Start the Week: SPS Claims Consultants Ltd

Over the weekend Inside Timeshare received yet another enquiry regarding a timeshare compensation claim in the Spanish courts supposedly in Tenerife. The company is SPS Claims Consultants Ltd, and in their email to “their client” needing more money, this time to place an embargo as their case was won and this needs to be paid to secure payment or they will lose it all. 

SPS Claims Consultants Ltd is registered at UK Company House and was incorporated on 8 April 2016. The director is Stephen Saunders appointed on 9 April 2016, but according to the entry on the record, he was appointed on 8 April and resigned the same day!

Another named director is Donna Teresa McCafferty who was appointed on 8 April and resigned on 9 April, all very strange indeed.

The company registration number 10111634 with the registered address:

Lake View Drive Sherwood Park Annesley Nottinghamshire England NG15 0DT

This is not a complete address yet when searching with the company name is shows that it is another of these serviced offices which companies can hire for mail etc.

According to the records, their accounts for the year ending 31 March 2019 have not yet been submitted and are now overdue. The last accounts were for 31 March 2018 and were for a “micro company”, which means that it is not a fully trading entity. These do tend to be dubious companies to deal with.

One of the main problems with what our reader has told us is he has no official paperwork, no name or registration number for his “lawyer” and no correspondence from the lawyer. He has also not received any official notification of his case being filed or a case number, he has not even received any official notification his case has been won. Clients will always receive a copy of the court sentence, this shows what the judge has ruled and the amounts awarded. 

So far no website has been found for this company and many searches show another company which was based in Nottingham called SPS Properties Ltd which dissolved on 3 July 2018. This company was followed closely by several other websites and forums at the time with reports as far back as 2014.

Could they be the same people, after all the directors might no be the actual people behind the company but just the “front men”?

The most disturbing aspect of this particular enquiry is the total lack of information on lawyers and official documents that certainly make it look like yet another “scam”!

Further to previous reports on Platinum Services and Administration SL, another named lawyer has now come to light, Javier Ramon Pendón Nebro, Colegio Number 5993.

This is a genuine lawyer based in Málaga, as yet we do not know if he is actually working with this “firm” or are they just using his details?

As soon as we find out we will publish it here.

Our reader is yet another who has been contacted by this company with a supposed claim against Eze Group Europe Ltd and Regency Shores SL, again this company had more information that they should have. They know his membership number when purchased and for how much. According to what our reader was told this was supplied by the “COURT”, as we know the courts would not divulge this type of information to any private or third party company. So the question is where did they get this information?

Inside Timeshare once again warns all readers of the importance of gaining as much information from any company that contacts you, then it is important that you do your homework and check the validity of the company and information given.

If you need any help with making these enquiries then please use our contact page and we will get back to you.

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  • Sarah Rafferty

    February 7, 2020

    SPS Holidays with the same registered address sold my husband a holiday voucher valid for 18 months last year, when we try and contact the number to book our week in Tenerife the number just rings and go to voicemail stating they are ideal homes, emails never get replied too, devastated my husband paid these people £600!!


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