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Here we are at the start of another week with many restrictions now being lifted in several countries, along with announcements of the easing of travel restrictions. We are also seeing the courts beginning to operate on a normal footing, although it has yet to be announced when the trials for cases will begin. Today we give an update on some of last week’s sentences issued by the courts for trials that took place before the lockdown. But we begin with the latest email received by Inside Timeshare on ABC Legal/Lawyers.

As we know ABC Legal and ABC Lawyers are yet another two companies owned by Mark Rowe, we also know that many of their clients who paid for an “exit” from their timeshare and also to reclaim their purchase price have never been exited or received any money.

Mark Rowe

The latest email is from the son of an elderly couple who many years ago purchased at Lanzarote Beach Club, eventually, it became too costly to keep it on and they walked away many years ago. They have never received any demands for maintenance or for any arrears, LBC just took back the timeshare.

Then around two years ago they were approached by ABC and invited to attend a meeting in Bournemouth. During this meeting, they were convinced that ABC would be able to get them their money back and they eventually signed up with a payment of £8,500. The promise was that ABC would get back over £20,000 from Lanzarote Beach Club. How this would be done is not known, but we do know there was no chance of the case going to a Spanish court as they no longer owned the timeshare.

It is only now that the son has found out what happened, the reason is that they have now been contacted by yet another Mark Rowe company, Lansdown Financial Ltd. We do know that many clients were passed to Lansdown for the purpose of claims, but has anyone ever received anything?

The problem here is that in the letter to this elderly couple (70’s), Lansdown has demanded they sign a “letter of authority” or they will be taken to court!

Is this yet another case of bullying by yet another Mark Rowe company?

We leave you the reader to decide.

Last week there were several sentences issued by various courts from First Instance to the High court, the first was against Holiday Club and the companies Puerto Rico SA and Holiday Club Canarias Marketing SL.

The French client will now be paid 11,520€ as well as having their contract declared null and void.

The next was yet another sentence against Anfi Sales SL and Anfi Resorts SL, this German client is now set to receive 27,260€ plus legal fees and legal interest. Again the contract was declared null and void by the judge.

On Friday there were seven decisions made by the High Court (appeal court) in Las Palmas, these are cases where Anfi have lodged appeals after losing in the Courts of First Instance.

In all the seven cases involved clients from the UK, Germany, Sweden and Norway.

The High Court ruled that Anfi were in breach of the laws and confirmed the sentences, in total the court ordered Anfi to refund 271,951.56€ with all contracts being declared null and void.

All these are now firm sentences and it is now case closed for these clients.

Once again it was the lawyers from Canarian Legal Alliance who were celebrating along with their clients.

Have you had dealings with a company and have not received what you paid for, then use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you. Please also remember to do your homework before engaging with any company.

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