CLA won on behalf of another Norwegian client against Palm Oasis Tasolan.

The appeal was brought by Palm Oasis who lost at the Court of First Instance, with the High Court dismissing the appeal. They confirmed the sentence of the lower court which declared the contract null & void and awarded over 22,000€ back to the client.

The client was represented by the CLA lawyers  Miguel Angel Melian Santana and Oscar Salvador Santana Gonzales, so it is congratulations to the client and also to CLA and their legal team.

These cases do show that the courts are now firmly behind consumers of timeshare and are following the law to the letter. It just amazes us that the timeshare companies still refuse to accept that their contracts are illegal and that the Supreme Court has interpreted the law incorrectly and continue to drag the case out with frivolous appeals.

On the point of the fake law firms and dubious claims companies, it is very important that you do your checks before believing what you are told on a cold-call or engaging their services. If you do not want to lose any further money then


Have a great weekend and join us again next week.

Uncovered: Anfi Attempts to Avoid Embargoed Accounts

Over the past couple of years Inside Timeshare has been reporting on the attempts by Anfi to delay or avoid paying court-ordered payments to clients who have won their cases against Anfi for various illegalities of contracts. We have also reported on the investigation by the State Prosecutors Office regarding this movement of assets to avoid paying, this may just result in criminal charges. This has also been the subject of a piece on the Spanish news from TVE 1, which also featured an interview with the CLA lawyer Eva Gutiérrez who explained her finding while investigating and tracing assets for enforcement of sentences.

Anfi & IFA 50% partners, Cazorla has the Golden Share. Is IFA aware of these moves?

It now appears from information received that Anfi has taken this one stage further, from the documentation that Inside Timeshare has received, Anfi is making payments by clients from sales into various foreign bank accounts. The beneficiary is still Anfi Sales SL but we have been given the following bank accounts:

For a German client:

HypoVereinsbank Arabellastr. 12 D-81925 München Deutschland 

Bankleitzahl: Konto Numiner : Kontoinhaber: 

700 202 70 665700780 Anfi Sales, S.L. 

Bic Code: IBAN-Nr.: 

HYVEDEMMXXX (nur für Überweisungen aus dem Ausland) DE96 7002 0270 0665 7007 80 (nur für Überweisungen aus dem Ausland) 

UK Client

Bank Address: ABN AMRO Bank N.V., 250 BishopsGate London EC2M 4AA United Kingdom 

Sort Code: 40 50 30 

Swift Code: ABNAGB2L 

Account Number: 40130274 

Account Holder: Anfi Sales S.L. 

Danish Client 

Bank: Nordea Group Denmark, Strandgade 3, 0900 Copenhagen, Denmark

Account number: 5368110649

IBAN: DK6020005368110649

Account Holder: Anfi Sales SL

Documents showing bank details

IFA Hotel Dominican Republic, IFA are known for quality.

As well as the money for the sales going to accounts with foreign banks it also appears that maintenance fee payments are being diverted to other companies within the Anfi Group who are not at present being legally challenged in the courts. The company collecting the maintenance is Anfi Tauro Resorts Management SL.

As you will see from the links to previous articles, the El Diario publication and not to forget the TVE1 news item, it is clear that Anfi is doing all it can to avoid having to pay the huge sums involved. We also know from various reports that Anfi has been moving funds from one account to another leaving the accounts at risk of embargo virtually empty. Again this was the subject of the interview with Eva Gutiérrez, she explains the amounts that have “disappeared” over the past few years from various accounts, if this was a novel most would say that it was a pure work of fiction and could not happen, well sorry to disappoint, it is happening.

Anfi in its heyday

So is Anfi above the law, well they obviously think they are, all we can say is the State Prosecutors Office and those clients who are owed the money don’t think you are. We wait now with bated breath for the news that criminal charges will be forthcoming.

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