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Fake Law Firms Over The Years

Our apologies for not publishing anything yesterday, the schedule was somewhat disrupted for urgent research, the results of this will be published in due course. During the searching of our archives for information required, we came across a few lists. These contained the names of the fake law firms, procurators, notaries and others who have appeared on our pages over the past years. By far the most prolific were those associated with The Litigious Abogados Family.

Some of these have only appeared on our numerous warning lists due to their associations, others had articles running for weeks. Our first selection covers 31 fakes, 24 associated with The Litigious Abogados Family, 5 with no record and 2 with articles of their own.

We begin with B Olmo Associados, they first graced our pages in December 2018 and were apparently based in Madrid. They used the address:

Calle Gonzalo de Córdoba 11 28010 Madrid

Their website which is no longer available was:

If you needed any proof these were fakes then this is it, unfortunately, this does not help those who did not heed the warnings and believed them. One reader who brought them to our attention did pass on our findings of them and the reply they received was published on 24 April 2020. This reply was further proof of the scam.

It seems that you embed us in the same category as those of others who cheat money essential methods of cajoling people who do not understand what it is about. We can not and must not accept this.

We are a serious recognized law firm whose registered holder of the Bar of Madrid, which you yourself have been able to ascertain.

We can not and must not accept that you give us guidelines how the transfer must be done to thy favors.

First because the contract for transfer is given by the Court and not by us. Second, the Court will this contract in any case give without payment of the 9.2% legal fees he had received.

If you really want to be 100% sure that it will be transferred to you allocated amount of EUR 49152.98 to you is, as you already knew, the only way to pay the statutory 9.2% amounting to 4522.07 euros in the Escrow Holding Court.

In case you do not want to do this, we owe it to the Court to indicate that YOU (clients name) to perform this payment after the Court Your file will be closed and you thereby further has no rights to use your timeshare and other recoveries.

Today after 16:00 we will contact you by phone you (if you want to be as polite phone recording)

and we will ask your any further explanation.



Very polite letter don’t you think?

This FAKE Law firm is also another that used the name of an unsuspecting genuine lawyer, the registration details they gave on the website linked to a female lawyer whose name was only very partially similar. Again more proof of fraud in the making.

Banco de España. The genuine one.

The next one which appeared was Banco de España, unfortunately, it is not or will not be the last time the name of the Bank of Spain is used.

Now, this particular Fake did not have a website, but they did communicate via email and also gave out a telephone number. The email was 

[email protected]

A Gmail account for a national Bank, come on, that is a bit too obvious!

Then the telephone number:


Yes it is Spanish, but it is a mobile number and I very much doubt that any “official” for the Bank of Spain would be communicating via mobile.

The scam involved supposed court cases against a large list of companies, many of them were at the time in the news after extensive police raids. The full list is:

European Finance Solutions, EFS, Excalibur, Level 9 Resolutions SL, Sun Travel International, Half Moon Holdings, Principle Travel, Simple Timeshare Sales, Freewall Solutions, End Vacation, Iberian Dream Homes, Holiday Rentals Direct, Breakaway Vacation, CMC Accounts, Selling Time, Timeshare Resale, Emerald Rock Holdings, Blue Chip, Blue Diamond, Fast Line, etc”.

The more their email went on the more you could see it was a scam, quoting “laws” which don’t exist, tax payments required before the compensation can be paid out to non-Spanish residents and a whole host more.

They even had the cheek to warn about giving credit card details away or doing bank transfers, yet they would be requiring payment very shortly.

The other point which really hit home that it was a scam was their long tirade against Alberto Garcia formerly of Mindtimeshare. This really did make many laugh, OK, Inside Timeshare was no fan of his, but the accusations were so childish.

