Start the Week: Spain is Still on Holiday but the Scammers are Not

Welcome back to Inside Timeshare after our rather long Christmas and New Year break, although here in Spain it is still holiday time with today being Dia de Los Reyes or Three Kings Day. Traditionally it is the time when children receive their “Christmas” presents, with the celebrations beginning the night before with processions in most towns and villages featuring the Three Kings. Although Spain may still be on holiday we can be assured that the many scam companies operating from here will still be contacting timeshare owners.

Even though Inside Timeshare has not been publishing, the emails from readers have not stopped. Over the past few weeks, we have still been receiving many enquiries regarding the many cold calls owners receive. One particular company that has been highlighted here on many occasions and was the subject of our last article appears to be continuing with their underhand practices.

As we reported on 16 December 2019, ABC Legal, a Mark Rowe companies are still threatening legal action for so-called debts from clients. This “debt” is for the payment of the fees charged for cancelling a timeshare contract, yet in all the cases Inside Timeshare has received not one has actually been cancelled.

All the client has ever received is a “certificate of cancellation” which is issued by ABC Legal and is not even worth the paper it is printed on. Not in one single case has the client received any official notification from their timeshare resort to indicate they are no longer members. In fact, all our readers who have contacted Inside Timeshare have all told us the same thing, they are still receiving demands for maintenance fees and in many cases demands for arrears.

Mark Rowe

In every single operation regarding the “cancellation” of a timeshare contract by the many different Mark Rowe companies, which also includes those who “traded in” their timeshare for one of Rowe’s other products such as Monster Credits. In all cases, they have been told to just stop paying their maintenance fees. It is not until 2 to 3 years later that the client then finds out they are still “members” and now owe substantial amounts in arrears. This, in turn, leads to threats by the timeshare companies to pass the “debt” over to a collection agency along with the threat of County Court action to recover it.

Now ABC Legal and Mark Rowe are using a debt collection agency to intimidate their own clients into paying the fees for a service that was never carried out. Considering that ABC Legal and ABC Lawyers are both in the process of liquidation it is obvious that the whole thing is to ensure that Mark Rowe does not lose financially.

Over the years Inside Timeshare has highlighted Mark Rowe and his many companies revealing how he has been “ripping off” timeshare owners over many years. We must also not forget that Rowe himself was at one time a senior sales manager with a major timeshare company in Tenerife until he began building his own “scamming empire”.

We have also reported on the many investigations being conducted by the authorities in Spain and the UK, most notably the investigation by the Regional Organised Crime Unit of Somerset and Avon Police.

Below are links to some of the previous articles on Mark Rowe and his companies.

If you have had any dealings with any Mark Rowe company especially ABC Legal or ABC Lawyers and find that you are still liable for your timeshare maintenance fees then contact Inside Timeshare through our contact page.

Remember, do your homework before engaging with any company that contacts you regarding relinquishing your timeshare or making a claim. The vast majority of these “companies” are not what they make themselves out to be!

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