Start the Week: Another Warning

Welcome to the start of another week, this weekend has been rather quiet on the email front, with only a couple of enquiries from our US readers, but we have had a new one from Finland.

On the new companies front, mindtimeshare did report on a new cold caller from Malaga at the end of last week, they are Ross & Harper with the telephone numbers:

0034 951203065 which is a Malga code and a UK Number 02035827586.

Once again the call centers around a fictitious court case which the consumer knew nothing about, with the court awarding a substantial amount of money to the consumer, around £20,000. Wonderful news!

The caller from Ross & Harper explains that the court will be paying the money out on a certain date, with the caller offering 4 options on how to get this money. According to the caller the best option is for their solicitors to do the work and get the money for the client. But as usual there is a catch!

In this case the client must pay by bank transfer (always a dodgy move), around  £2,500 with a further £6,000 to be paid once the client has received the cheque from the Spanish bank. It must be said that the cheque will never arrive as this is not genuine.

Having done a little research on Ross & Harper, no website can be found, but by coincidence a company registration has been found for a Ross & Harper SL based in Mijas. This company was only registered about 4 months ago on the 10 January 2018, with the company registration number CIF B9391915.

The address given on the company registration is one that has come up before:

C/ Centro comercial Los Jarales – Local 1, Suite  29651 – (Mijas) – Málaga

This comercial center is situated at Calahonda on the main N340 and it is the entrance to the campsite Camping Los Jarales.

This address was used back in 2016 for another cold calling scam, this one was a supposedly a new bank call ESol, again they had money waiting to be paid out, but first a substantial sum needed to be paid to their lawyers by bank transfer.

Another company at this address is called Victoria Services Legal SL, CIF number B93597839, again only just registered on 7 February 2018. As with Ross & Harper their registered area of trading is INMOBILIARIAS Y SIMILARES or Real Estate and Similar. Which does not seem to have anything to do with timeshare, claims or legal work.

The names of the directors for both companies are also rather strange.

Ross & Harper: DRAHOKOUPIL BENNY (one would have thought Ross & Harper would be the directors?)

Victoria Services Legal: GOMEZ KANTUTA MARIELA (again a strange name considering the use of an English company name, even though in English we would say Victoria Legal Services!).

So the question is, could Victoria Services Legal SL be the next cold calling company to come up on the radar?

If you have been contacted by these companies, claiming that money is waiting to be paid out for your timeshare, remember there isn’t. Unless you have employed the services of a genuine legal firm, have had all your documents translated, had notification from the court that your case has been accepted and then gone to trial, along with the chances of you having to attend, then don’t fall for it.

Contact Inside Timeshare if you have had a call of a similar nature to this one, or are contemplating doing business with any company that has either contacted you or you have found on the internet and are not sure if they are genuine, use our contact form and we will point you in the right direction.




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