List of just some of The Litigious Abogados Family


Abogados Abel Garcia

Abogacia Española

Procuradores Tabreul – Abel Deraza Tabreul

Abogados AG – Armando Gonzalez Areca 

Abogados Amable Garcia

Abogados El Palomo

Abogados Las Alas

Abogados Litigacion España

Alberto Diendro Nabalez – Litigacion España

Alberto Rogalvera

Alejandro Omross Procuradores

Amador Ganeca – Amador Juandoz Ganeca

Amador Ganeca

Amador Galeca Abogados

Amador Malodan Galeca

Angel Alarcon Prieto Notario

Auxiliar Lawyers

Auxiliares Lawyers

Auxilium SA

Bulganu & Valentin Asesoria

Carlos Igraim Procurador                                                        

Carlos Ingramo Procuradores                                                

Carlos Imgran Procuraduria   

On the list with no research or article

Abogados Halcón

Abogados Litigation

Abogados Imdenise Procurares

Antonio Delgado Raimo Procuradores

Ayuda Legal Abogados Madrid

Canti Abogados

Some of the above are suspected of being linked to The Litigious Abogados Family, but little about them could be found at the time, so they were archived.

These may have disappeared, but the people behind them are still perpetrating their scams, they have changed their names and sometimes their methods, as we have constantly seen with The Litigious Abogados Family. Just from the short list above we have seen 24 different incarnations of their fake lawyers, procuradores and notaries.

Looking at these names from the past should remind you all of how careful you have to be when it comes to cold callers, unsolicited emails and texts. Don’t take what they say for granted, do your own checking or get in touch with Inside Timeshare.

Articles on Olmos Abogados

Banco de España Article

Friday Roundup

It’s the end of another week of our “house arrest” yet it has not stopped the “Scammers & Fraudsters” from attempting to deprive you of even more of your hard-earned cash. The sad thing is that many of those being targeted are elderly and especially vulnerable. It is also a fact that many others being targeted have probably lost their income due to the current situation, a fact borne out by members of my own family. Today we give you a roundup of the week’s articles with an update on the Banco de España article and a statement from the RDO (Resorts Development Organisation) and Anfi.

We begin with a notice in the news section of the RDO website and the statement by Anfi that the timeshare industry is crucial to the “economic recovery of Spain”. That they have been working to ensure the safety of their “members” during the current crisis.

Well, this is a bit of a joke considering that Inside Timeshare reported on members having to pay a cancellation fee for bookings during this situation, plus having to pay just to re-book their week. But there is also a little clause in their demands, in order to save the week and receive an “accommodation voucher” the member must first sign a “new contract” which they have been trying to implement for around 2 years. This new contract will end any members legal right to take Anfi to court for the illegal contracts they have already sold. Doesn’t sound very fair to us.

The only real truthful part of the statement published is the fact that timeshare resorts do in fact help the local economies, unlike the all-inclusive hotels. As timeshare resorts are predominantly self-catering, local restaurants, bars and shops do benefit, unlike those located around all-inclusive hotels and resorts.

At the start of the week with a short article on MacDonald Hotels and Resorts, this highlighted a little known about a court case against them in Spain in 2016.

The case centred on the illegal contracts of MacDonald Resorts in Spain, which are over the 50 years duration allowed by law and the fact that they are using the points system which is also illegal under Spanish Timeshare law. A system which was championed by the now-discredited Harry Taylor and TATOC.

MacDonalds argued that the Spanish courts did not have jurisdiction over their contracts, maintaining that as MacDonalds is a Scottish company Scottish law and courts only had jurisdiction. The Spanish judge totally disagrees with this and the trial went ahead. Needless to say, MacDonalds lost.

Hopefully, this may open the gates for further cases against MacDonalds who have a terrible reputation especially with regards to the elderly who no longer require their timeshare and now find it a financial burden.

On Tuesday we reported on yet another “new” company which has just started to contact timeshare owners, called Canarian Consumer Alliance or CCA, not to be confused with Canarian Legal Alliance (CLA). It is obvious that CCA has been set up with this in mind as they include articles taken directly from the CLA news section on their website.

As we reported, the CCA website gives two addresses, one in Tenerife and one in London, yet no company record can be found in either country. As for the website, it was only registered on 2 April this year and will expire on 2 April 2021, yet they claim to have been established since 2009!

