Start the Week: ABC Legal Still Chasing for Payments

Once again Inside Timeshare is receiving many emails from former clients of ABC Legal and ABC Lawyers, both companies are owned and operated by Mark Rowe. It is also a fact that both of these companies are in the process of liquidation. We reported on 2 December that ABC Legal have employed a debt collection agency to pursue payments from clients which ABC Legal (and ABC Lawyers) are supposed to have relinquished their timeshare. As we know these have not happened and these clients are now being billed for substantial arrears in maintenance fees.

As in previous cases submitted to Inside Timeshare, ABC Legal and ABC Lawyers promised clients that they would extricate them from their timeshare contracts and then pursue a claim for compensation. This “compensation” is done on a no win no fee basis and the claim will be made by yet another of Mark Rowe’s companies Lansdown Financial Ltd. How they will be “claiming” this compensation is very vague.

According to our reports, it will be made under the Credit Consumer Act 1974 possibly using Section 75. If this does not work then they will make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. As we have said many times before, claiming against your credit card company under Section 75 is never going to payout. The timeshare will have been used, therefore the timeshare company will claim that you have received the goods and services paid for. The Financial Ombudsman will also rule in favour of the credit card company and not uphold the claim.

All clients that have contacted Inside Timeshare have told the same story, they have asked for confirmation that they are out of their timeshare contracts, the only “confirmation” is a letter from ABC titled “Timeshare Exit Certificate” issued by them and not the timeshare resort. They have also been issued with a “Discretionary Legal Benefits Scheme”, or legal indemnity. This is to supposedly cover any litigation made by the timeshare company for arrears. This “scheme” or the “indemnity” is worthless.

The debt collection agency they have employed is CCI Credit Management Ltd, one just has to wonder if they actually know that the companies employing them are under liquidation or even the history of scams perpetrated by Mark Rowe and his companies?

Mark Rowe

If you have paid ABC Legal, ABC Lawyers or any of the Mark Rowe companies for a timeshare exit and claim, then please check with your timeshare resort that your membership has actually been accepted. We very much doubt if it has.

Your next step is to report this to Action Fraud, the more people that make a report, the more likely they will act and bring these crooks to justice. At the end of the day, you have been defrauded of your hard-earned money and not received the service you were promised.

If you have had dealings with any company and want to know if they are genuine please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will point you in the right direction.

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