Supplement to Maintenance for Tax Bill.

Just recently looking through some of the timeshare forums I came across a thread about Diversified Resorts. The person posting was asking a question if Diversified Resorts could force them as members to pay towards a tax bill they apparently failed to pay between 2009-2013.


The poster had been told that if he did not pay within 30 days his points would be blocked. Another poster had also received this bill, it stated that it was a one-time Spanish tax assessment. Apparently the amount was for 7million€ reduced to 2.9million. This is not the first time that resorts have billed members for unpaid taxes, it has happened on numerous occasions over the years. Most people have paid fearing they may lose their holidays. (see link below for examples of this).

diversified resorts

Is this another way of securing extra money from owners?


Since finding this thread, Inside Timeshare has heard from another owner. They purchased their points with Diversified Resorts in 2010, they too have received this bill, which amounted to £278. This is on top of their annual maintenance. So what happened to the tax paid on their purchase and maintenance?


In the same thread a Lawyer J Correa, questioned what this one-time assessment was. Even he seemed to be confused by this.


Surely if a resort or company has failed to pay the correct taxes, then is it not up to them to pay? After all, when you pay your maintenance do you not also pay VAT or the equivalent?


As a member of say a country club or golf club, if they fail to pay taxes, Shouldn’t they be liable and not the members? I would have thought that this should be paid from company profits, it is not the member’s fault that taxes have not been paid due to mismanagement or accounting.


Again it appears that this industry cannot be trusted to manage itself, relying on you the members to bail them out. How much more can you the members take of this blatant abuse? Is it not about time they got their house in order and start respecting their members?

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If anything similar has happened to you, Inside Timeshare would like to hear from you, we will publish the information to inform others.

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