As usual, the actual owners are hidden and use an IT service provider called J Murray Solutions based in Tenerife. Again there is no record of any company registration in Spain or the UK.

On Wednesday, we reported on the news that Lopesan and Apollo Global Management were teaming up with the acquisition of two hotels on Gran Canaria.

Lopesan along with their German partners IFA are 50% shareholders in the Anfi Group and Apollo Global Management are the owners of Diamond Resorts International, so this posed the question of how might this affect Anfi?

Watch this space.

Yesterday, Inside Timeshare reported on a very serious fraud which has just come to our attention, it involves the use of the name of Spain’s National Bank, the Banco de España.

The “scam” is that the “fake” Banco de España is arranging for court awarded payouts to victims of long-standing timeshare fraud, with substantial amounts just waiting to be claimed. But as we have seen with these types of scams there is a “TAX” which needs to be paid first.

Even though the signs of a “SCAM” are very evident we just wonder how many people will have been or will be taken in by it. The first sign is the email address [email protected] which is just a standard free email address provided by Google. The second obvious sign is the contact telephone number 0034602576406 a Spanish mobile number, which would not be used by an institution such as Banco de España.

Inside Timeshare has informed Banco de España of this “fraud” and we have already received a reply that they are grateful for the information and that it has been passed to their legal department. Hopefully, they may just catch the perpetrators of this despicable fraud.

If you have any questions regarding any article and the “scams” highlighted or have been contacted by any company with the great news that money is being held for you by the courts and would like to check if they are genuine (usually they are not), then please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you. It is your information which will help others from being ripped off.

That is all for this week, have a great weekend and stay safe.

Fake Banco de España Emails Claiming Money is Held

Yesterday Inside Timeshare published information on a new “SCAM” being perpetrated by persons unknown using the cover of the Banco de España, Spain’s national bank. Today we continue with the story and as you will see from the Email reproduced below there are many errors in the “facts” they give along with warnings of other “third party” companies claiming to be acting on behalf of the courts or the courts themselves. Now that is a case of the “pot calling the kettle black”.

As we explained yesterday the email supposedly coming from the Banco de España is being sent from a Gmail account, [email protected] which a national bank would not be using, the Email address is actually

The other telling point is the telephone number at the foot of the Email, 0034602576406, which is a Spanish mobile number!

So why would a national bank such as Banco de España be using a Gmail account and a mobile number?

At the end of the Email it is “signed” “with kind regards administration”. Surely it would have had the name of the person who is working on this “case” as a point of contact.

These are the first signs that this is in no doubt a “SCAM” on an epic scale.

The next point are the companies which they claim the courts have seized money from, this is a rather extensive list:

European Finance Solutions, EFS, Excalibur, Level 9 Resolutions SL, Sun Travel International, Half Moon Holdings, Principle Travel, Simple Timeshare Sales, Freewall Solutions, End Vacation, Iberian Dream Homes, Holiday Rentals Direct, Breakaway Vacation, CMC Accounts, Selling Time, Timeshare Resale, Emerald Rock Holdings, Blue Chip, Blue Diamond, Fast Line, etc”.

Notice the “etc” at the end, again this leads us to believe that they have no idea which company the “clients” paid or even how they paid.

In respect of the companies mentioned above, these go back many years and most were based around Velez Malaga and Torre del Mar, with most being closed down several years ago. Many of these companies were also the subject of a large National Police operation codenamed Manta (blanket) around 2017. Inside Timeshare reported this at the time and also included the following links:

Banco de España Madrid

So the conclusion is that the senders of the Email are just clutching at straws and hope that the “client” did in fact pay one or more of these companies, which would then “corroborate” what they are claiming. 

The other point which we need to look at is how have they got the contact details of these “clients”?

We suspect that as most of these companies were run by the same people, it would be safe to assume that it is either the original “scammers” or old staff members using the client data of their past victims.

The Email then goes on to state that the “director” of the “aforementioned” company has been found guilty of fraud and money laundering. Now we ask which “aforementioned” company as they have previously listed so many. It is also a fact that each company had a different director, the actual persons behind them did not register themselves as “directors”, they got “stooges” to front the companies.

