SPS Claims Ltd: Yet Another New Claims Company

It is the end of another week and Inside Timeshare has received further information on SPS Claims Consultants Limited which was the subject of the article published on 3 February. In an email received, one concerned reader has explained that her parents-in-law are in a similar situation as the one reported in the previous article, yet now they have been contacted by another “company” called SPS Claims Ltd requiring even more money to secure their claim.

On searching for information on SPS Claims and SPS Claims Consultants we have two other companies, SPS Consultants Ltd, registered at the same address as SPS Claims Consultants Ltd, with the same directors, Stephen Saunders and Donna Teresa McCafferty. This company is now dissolved.

The second is SPS Properties (Nottingham) Limited, again this company is now dissolved, it was also linked to SPS Consultants and SPS Properties and Consultants all offering “claims and relinquishment” services.

This is certainly looking like these companies are linked together and may possibly be under the same controlling mind.

Now SPS Claims Ltd is registered at Company House, it was incorporated on 17 July 2019, Company Registration 12107246. The named director is Kris Malcolm Cobb, but that doesn’t mean he is the owner of the business.


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Our reader has explained that her parents-in-law have a claim in Tenerife and have been assigned a lawyer, the call from SPS Claims Ltd seemed to know all about this and have asked for a very substantial amount of money to secure their claim or they would lose it. The reason is that the timeshare company is in liquidation and it would seem that clients need to register with the administrator and the courts.

Our reader decided to contact an independent lawyer in Tenerife for advice after reading our first article, the news was not what you can call inspiring confidence in the demand for more money.

This is an extract from our reader’s email:

“We heard back from them today and we are shocked by their findings.”

“Firstly, after reviewing the timeshare lawyer’s paperwork they confirmed that he is a registered lawyer so that came as a relief, however this was the only good news.”

“Given the amount my in-laws have already paid to SPS and the lawyer for their compensation claim, they are astonished by the amount they are requesting to secure their claim given this should be covered in the fee they have already paid.”

“These lawyers are aware of the timeshare company they are pursuing for compensation and they have confirmed that they are in the hands of the administrator and all the appointed lawyer has to do is to present their case to administrator for no extra fee as they have already paid the lawyer to cover all aspects of their compensation claim which allows for these circumstances.”

The independent lawyer also asked if SPS Claims Ltd has sent an invoice or even confirmation from the lawyer or the courthouse requesting the extra amount, this is a massive £10,000!

The answer was just as you would suspect, no invoice or confirmation from the lawyer or the court has been received, the payment was requested by SPS Claims Ltd.

The independent lawyer advised that no lawyer would charge such an “extortionate” extra fee for something that should be included in their original case, he also advised that if their case lawyer did not present their case to the administrator, they would be able to sue for negligence.

Needless to say, our reader’s in-laws will not be paying any further fees to this company, this story does go to show how important it is to get the correct information and advice. This case certainly looks like SPS Claims Ltd are just out to grab as much money from unsuspecting and vulnerable timeshare owners. It also now begs the question if the lawyers contracted by these types of companies are actually aware of what is going on behind the scenes between the client and the company?

If you have had any dealings with this or any other company regarding your timeshare claim or relinquishment and are concerned that they may not be genuine in what they are asking for, then please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Have a great weekend.

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