Start the Week: Opt Out Resolutions Consumer Warning

Welcome to the start of another week with Inside Timeshare, we begin today with yet another consumer warning about what can only be described as a “bogus” company. Yet more readers have been in contact with Inside Timeshare to check on the validity of this company and the claims it makes. You will today see that this company is not what they appear to be and we urge caution if contacted by them.

The name of the company is Opt Out Resolutions, they have a website:

This was registered on 27 November 2018 and the registrant is hidden by privacy protect, this means we are unable to find out who is behind it. The website registration is due to expire on 27 November this year.

According to their website, they are located at the following address:

Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5AB

Tel: 0044 (0) 207 183 3515

Email: [email protected]

On the website there are no company details such as Company House Registration or if this is just a trading name for another company. Searches of Company House records show no company registered by the name Opt Out Resolutions.

The most disturbing information which has been given to us by our readers is that this company during their “cold call” claim they are working with and on behalf of a legitimate law firm known as M1 Legal. They are duly registered as a Spanish company with the registration number or NIF B93477016 with all their lawyers duly registered with their respective Bar Associations or Colegio de Abogados.

M1 Legal is also registered in the Uk with the Financial Conduct Authority for “Claims Management Regulation” with the registration number FRN836561.

Inside Timeshare has been in contact with M1 Legal for any confirmation that Opt Out Resolutions are working on their behalf. As you may have already guessed, M1 Legal have no record of this company or any knowledge that they have contracted them to work on their behalf.

According to the website they have a section titled “Recent Victories”, these are in fact taken from the M1 Legal website without their permission and Opt Out are using them as their own.

So this is a blatant lie by the callers and operators of Opt Out Resolutions.

The next disturbing fact is that one of our readers has also sent in the details of the bank account that he should make his payment of almost 4,000€:

Bank name: Open Bank

Account name: Ajalor Jalor

Iban : ES 35 0073 0100 5506 0399 2105


Bank address: Paseo de la Castellana 134

28046 Madrid Spain.

Office Address: Calle Conde de Aranda, 1, 2º Izda

Madrid, 28013

These details were sent to our reader from a James Rowe using the email address [email protected]

As you will notice this account is in the name of a private individual (a very strange name indeed) and not a company account, this should always start the alarm bells to ring!

As we always warn our readers that this is a prime example of why it is important to do your homework and research any company that contacts you out of the blue via a cold call. By making these checks you have nothing to lose, but you do have everything to gain such as not paying and losing your hard-earned cash on the false promises of companies such as Opt Out Resolutions.

If you have been contacted by this company please let Inside Timeshare know, If you are contacted by any company regarding your timeshare and especially regarding claims and cancellation of contracts, please use our contact page and we will help you to find out if they are genuine and will do what they say.

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