The next paragraph also goes on to state that the Judge ruled that all remaining funds in the accounts be divided equally amongst the claimants. We ask what money? As the reports in the press show, the police seized huge amounts of cash, cars including a Ferrari, a yacht and other luxury items. In other words, as soon as the “scammed” money hit the accounts it was withdrawn and dispersed. After all according to the reports at the time the accounts themselves had very little in them.

As we said in our opening paragraph they are also giving a warning about callers claiming to be from the courts or representing the courts, well, this is a good ploy to try and give legitimacy to the Email from the “FAKE” Banco de España. But they then go on to warn “clients” about giving their credit or debit card details to any third party stating, “DO NOT GIVE THAT INFORMATION TO THEM”,  does this include them as well?

In the same paragraph, they also state “Since 2011 it has been illegal for anyone to request that information and take payment when the matter has anything to do with timeshare”. This is absolutely untrue, in fact paying by credit card is probably the safest way of making a payment, at least if anything goes wrong you will be covered by Section 75 of the Credit Consumer Act 1974. If you paid by any other method then that money is as good as lost.

We now come to one of the most hilarious parts of the Email is the rather lengthy paragraph about Mindtimeshare and Alberto Garcia. According to this “FAKE” Banco de España Email, Alberto Garcia owned Mindtimeshare and was also “one of the prosecuted directors, owning many fraudulent companies, and for years writing online about other fraudulent and legal companies but not making people aware of the companies owned by him”.

They also claim that Alberto Garcia owned many companies that defrauded “thousands” from people but has now been prosecuted and as a result, a woman is now writing for Mindtimeshare as Alberto Garcia.

As many of our regular readers will remember, Inside Timeshare was not a great fan of Alberto Garcia, but even Inside Timeshare cannot believe their statement, We have never even heard of him being prosecuted for any of these allegations. It must also be mentioned that Mindtimeshare and Alberto Garcia were funded by the timeshare industry.

The paragraph also claims that the Banco de España has started taking legal action against them for the “false accusations” made by Mindtimeshare and Alberto Garcia. What a joke.

Now we get down to the nitty gritty of the Email, payment of “TAX”, according to them any amount of “compensation” over 10,000€ is subject to the payment of this “TEMPORARY TAX” payment. The rate of this “TAX” is 4% or 2% if pensioners or over 65.

As the “claimants” are British citizens the “TAX” will be refunded within 14 days!

So why the need to pay this “TAX” if it will be refunded in such a short time, well we can guess, the chances are once it is paid there will suddenly be “other legal charges” which need to be paid, or they will have disappeared with the money.

They then offer two forms of payment of the “COMPENSATION” direct from the court, either a bank transfer to your own account, which you will then need to give your account details. Hang on, didn’t they warn about giving details over?

The other method to receive the “COMPENSATION” is by cheque, which they say will take around 14 days to arrive. The chances are as we have seen with similar scams the cheque will be a forgery.

The Email then ends with the “mobile” telephone number which is for the “English Department” and an offer via Email of information on “how to protect yourself from fraud”. Well, Inside Timeshare can tell you how to do that and that is not to believe these crooks!

Below is the Email in full.

If you have had a call or received an Email from “Banco de España” with a Gmail address please use our contact page with all the information you have, it is through you the readers that we are then able to give these warnings.

From: Banco de España <[email protected]>

To: Clients email address

Sent: Date & time email sent

Subject: BANCO DE ESPAÑA (Client Ref No)

Dear Mr&Mrs XXXXXX

We wish to inform you that we have tried contacting you via telephone call as we have received a notification from the court in Malaga. 

Translation of notification:

‘The bank of Spain wish to inform you that we have received a document from the court of Malaga, Juzgados de Málaga, Calle Fiscal Luis Portero García, 0, 29010 Málaga, Spain, regarding a compensation claim from the director of the company “European Finance Solutions, EFS, Excalibur, Level 9 Resolutions SL, Sun Travel International, Half Moon Holdings, Principle Travel, Simple Timeshare Sales, Freewall Solutions, End Vacation, Iberian Dream Homes, Holiday Rentals Direct, Breakaway Vacation, CMC Accounts, Selling Time, Timeshare Resale, Emerald Rock Holdings, Blue Chip, Blue Diamond, Fast Line, etc”.

In your case it showed that you had paid money in to account/s of the company/s in mention. May we inform you that your information was found among their bank statements as having paid them money. This may have been done by credit card, debit card, Western Union, money gram, bankers draft, Ukash vouchers, etc.

May we also remind you that they traded under many company names, if you have paid any other company it is most then likely linked to these companies.

These companies claimed to be investment companies, mediation companies, resale companies, share holding companies, lawyers, etc.

The document states that the director of aforementioned company has been found guilty of fraud and money laundering in Europe.

The Judge at the hearing ruled that all remaining funds in accounts linked to the aforementioned company is to be divided equally amongst claimants, as there was insufficient evidence of how much each client of theirs had paid, as they traded under many different company names, they used many different payment methods and many different bank accounts.

May we inform you that we have heard from other victims of fraud that they have been contacted by third parties in other countries, claiming to be courts, or companies that can claim money back, this information is wrong, please may we advise that you be very careful with whom you deal with and if any company or any third party asks for your credit or debit card details, DO NOT GIVE THAT INFORMATION TO THEM. Since 2011 it has been illegal for anyone to request that information and take payment when the matter has anything to do with timeshare.

Please note that there is a post on mindtimeshare stating this information is false, may we inform you that mindtimeshare is owned by a man called Alberto Garcia, this person was one of the prosecuted directors, owning many fraudulent companies, and for years writing online about other fraudulent and legal companies but not making people aware of the companies owned by him. He owned many of the fraudulent companies in Spain claiming to be notaries and Lawyers, defrauding people out of thousands of pounds. Now there is a woman writing on his behalf as Alberto Garcia has been prosecuted. May we inform you that if you are not to claim the money owed to you, the company that took the money from you has a right to claim back the money themselves, as if it is not claimed, in the eyes of the law you have not been defrauded, this may be another reason why this has been written online. May we inform you that we are starting by taking legal action against them for false accusations against the Banco de España

In the case of MR&MRS XXXXXXXX contact number 0044XXXXXXXX  total of £27,391 is due to be remitted.

Issues surrounding money laundering problems in Spain mean that amounts over €10,000 are to be checked for money laundering and fraud purposes.

Having run all checks against your payment it has been approved as it has been classed as a ‘compensation claim’ and will be sent directly to you from the courts.

Spanish tax laws dictate that amounts greater than €10.000 relating to compensation payments are subject to a temporary tax payment which must be paid in advance of authorisation being granted to release your funds.

The temporary tax payment is 4%.

If you are a pensioner or over the age of 65 the temporary tax is lowered to 2%.

As a British resident you are not liable for Spanish tax and therefore this is classed as a temporary payment which will be refunded to you within 14 working days of receipt.

The amount payable is £1,095.64.

The amount payable if you are a pensioner is of £547.82.

Upon receipt of funds we will apply for the necessary authorisation on your behalf, this is a formality after-which you have two options to receive your payment, either bank transfer, this takes 24/48 hours to clear in your account or you may be paid via cheque, we do ask for you to allow for a week for the cheque to arrive as it will be sent from Spain.

Please note that should you decide to proceed and claim your compensation you will no longer be able to take any further legal action against the aforementioned director of the aforementioned companies.

Should you require any further clarification you may reply to this email with any questions you have, if proceeding you will need to inform us in advance which method of payment you prefer.

You may contact your case handler on the following number 0034 602 576 406 please ask to speak to the English department.

If you wish to receive via e-mail information on how to protect yourself against fraud please notify us.

Please find the website of the bank of Spain below, you may also find this by typing Banco de España or Bank of Spain in google.

Banco de España 

With kind regards.


Bank of Spain, Banco de España.

Calle de Alcalá, 48, Madrid, Spain, 28014.